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"I might be simple and not know tat much of te tall world, but I know tat love 'n compassion gets a wee man te furthest. No matter what people'll say how small I am, I know one ting for sure; I have a spot in me heart for jus'bout anyone."

What Mam named 'im: Gerard McIvy
What people tend te call 'im:
❧ Gerry
❧ Ger
❧ The halfling
What official titles he's got: None, T'be silly te give a wee man a title like that.


Lad or lass: Lad
How many winters he's seen since bein' born: Twenty-three
What type'o person he is: Halfling
What's his background: He's a McIvy, Family'n food and all tat

What sorta status he got: Landowner
Profession: Bard, Poet 'n Cheesemaker
What sorta people he likes in a lovey-dovey way': Lasses, preferably halfling and soon, please.
Does he got a lass: No he doesn't
How short is'e 'sactly: Shorter tan half a tall folk door, so about three foot
How heavy is he: Sixty-five pounds

Where he's from: A halfling hovel that's perished with the blight; The Hillnook burrow in Gullykin.
Where he lives right now: His Halfling hovel in Linistel
When he celebrates 'is birthday: The Twelfth of Snowdown
When he died: He has never died

How he's thinking right now:"I s'pose I must get stronger and smarter if I want te be relevant in tis tall folk world" He is researching and trying to find someone who will teach him.

Silhouette Gerry.png

"Me Mam used te say tat I were te wee-est one of te litter but te rascal of te bunch as well. I believe 'er. What I lack in size, I make up in personality."

What he's shaped like: Gerry's a bit round and a bit chubby on the cheeks. He doesn't exercise much and loves himself a good feast.
If ye had to describe his ... What'd it be like?
Gerry carries his hair with pride. Its fierce light auburn curls reach to his shoulders. While he is quite proud of his locks, it is not uncommon to see him wearing a green-plumed hat, indicative of his bardic ways.
Eyes: Och, Gerry's eyes are a vibrant blue that twinkle with his ever-present smile.
Skin: Gerry's skin is fair and his cheeks a healthy red. It is often slightly sunburnt from his love of being outside.
Identifying marks: You could easily identify him by his size and the vibrant colours he wears, but if ye wanted to be sure, you just have to check if the halfling you're looking at is smiling or not.


What's a general description of him: Gerry is a vibrant little man who wears bright shades of orange and green. His clothes are often slightly too big for him, but he doesn't mind. In that way, it doesn't chave as much. Besides, he can wrap his belt, that's adorned with a variety of trinkets and baubles around it and no one will know. It is funny that even the way he looks emits a radiance of joy and wholesomeness that matches his personality.
What does he sound like: He has a bit of a peasant-like accent. Nothing that makes him hard to understand, though. (X)
Does he bathe: Gerry is a cleanish halfling. He makes sure that he doesn't go to bed dirty, but that doesn't mean that throughout the day he won't get covered in a thick layer of muck.

How does he stand: Gerry stands as straight as he can muster. While he's not a noble in any way, he does want to make the most of the height given to him.
How does he move: Gerry scampers, darts and generally moves with a skip to his step. While he isn't often in a rush, he doesn't enjoy moving slowly whatsoever.
Which hand does he prefer: Neither, Gerry's good with both his hands.
Does he have any ticks:
❧ Gerry does not do silences and will try to talk when people fall quiet.
❧ Gerry scratches the back of his neck or runs his hands through his hair when he doesn't know what to do.
❧ Gerry likes fiddling with his instruments or playing them when he gets nervous.

Does he have scars:
❧ Has quite a few scars across his arms from farming incidents.
❧ A large scar on his chest from a keeper raking him.
Has he ever broken any bones: No

Is he sick: No
Do some things just not work with him: Nothing that he knows of.

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"I struggle te understand people. Why's everyone s'greedy 'n out fer teir own? What's happened te empathy'n understandin'? All I see these tall folk do is fight and make trouble anymore."

What drives Gerry: Gerry is generally driven by simple things such as duty, friendship and genuine helpfulness. However, if something piques his interest, the halfling can be driven by pure dogged stubbornness. Besides this, Gerry is generally very motivated by any form of enhancing his creative expressions, and recently this includes the arcane.
How does Gerry pray: If people didn't know any better, they'd say that Gerry is a loose follower of Sallana, but his religious motives go deeper than just following. He truly believes that love and understanding on a nice bed of music and poetry can make the world a better place.
How does Gerry generally align: Gerry is a generally good person, that's for sure. The law and the rules don't really mean much to him if he disagrees with them.

