The Spreading Sickness


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In the coming days an illness will begin to be known amongst the populace of a few cities - And players. For clarity, I’m posting this thread to describe what it actually is, the effects, how long it can be expected to last, and to inform players they do not need to become completely infected (or at all if they believe they’ve not been exposed enough).
Additionally, this is not the return of Forlorn. It is a result of roleplay, but the details of that are not for me to disclose.

The plague has similarities to the Blight, but to those who studied it will know it does not appear to be exactly the same, and yet it is not at all entirely new. It can be treated with similar processes to curing the Blight, but additionally, this plague lasts for 3 OOC days at most (I’ll leave it to you to decide how long that is IC, but generally between 3-7 days). It has no lasting effects.
It appears to spread by person to person, through the air they breathe or bodily fluids, and touch, and is easily spread. No food/water supplies seem to be able to be contaminated, nor animals. This is strictly something that affects players or NPC populaces.

You have a chance of catching it by being around those infected, you may choose to become infected to some degree or you may roll after being around them - Something like a DC of 12. This is for players to have fun with and you’re not going to be punished for RPing out more or less symptoms, or any at all.


Its Primary Symptoms are as follows:

-A fever, which can be fatal in people with compromised immune systems, although rarely.

-A strong cough which emits a substance like a dark steam when they cough - the “steam” is the spores which inhabit the lungs of the person, quickly dissipating into the air around them when they cough.
-The Capgras Delusion, manifesting against people who the sick would normally trust and love (at the player’s discretion).

(Capgras delusion is a psychiatric disorder in which a person holds a delusion that a friend, spouse, parent, or other close family member (or pet) has been replaced by an identical impostor.)

There are some Secondary Symptoms that people can elect to have or not (max 3):

-A phobia of birds.

-Black or otherwise discolored veins.
-An existential dread or terror of a vague oncoming danger that never quite comes to fruition.
-Hallucinations of things which terrify the infected.

-Night paralysis/night terrors.

The disease primarily spreads through coughing around uninfected, the disease quickly spreading by spores through the air, and being inhaled by those uninfected. From there, the spores will travel to the victim’s lungs, where they will begin to grow mushrooms inside the lungs, and the uninfected will start to become sick days later and contagious up to a week later once the mushrooms begin to reproduce through their spores. The perfect and only habitat the mushrooms can live inside are the lungs of people. If they have not found such an environment, then within minutes the spores will rapidly grow inert and die.