Poster The Second Desert Expedition Report


Secretly Elz
Retired Staff

*Pages are tacked upon the boards of Linlea, with a few sent to the city of Alderwood as well. They are written in a neat script, but succinct in nature.*

The first of the two expeditions into the Entity's caverns were set to embark for the desert cavern near to Linistel first. The journey into the desert was uneventful and showed little signs of life or threat along the way. Upon reaching the mouth of the cavern, the party was not met by sentry or beast. Predominately surrounded by silence, even as the party delved into the cave. By the appearances, it did not appears as if it had been disturbed from the last visit. The littered belongings of the Dreamers and webs remained, but none of the spider mutations.

The party proceeded further toward the rift portal that had been noted during the first excursion. The cave itself appeared dried and desiccated. Where once the walls were made of living flesh, it then appeared as if it were dying. It absorbed water poured upon it, but otherwise appeared too weak to put a defense up against us. Eventually the party traversed the dried cavern until reaching the ledge which overlooked the rift that hovered above the acidic pool. As the party stared, it became evident that the rift was a viewing portal that allowed the resident watcher to see through the eyes of the Infected. The Infected, Replicas, and other Agents unknown were linked with this portal and allowed for the Entity's spymaster to watch everything.

In terms of the spymaster, this particular General closed the portal and made itself known. It was a bulbous abomination that called itself The Bottomless Well, and referred to itself as one of the Lords of the Hollow. It attempted to bargain, and offered promises and deals to any that would help it in an attempt to prolong its life. It attempted to convince those within the cavern that it had no affiliation to the Entity, and only wanted to be left alone. Its lies were not heeded and arrows were fired. The creature split itself into seven parts, and began to affect the party with a previously unknown ability to control the mind. Many saw visions so profane that it rendered them unable to move from the sheer terror, while others were confused as their senses rearranged themselves into disorienting ways. The Bottomless Well showed its hand finally when urges overtook our party to throw our weapons into the lake of acid. The Evicsts' foci had been one of the greatest threats to the Entity, as well as the weapon blessed by Ignis. Such weapons were nearly lost, but many managed to overcome the urge by throwing other things into the acid instead.

The Bottomless Well was slain when all seven of its parts were struck, and at the point of death the cave itself fully dried and began to flake away. The body fell into the lake of acid, unable to retrieved. The cavern died fully from there, and the party left unscathed. It was after this that the birds reportedly fell from the sky, or dispersed. As if the eyes upon the continent ceased and the watchers dispersed. It is with this evidence that we believe The Bottomless Well was the spymaster of the Entity's generals, charged with the control of the fascimile replicas that have been known to infiltrate our Isles.

Do not, however, grow complacent. Remain vigilant and remain careful. So long as the Dragon still flies, the threat is not over.

Countess Elizabeth Kane
Countess of Eastwatch

Mistwatcher & Overseer of Research