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Mr McIvy

Busy town, hovel under the floor.

Open curtains, open pantry, open door.

Sat in his armchair, crumbs on his plate, in his hair.

Hums in light air, a short little lad.

Half your entrance, he has a chipper resemblance, hard to ever make mad.

He’s always working on something, some insight he’s had.

What he does differs from day to day,

But let us say that he’s momentarily musing over a line or two of some song,

Using what he knows to be fusing rhyme and ear into something to hear that’s not too long.

Because he could be wrong but tall folk’s attention tends to be brief.

As you’re glancing, you can’t help notice prancing through the room a little mouse.

It’s the lad’s companion that’s living in this house, the only one to have a go at it.

It’s a bit dejecting, to know that this little critter crumb-eating in auburn curls, appears to be the only person he is expecting.

But in greeting he unfurls a grin denting his cheek, your step in to within his home has his curiosity piqued.

“Have a seat’n I’ll make some tea,” He says to make you feel merry.

Oddly, with a glow of red from within his bed, this feeling strengthens when he reveals his name is Gerry.

Tea is made and, like the conversation, is flowing.

With every spoken and unspoken word, your relation with him is growing.

Heart-warming to find someone so charming and full of wonder,

Curious still, about mundane, arcane and even what’s up yonder.

Eventually, after three cups of tea and half of his evening meal, he raises a bushy brow.

“Say friend, what was yer deal? Why did you come just now?”

A moment goes by and with a bit of a sigh and then a giggle admit that it has become a riddle, you don’t recall why.

It doesn’t fall awry. The corners of his mouth rise, and a twinkle appears in his big blue eyes.

“Tat’s just fine, care for some after dinner wine?”

The grapes are well fermented, and feeling a bit contented, you ask what left his hand so tormented.

The mood is temporarily dented, but he’s not offended by the request.

“Twas at the behest of some sort of witch, By Sallana, I’d love to hurt that…”

Pitch perfect, there’s a switch of subject, and he scurries to the corner where he finds a strange ragged object.

Colorful like his clothes, curtains and chipper attitude, he blows a bag of big amplitude.

The music isn’t great, but as he stands straight to spew sound it’s a hard sight to hate.

You give light praise, that someone his size could play something so grand

To your surprise, that comment wasn’t wise, and he leaves his instrument unmanned.

“To downsize someone already small, tis always the same. Do ye think ye can do tat because ye’s bloody tall?

Well despite bein’ mocked with my li’l frame, I don’t aim to put no one to shame.

I gave ye food’n drink, and then te think…” He lets words as he notices you pale and with a wink, reveals it was but a joke.

Confused and a little drunk you raise a finger, but just decide against letting this visit linger.

He says goodbye with his funny accent, and you step out of his abode.

It is then, a few steps down the road, that you remember why you were sent.

You were supposed to collect his rent.



Carpentry and homemaking {4/10}
Gerry has built his own home and his own furniture. Due to his somewhat self-supporting family, he has learned the basics of all this.
Poetry and the written word {7/10}
Gerry spends most of his free time puzzling with words that fit well together. He loves conveying his creativity through means of poetry and the moment he finds the guts to do so, will be reciting them as well.
Music (Bagpipes, panflute and the flute) {6/10}
This is the thing that the halfling spends the other half of his free time on. While some people don't appreciate the sound of the bagpipes, he does love the sheer amount of sound he can make from his tiny body with them.
Cheesemaking {5/10}
This is the family skill. All McIvy's know how to make cheese and there's none that don't absolutely adore the taste of it. While he recently hasn't had the chance to practice, he does love doing it with every inch of his soul.
Arcane studies {3/10}
Gerry knows of all four schools, has seen people be taught magic and knows about the different energies of evicism. His curiosity is eternally peaked by this and he has a deep craving to somehow use Kinetic energy to enhance his magical abilities. Gerry's curiosity is also piqued by the idea of being able to talk to and bond with Elementals. The halfling also has been sparked into the art of Animancy.
Common sense and street smarts {5/10}
Gerry isn't book smart but he is observant and decent as assessing situations as dangerous or not. He also picks up most of the things he knows from the people around him, absorbing like a little sponge.
Hugs and charm {9/10}
Gerry gives the best hugs. If he were asked about one thing he is good at, it would be his hugs. There's also few people who don't like Gerry, so he likes to consider himself charming. With his animancer's empathy, he finds it very easy to relate to people.


