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The Wanderer


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General Information:

Name: Somnastra [redacted]
Other Names: Som, Red
Titles: Ranger [redacted]

Age: [redacted]
Race: Forest Elf
Gender: Female
Sexuality: ????
Current Residence: None
Relationship Status: [Redacted]
Social Status: Vagrant

Physical Appearance:

Height: 5'11"
Eye Color: Grey
Skin Color: Tanned
Distinguishing Features: Striking red hair, worn half up with the bottom half shorn close to her scalp, with various braids hugging to her head. A wicked scar can be seen on one side of her head, as well as another nasty, puckered scar from the teeth of some wild animal on her right arm.
Build of Body: Lithe but muscular.
Hair Color: Red
Hair Style: See above
Complexion: Tanned
Posture: Usually confident, but has a knack for blending in despite her red hair.
Is Seen By Others As: ????
Scars: See above
Voice: [idfk]


Likes: Tea,
General Attitude:
Religious Inclination:
General Intelligence:
General Sociability:

Short Term Goals:

Long Term Goals:




Owned Homes:

Carried Inventory: The arrow 'Once'
General Inventory:

General Wealth:

Heya- I can update Once in this manner:

Name: Once
Physical Description: An Arrow with green and white feathers.
Ability: Given by Theodra years past. If shot, it will find its mark. One use only.
Attuned to: Somnastra
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Puppycat Herder
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I'm very lazy and will fill them out when I damn well feel like it leave me alone.

Glynn A very compassionate innkeeper. Raal


Returned her name. She knows she recruited him to the Rangers, and that he has recruited several in turn. She does not yet realize that she was once a Sentinel, and that Jaden fills that role now. She doesn't even know what a Sentinel is. CloakedReaper





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Updated with random things, but also some of her current attitudes towards the people she's met. I conflated neutral/unsure of, because unsure can go either way. :p


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Those awful few weeks
(Som's side of the story)

Som really doesn't know what to do with herself, now. Nothing has seemed to go right lately. What should have been a quick trip to Port Silver from Eresse to tack a notice on the message board as Raindes requested... went awry. There was an unreasonably large group traveling to accomplish this, and none but Som were properly equipped, either physically or mentally, for even that short of a trip. The alchemist had a fit of some sort almost immediately upon setting out from the Crossroads Inn, the harridan insisted on keeping Som's cloak, the other physically able man seemed to see spectres in the trees, and Raindes kept stopping the group every half mile, ostensibly to eat. The child Samara, who Som took to calling "Little Spider" due to their ... manner of meeting, had significant difficulties keeping up with the long-legged adults, and Som found herself walking with an additional, if light, burden. She's still not sure why she did that. Perhaps Samara reminded Som of herself at that age, and inspired stronger protective instincts than Som knew she had.

After what seemed like many more miles than actually existed on the road to Port Silver, they finally arrived, only to find that no one had brought the note. At this point, Som decided to leave Raindes to her own devices in order to get the Little Spider into an actual bed to sleep, instead of sleeping draped across Som's back (not the most comfortable for Som, either), and then relaxed in the common room of the inn to wait for Raindes... At which point, words were said (apparently the harridan does not like Moor elves - OR children), and the child must have heard, because chaos essentially erupted afterwards. Little Spider locked herself in her room, which Raindes tried to get into, essentially guilting the harridan into helping her try and pick the lock. This was unsuccessful, and Mhaegan left in a huff, nursing a bruised wrist. At this point, Som went upstairs to break down the door, enlisting the aid of Raindes in this brute force method. Unfortunately, she hit the door badly, and with Raindes pushing from behind, her shoulder got dislocated... although the door did open.

So now Som was looking at a few days of recuperation at the very least. But in the ensuing ... turn of events, something was strained in her shoulder by Raindes attempting to pull it back into its socket, so now it'd be weeks before she'd be able to regain full range of motion, much less her full bow-strength again.

Well, it turned out that Little Spider has a big scary something-or-other for a dad. Namely: Sardrac. The harridan unknowingly ... solicited his ... patronage, apparently, and did not receive the response she was expecting. Raindes brashly stepped in, but when the confrontation was over, she disappeared. Thinking she had just gone to pray, Som stayed at the inn. As evening fell however, it was clear that something was wrong. She traveled to the Temple of Shalherana herself, seeking signs of Raindes' passage. Awkwardly following her trail through the jungle with only one functional arm was not easy, and it took all night, but by morning, she discovered her worst fears to be true: Raindes had found nothing but death in jungle. Her body was stiff and cold, and Som was handicapped by her still incredibly-painful-and-not-very-useful shoulder. Eventually, though, Som had dragged Raindes body back to the temple, where she collapsed in silent tears, realizing she had lost the only friend she had ever had.


Consequences: Som's not going to get to use her arm for a few ooc days, lest she risk further damaging it and perhaps losing the full use of it entirely ( :eek: for someone like her). I think Raindes' death is going to also make her realize that having friends is nice, and even if you lose them, they leave good stuff behind, too, so she'll probably open up a bit more...
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