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"Lesser, greater, middling, it's all the same. Proportions are negotiated, boundaries blurred. I'm not a pious hermit, I haven't done only good in my life. But if I am to choose between one evil and another, then I prefer not to choose at all."
Name: [Redacted]
Full Titles: [Redacted]
Nickname/Alias: [Redacted]

[picutre is rip]
[i mean REDACTED]

Key Information:
Age: [Redacted]
Gender: Male.
Race: Human.
Social Status: [Redacted]
Height: 5'10
Weight: Around 85 Kg.
Date of Birth: First day of Winterfeast- 2214, Year of Storm. Season of Frost.
Date of Death: [Redacted]
Homeland: [Redacted]
Current Home: [Redacted]
Build: Medium build,.
Hair: [Redacted]
Eyes: Green-grey.
Skin: [Redacted]
Identifying Marks: [Redacted]

Clothing: [Redacted] Is seen with a thin, plain black cloak, similar to this here

Prized Possessions:

Qualities and Flaws:
Strengths: [Redacted]
Fears: [Redacted]
: [Redacted]
Intelligence: [Redacted]
Languages: [Redacted]
Profession: [Redacted]

Ethics and Motivations:
Personality: [Redacted]

Religion or Cults: [Redacted]
Alignment: [Redacted]
Short Term Goals:
Long Term Goals:
Place: [Redacted]
Pastime: [Redacted]
Food: [Redacted]
Drink: -
Colour: -
Animal: -

Least Favourite...
Place: [Redacted]
Pastime: [Redacted]
Anything tasteless, and bland.
Drink: [Redacted]
Colour: -
Animal: -



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@Piratep00f ... Seriously don't know what to say. The picture is so beautiful. ;-;
I present to you, The Crown Ranger Dayter! @Deash12
The story of this character has inspired me enough to enjoy every second of drawing it and to keep thinking: Should I put this line here? or a bit thicker or perhaps make this one curved in contrast to the straight? Why did it inspire me so much?
I saw some artwork there along with his story, a ranger. Someone who knows how to survive in the wilds and stay alive, skillful with bow and other weaponry, like throwing knifes. Dayter then got himself into the service of the royalty, Queen Leminth. He became a Crown Ranger. He has been through the war with Queen Grief, only to find Queen Leminth, a friend, die shortly after. You can see in his face the suffering he has been through by becoming a crown ranger, then lose his position as the crown lost hers and then being left back from where he started. His eyes show sadness. He is between 50 and 60 now and the thing he thought he would fight for for the rest of his life, is gone. his hair becoming grey as his spirit gets older as well... That is what I saw in his backstory related to recent events in Altera and that is what I tried to draw.

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-Simple ring/band worn around ring finger.
-Leaf ornamented bracelet. (See Prized Possessions)
-A small, simple waterskin filled with, you guessed it, water.
-Even smaller leather-wrapped flask, filled with either wine or left over whiskey.
-Bastard sword. (See Weaponry)
-Two small steel throwing knives. (See Weaponry)
-Seax. (See Weaponry)
-Leather quiver, 24 black-shafted arrows.
. -8 Broadhead.
. -8 Bodkin.
. -4 Blunted.
. -4 Crescent.
-Small leather journal, filled with various notes, memos, etcetera. See here.
-Skinny chunk of lead, fitted into the binding of aforementioned journal.
-Leather pouch fitted to his belt.
. -Pouch of Radiants, usually between 50-200.
. -Basic medical supplies. Needle, twine, roll of bandage/gauze.
. -Small tube of medicinal/herbal salve.

In memoriam of the first post ever made on my thread, thank you, Michcat :heart:

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Bam wham shazam diddly do dam?
Oopdate within relations
and what I believe to be a more accurate representation of his seax/saxe knife to look like. :heart:
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*Twitch.* mustnotbutihavetoooooo
Anyways... another update under Prized possession
..... and Relations..... Yo, you lucky. Used to be under Neutral.
Edit Within an Edit: Looks better naow, errytangs centered. :D