His prized possessions:
His set of cheese knives.
His little red poetry book.
❧ His green glowing rocks
❧ His meteor shards
His Emberlark Amulet
❧ His instruments (Panflute, Flute and Bagpipes)
A letter from a friend.

His weaponry:
❧ A dagger. (x)
❧ His bagpipes
❧ His plumed hat and carved bones.

His carried inventory:

❧ A small red book and charcoal to write with.
❧ His bagpipe or flute
❧ Cheese knives and wood-handled scalpel
❧ Sir Snoutwick (A pink-eared grey mouse)
❧ A small green glowing rock
❧ Ten empty pouches to fill with random trinkets and baubles
❧ A dagger given to him by Illthilior

His other possessions:
❧ A pair of shoes
❧ A pantry full of stolen food
❧ A cupboard full of stolen teacups, glasses and other things he gets to use in the bar.
❧ A steadily growing collection of bones of various creatures.

Status, Goals and Tenets:
How he's thinking right now: "It seems that I's much like a stray puppy. I look cute'n ye might take me in'n give me a moment of care, but the second ye realise I don't quite know how to sit and roll over, ye put me right back out on the streets." -- Gerry is dealing with the loss of his teacher and other issues of identity.

His short term goals: -Miss Alden
His long term goals: -Kinetic Bagpipes -Renown and respect -Animancy -Elizabeth Kane
His permanent goals: -Disappointment -Care for family
His completed goals: -Landowning -Business -Home -Publish poem

What are the tenets of the halfling:
❧ Love is the only true force in the world and thoughts are often mere lies.
❧ There are few things that cannot be solved with a good talk.
❧ Always give back what you’ve been given, if not more.
❧ There is always a deeper good in things, you just have to look better.
❧ Start by blaming yourself before you assume things, you fecking idiot.



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(Samiwashere )
Ellie: His best friend that might as well be his sister at this point. This silly girl seems to be out to protect Gerry and offers her own wellbeing just to see him thrive. While he appreciates her new-found determination and attitude, he can't help but think that she might get herself in trouble soon. This worries him deeply but he won't comment on it since he's just very glad they can spend time together once again. "When from the crowd of people, an angel did stand out.." (Samiwashere ) (X)

Ayda: Ayda is becoming more and more important to the little one. He almost spends more time at her mansion than in his own home, and he has met a lot of his new friends through her. She is protective, maternal and seemingly very fond of the halfling. He is equally fond and protective of her, even though she doesn't seem to enjoy the latter. Whilst he loves her company, he does at times feel like she feels he is more of a child than a full- uh- half grown man. There is also a growing worry that she is just playing pretend. "Friendship is magic~." (Ayda ) (X)
Elizabeth: Elizabeth's decision has been a shock to Gerry's system. He had imagined that this new friendship would become one that would blossom sooner or later. The opposite appears to be true, though Gerry is not convinced this is the end. "Here I stand, helpless and left for dead..." (NIAH ) (X)

Fronslin: "What they need to realize dear, is that what we are doing is frightfully, terribly important~" (Fronslin ) (X)
Linden: "We may be the first to fall..." (RagingLunacy ) (X)
Milah: "I'm walking on sunshine~" (Jazzper ) (X)
Segar: "But it was not your fault but mine~" (French Roast ) (X)
Kam: "We can dance if you want to..." (Kamaoe ) (X)
Thôrdil: "Noble and true with a heart of steel."(Jazzper ) (X)
Bliss: "Everytime I see your bubbly face~" (RagingLunacy) (X)
Cymic: "put your fate in your hands, take a chance, roll the dice" (Cymic_ ) (X)