His short term goals: -Find a teacher -Feast with family -Ember- Learn the panflute
His long term goals: -Kinetic bagpipes -Find his other half -Renown and respect
His permanent goals: -Disappointment -Care for family
His completed goals: -Landowning -Business -Home -Publish poem

What are the tenets of the halfling:
❧ Love is the only true force in the world and thoughts are often lies.
❧ There are few things that cannot be solved with a good talk.
❧ Always give back what you’ve been given, if not more.
❧ There is always a deeper good in things, you just have to look better.


"Let me give ye a lesson in size doesn't mean anythin'. I'll make sure to show the lot of ye tat even us wee folk can be important."

What is he like as a person: Gerry is an upbeat person who likes to spread the happiness he wakes up with every day. There are periods where the little man hides behind his smile rather than feeling it truly, but they are rare and hard to tell from the truth. Perhaps not always as serious as he ought to be, he does know what hard work and determination mean and isn't afraid to indulge in them. He is also a very open person, and therefore to be considered a friend of the halfling is one of the easiest feats anyone might ever achieve. He loves people after all! There is, however, deeply ingrained fear of being overlooked and being ignored. Even when the halfling is among his closest friends, he has moments where he might do something silly to garner the attention he deeply desires.

How smart is he: Gerry is not smart in a common way. He hasn't read an awful lot of books nor does he know a lot about the world. There is, however, one thing that he is very good at; Feeling. On countless occasions, Gerry has made calls purely based on his guts and inert wisdom. It is through this wisdom and a keen sense of linking separate events together that he has managed to surprise tall folk. Sadly people don't like to listen to Gerry when he talks about their best interests.

How quick-tempered is he: Gerry is a passionate person. He might speak with huge gestures and lots of energy but to truly get the halfling to be angry with you is quite a feat. Yes, he might get upset from time to time but that won't last long if you just talk to him.
What he can laugh about: He can have a right giggle about the silliest of things. He loves to banter and making fun of people in the kindest of ways. The halfling also gets great joy out of presenting his friends with situations they aren't accustomed to.
What might tick him off: People ignoring him or people keeping secrets from him because of what he is. He likes being included and will become rather nasty when he isn't.

Which languages does he speak:
❧ Common: This is the language he is the strongest in. While his speech isn't the most flamboyant, he does have a good feeling for words and the multiple meanings they can have.
❧ Fae: Living in Linistel Gerry can understand a word here and there, but he isn't very interested in picking up more than he knows.

What might keep him around you:
❧ Poetry and music
❧ Good conversation
❧ Doing something productive with him
❧ Teach him about the planar and the arcane

Does he remember things well: It depends really. If he finds it interesting he will remember, if not he probably won't.
Is there something he is terrified of:
Gerry suffers from a fear of heights but also a deep fascination with flight.
Is there something he can't get enough of: Food and trinkets. He's a slight kleptomaniac.


What are his strengths:
❧ He has a huge heart.
❧ He gives the best hugs.
❧ He is a good listener.
❧ Is quick at linking things
❧ Gerry could be considered wise in a way.

What are his weaknesses:
❧ His size and strength
❧ His reluctance to cause conflict.
❧ He is a pushover.
❧ He has a tendency to assume.

What is he scared of:
❧ That the world is as dark as it seems to be
❧ Greylings
❧ The sheer scale of things
❧ That people will keep everything a secret for him.

Ye can learn a lot about a person if ye know what they like and not like. I'll never trust someone who don't like animals for one. Except wolves 'n such. They's scary."
What 'is hobbies are: Gerry is a jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none type of person. One day he might be dabbling in some light carpentry and the other you might catch him tending to his flowers or cooking a meal. The halfling does have two hobbies that he can't get enough of, though; Poetry and Music.
Does he have reoccurring dreams: He has two dreams that come often. One in which people he knows, turn his back to him and he can't get through to them. A second one has him playing his music in Storm's Landing and everyone in the entire city can hear and enjoy his music.

His favourite...

Colour: Sunset Orange
Flower/s: Tupils
Pastime: Writing and reciting poetry
Food: Cheese
Drink: Coffee and milk
Place Wherever home happens to be.
Animal: Grey mice

His least favourite...

Colour: Grey
Flower/s: Poison Ivy
Pastime: Arguing and fighting
Food: None. He’s a halfling.
Drink: Alcoholic drinks
Place: The Sea
Animal: Any predator

Tv Tropes...
Weak, but Skilled
The Heart
God is Inept
David vs Goliath
The Hobbit

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Peaceful or Violent: Gerry is peaceful to the point that he struggles with hurting just about anyone. If he, however, is left with no other choice he will fight.
❧ Quick
❧ Small
❧ Surprise hug
❧ Crying
❧ Bagpipes
❧ Physically untrained
❧ Doesn't even own a weapon
❧ Not wanting to hurt people
Exercise: Gerry practiced with a shortsword once.

