The Unbeatable wall?

Hi there, whilst i wait to be accepted / or not accepted into the server i have come up with a new type of wall. Im going to name it a sap wall as it kind of resembles what a tree does when its cut.
So basically its a 4 thick wall with a gap down the middle (3 in both sides so like this) |=|=| |=|=| in then you line (just the top) with obsidian resembled by the + sign so like this |=|+| |+|=| then you place lava against that obsidian wrap. the hole in the middle of the wall must be deeper than ground level to stop spilling, but basically this is how the wall reacts to attacks. Anywho if i could just get feedback on if you think this is a good idea, and if you spot any weakpoints please can you point them out to me :) anyway ive got dinner now so i will reply back at about 10pm UK time, thanks!


True again but on such a server as this, i would have thought that TMI, creative mode and other such mods were disabled? and frankie what else is there to do! :) i really hope i get in, i can only imagine the world that has been made!
i see, earlier on just before i posted my application, i attempted to join your server and it told me to come here :p im on the server now mind :)


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this wall is not unbeatable.
Just build over it, or place a block inside the wall, below the lava. and on its sides.
Then walk through the tunnel i just built in your wall.
i guess, but with towny surely if its within the boundarys, people from other towns cannot edit the walls or town? well to be honest no wall is 100% unbeatable unless its bedrock from bedrock to sky! but since ive been on your server a while now, i realise you dont attack and break each others towns :p but it was just an idea :)


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Well if towny is on, you cant place tnt or break the wall in the first place.
With towny, a 1 thick wall of leaves is unbeatable.
However, there is a way to make an unbeatable wall.
With only a very small amount of bedrock.
The larger the wall, ofc the more you need, but you can create a 16 x 16 wall with only a stack of bedrock.


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And actually, i could create an unbeatable prison without anybedrock at all, even if you can break things.
ah, they cannot place blocks next to the wall, but on another server someone made a cannon and fired tnt at them which seemed to work, one stack of bedrock? please explain, i know the wall isnt 100% unbeatable, but its a start :p well anything can be unbeatable with the right plugin, please do tell then legion, im a fanatic for building defences, this is my first attempt for minecraft but if you have any ideas please do spill them! :)


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Well it is complicated, to the point where i would have to show you in-game.
But it uses a generator so i cant explain ingame.
It is possible to build a 16 x 16 wall that is unbeatable, made of cobble.
What you need is to make a cobble generator with water and lava, then make a piston that pushes that block.
Then you have a row of 16 pistons that all turn on at once, that face up.
where g is generator, b is block, and p is piston, and . is air
Then it simply requires the correct redstone timing and a loop, to make sure it is always running.
THen, magically, bby itself, it begins to create a 16 x 16 wall from coble.
But coble is weak! you say.
Well, if it is always on, then it regenerates. It doesnt matter where you break a block, in about 1 second it will regenerate.
Now to get through a wall, you need to make a tunnel that is at least 1 x 1 x 2. But that requires you break 2 blocks, and by the time youve broken the second, the first has regenerated.

The only reason you need bedrock is to protect the row of pistons and redstone.
Generators cause lag. Dont do it!
Whoa that is clever! well that truly is a unbeatable wall. Complicated but it would work a treat, and of course i wont build it ingame :) but thanks for shedding some light :) see you ingame!


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