Selene: Compassionate (NIAH )
Idri: Artist (Lannis )
Jaden: Grumpy? (CloakedReaper )
Kitrana: Helpful (French Roast )
Charles: Reserved (Lannis )
Evelyn: Sadistic but fair (Lannis )
Francis: Meanspirited (BoredBrit )

Podric: "I Try to do unto others..." (Luam) (X)
Reynard: "I'm daydreaming, let me count the ways how I'll get you~" (TheDeester ) (X)

Lisbet: "You better watch out, you better watch out, you better watch out~" (Elz ) (X)


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A landscape stained with lies,
A mighty mountain hollowed with hurt.
Whispering willows compromise,
They steal sky in wistful flirt.

Stain filled with landscape,
Ahead and back, all what is.
A melancholy ape,
Seduced by toxic kiss.

What is to see?
Eyes closed but paintings fly.
In black, no feet beneath me,
I seek perfect landscape nigh,

Of grass between my toes, unaware,
Never too old, walk from eternal scare.

She's maiden fair,
Under veil of deep despair-
Gazing brings disgust and pain-
After which rage will,

She's maiden hurt,
Withering, watched as dirt-
Every gaze to offend her,
Ends with maiden sad, still

A Weak Kill

Bairn to the world alone,
A river deep runs through your soul,
A curse which has finally taken the toll,
Yous the bright dragon, ancient as stone,

Two times you have passed through exodus gate,
A story which under no circumstance can go untold.
A hero whose name ought to be written with gold,
Yous the bright dragon, and now it's too late.


Sometimes a ship won't sail is te no avail,
Ye push'n pull and when yer full,
te anchor lies too deep.

Sometimes a song won't sound without ye around,
Ye try and cry but I won't lie,
Te notes tey do not sweep.

Sometimes a man amiss just needs a kiss,
He charms and swoons but there are no boons,
Her heart's not fer he te keep.


Still shivery, shining
dance down, intertwining.

Lengths of crystal lilac-
listlessly lay back.

Peaceful promise perished.


Discard what Keeper kept-
there down, down below
Collect brightly who wept-
and up, up we go
Sing not gently, play intently-
tonight’s our greatest show
We, we of higher gentry-
fear not what lurks below
Blight dances mourning wind-
fields have chance to grow
Whispered dawn has us pinned-
And hope keeps our seed aglow

Though beware of what led astray-
Who stole won’t stay away.



A bright light against the blackest night
We are lost like the bonds of the blight
But let us act tall, now when the stars fall

A flash to crash with a tumultuous splash
We are hiding, afeared to act rash
But let us prey on the small, now when the stars fall

A bleak streak tears with a heavenly shriek
We are divided, already very weak
But let us fight and brawl, now when the stars fall

For one might lie the claim to fame, but not to all.
But might this fate befall, we and not the stars fall-


Death's cold embrace,
Inevitable like dawn.
It is you we face
A frozen final yawn.

Surfaces fade pale,
Shadows they lurk,
All senses fail,
Where death is at work.

Brief is the passing,
Rest would be good.
Fear is amassing,
For the lack of food.

Never take gravy turkey in strife,
For it might just save your life.
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❧ Removed a lot of unneeded fluff and replaced it by a poem-thing. It fits Gerry better than the usual format.
❧ Updated Goals and Status.
❧ Cleaned up the relationships. I removed a BUNCH of people, moved a BUNCH of people to the new: 'Where are you' zone.
❧ Everyone who gets out of the I don't care zone, gets a song plus a lyric from that song, that I find fitting.

Also a teaser for something I intend to add when it's done:

Can someone remove Ruu and Electric's comment?


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❧ New big thing. We now have me pretending to be a halfling as a character introduction.
❧ 150k rads or like 20 paypal Euros and I'll make one for you. Probably of higher quality.