N/A just yet.

Carpentry and homemaking {4/10}
Gerry has built his own home and his own furniture. Due to his somewhat self-supporting family, he has learned the basics of all this.
Poetry and the written word {7/10}
Gerry spends most of his free time puzzling with words that fit well together. He loves conveying his creativity through means of poetry and the moment he finds the guts to do so, will be reciting them as well.
Music (Bagpipes, panflute and the flute) {6/10}
This is the thing that the halfling spends the other half of his free time on. While some people don't appreciate the sound of the bagpipes, he does love the sheer amount of sound he can make from his tiny body with them.
Cheesemaking {5/10}
This is the family skill. All McIvy's know how to make cheese and there's none that don't absolutely adore the taste of it. While he recently hasn't had the chance to practice, he does love doing it with every inch of his soul.
Arcane studies {1/10}
Gerry knows of all four schools, has seen people be taught magic and knows about the different energies of evicism. His curiosity is eternally peaked by this and he has a deep craving to somehow use Kinetic energy to enhance his magical abilities.
Common sense and street wits {5/10}
Gerry isn't book smart but he is observant and decent as assessing situations as dangerous or not. He also picks up most of the things he knows from the people around him, absorbing like a little sponge.
Hugs and charm {8/10}
Gerry gives the best hugs. If he were asked about one thing he is good at, it would be his hugs. There's also few people who don't like Gerry, so he likes to consider himself charming.



What sort of clothes does he wear: Gerry likes blouses, jackets and knee-high pants. He hates shoes and socks and will only wear them when going to Stoltfar or another northern city he frequents. The halfling also has a love for plumed hats because he feels more bardic in them.

His notable outfits:
(x) Gerry's standard outfit is an autumn coloured blouse with a black jacket and brownish pants. This may or may not come with a green pheasant-plumed hat, depending on whether Azalea stole it or not. There is also green cloak for cold weather that might come with this.
His armour:
❧ N/A
His jewelry:
❧ A beaded bracelet painted by a child's hand. Always worn. (Sophe )
An Emberlark Amulet that detects magic.

His prized possessions:
His set of cheese knives.
His little red poetry book.
❧ His green glowing rocks
❧ His meteor shard and two crystals
His Emberlark Amulet
❧ His instruments (Panflute, Flute and Bagpipes)

His weaponry:
❧ A dagger. (x)
❧ His bagpipes

His carried inventory:

❧ A small red book and charcoal to write with.
❧ His bagpipe and flute
❧ Cheese knives
❧ Sir Snoutwick (A pink-eared grey mouse)
❧ A small green glowing rock
❧ Like ten empty pouches to fill with random trinkets and baubles
❧ A dagger given to him by Illthilior
❧ A silver hairpin to give out. Given by Thordil.
His other possessions:
❧ A pair of shoes
❧ A pantry full of stolen food
❧ A cupboard full of stolen teacups, glasses and other things he gets to use in the bar.

How rich is he: Not very rich at all. He is barely any richer than the average peasant.
How much does 'e earn: A farmer's loan plus whatever tips he gets for his music.
What land does 'e own: He owns a small plot of land in Linistel
What homes does he have: A hovel in Linistel
What pets does he have: Sir Snoutwick, a grey mouse with pink-tipped fluffy ears.
How does he get around: He either walks or hitchhikes. He will only get on a ship if he really has to.



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A landscape stained with lies,
A mighty mountain hollowed with hurt.
Whispering willows compromise,
They steal sky in wistful flirt.

Stain filled with landscape,
Ahead and back, all what is.
A melancholy ape,
Seduced by toxic kiss.

What is to see?
Eyes closed but paintings fly.
In black, no feet beneath me,
I seek perfect landscape nigh,

Of grass between my toes, unaware,
Never too old, walk from eternal scare.

She's maiden fair,
Under veil of deep despair-
Gazing brings disgust and pain-
After which rage will,

She's maiden hurt,
Withering, watched as dirt-
Every gaze to offend her,
Ends with maiden sad, still

A Weak Kill

Bairn to the world alone,
A river deep runs through your soul,
A curse which has finally taken the toll,
Yous the bright dragon, ancient as stone,

Two times you have passed through exodus gate,
A story which under no circumstance can go untold.
A hero whose name ought to be written with gold,
Yous the bright dragon, and now it's too late.


