Finished The Royal Coronation


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{This event is does not welcome aggressive or violent roleplay of any sort.}

Heralds call and letters are sent to all Houses of Altera, posters hanged in many docks and word shouted across Port Silver. Soon, the Silver Crown shall be officially appointed to Queen Leminth of Arduin, at the Royal Coronation.
It is also known that the members of the Royal Council shall be announced at this event, Royal Guards appointed, and rumored the Royal Council shall meet with present Lords and Ladies of Houses after becoming acquainted...
Be sure to arrive in proper attire(Pants Optional) and attend with the congratulations and gifts for the Queen!

Heyo! This is to make sure everyone can make it. Council members must be able to attend, yet every member of the server is welcome and invited!

*The Queen shall be Crowned
*Royal Entourage announced. (Titles given to them)
*Royal Guard chosen. (Titles given to these guys, too)
*Gifts to Queen Leminth (Secret Guest arrives)
*Celebrating in the Throne Room (Cake and Wenches!)
*Royal Entourage goes to the Palace for a briefing (Michcat yells a lot)
*Lords and Ladies of houses are granted audience (More Cake and Wenches)
*Anyone else who wishes an audience is granted one ( Peasants. )
*Michcat posts a bunch of threads ( wolo )

The date is set for Sunday (This Sunday!), May 5th, 7PM GMT
Check your timezone- If you can't make it and you're an integral part, let me know right away!
7 pm GMT
8 pm BST (Britain)
9 pm CEST (Europe)
5 am AEST (Australia)
2 pm EST (East USA)
12 pm PST (West USA)


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Can the event be moved one hour later? I get off work right when the event is scheduled, so I won't be home till twenty after.


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I will get my mc account working for this!
If not I will be there in spirit :p

Edit: This should be put in the announcements section/thread/thingy as well!