Sometimes a ship won't sail is te no avail,
Ye push'n pull and when yer full,
te anchor lies too deep.

Sometimes a song won't sound without ye around,
Ye try and cry but I won't lie,
Te notes tey do not sweep.

Sometimes a man amiss just needs a kiss,
He charms and swoons but there are no boons,
Her heart's not fer he te keep.


Still shivery, shining
dance down, intertwining.

Lengths of crystal lilac-
listlessly lay back.

Peaceful promise perished.


Discard what Keeper kept-
there down, down below
Collect brightly who wept-
and up, up we go
Sing not gently, play intently-
tonight’s our greatest show
We, we of higher gentry-
fear not what lurks below
Blight dances mourning wind-
fields have chance to grow
Whispered dawn has us pinned-
And hope keeps our seed aglow

Though beware of what led astray-
Who stole won’t stay away.



A bright light against the blackest night
We are lost like the bonds of the blight
But let us act tall, now when the stars fall

A flash to crash with a tumultuous splash
We are hiding, afeared to act rash
But let us prey on the small, now when the stars fall

A bleak streak tears with a heavenly shriek
We are divided, already very weak
But let us fight and brawl, now when the stars fall

For one might lie the claim to fame, but not to all.
But might this fate befall, we and not the stars fall
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(Samiwashere )
Tori: The youngest of the McIvy's and the only girl, Tori always gets what she wants. Gerry, despite this, likes to take the role of older brother and tell her no. Up until now, this has not succeeded and he doubts it ever will. He, however, loves Tori to the deepest part of his soul. If anyone were ever to do her harm, he'd hunt them down until he collapsed or until they had perished. (Ruu )
Aldy: Gerry's older brother. A wise and simple type of person. Gerry always has loved to go to him for advice on life and the things he does. While the pair are near polar opposites, they do get along really well. Gerry tries to live by his: "Keep it simple" way of living. (Bartooliinii )
Wurzel: Gerry's twin. While they don't look alike they do behave quite alike. There's no one in the world who he'd rather see again than he. (mokwar )
Ellie: Unrequited love and best friend. Gerry can't explain why he even feels the way he does anymore. They've been through a lot. Or rather, she's been through a lot and he has just been there for her. While he absolutely adores her and wants to spend every minute of his time with her, he can't stop thinking about the fact that she doesn't feel the same way. This brings him into a state of near-constant emotional conflict. He knows she can sense it too but doesn't have the courage to talk about it. (Samiwashere )

Ayda: Ayda's a strange case if Gerry is honest. The pair hasn't seen one another that often but Gerry feels safe around her, and he feels that he can talk about anything without being judged. She seems to either really enjoy the fact that Gerry is a bit oblivious at times or his general company. Either way, he is quite alright with it. She is one of the people he'd like assistance from in learning more about the world and the arcane alike. (Ayda )
Sugar: Sugar is Gerry's hero in more than one way. Firstly, she allowed him to rebuild his home on her land. Secondly, she listens to whatever he has to say and doesn't often seem to disagree with him. Thirdly, she is always nice to Gerry and lastly, she helps him become a more world-wise person. He hopes that one day, he can truly help her as well. (Ruu )
Azalea: Gerry loves Azalea as if she were a child of his own. He has seen her grow up so much since he has come to Linistel and loves the fact that even now she's getting older, she's still playful with the halfling. He can't wait to see what this little girl becomes, and also hopes that they become the best of friends. (Sophe )
Fronslin: Respected, Intelligent, Idol. (Fronslin )
Sven: Friendly, Giant, Asocial. (MaelstromPuddle )
Linden: Hero, A good head, Curious. (RagingLunacy )
Salem: Friend, Companion, Smart. (Sophe )
Illthilior: Dagger, Funny, Proud. (Tempy_ )
Eliyana: Cute, Redemption, Hugs. (Sophe )
Segar: Proud, Angry, Heart (French Roast )
Milah: Open (Jazzper )
Fulgrim: Operation (MaelstromPuddle )
Thôrdil: Idol (Jazzper )
Ramiel: First impression (Lavilethorn )
Aldren: Helpful (Lavilethorn )
Asero: Smells (Electric )
Kam: Bagpipes (Kamaoe )
Elmyra: Bookish (French Roast )
Elauthin: Grumpy Giant (Ruu )
Arthur: Charismatic (Morbid )
Cassian: Sexy (Baron )
Kitrana: Helpful (French Roast )
Theo: Food! (Blorbis83 )
Hadley: Halfling! (Krystiv)
Idris: Artist (Lannis )
Selene: Compassionate (NIAH )


Reynard: yeah, the title says enough. (TheDeester )
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