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Thank you. :) In my three years here, this has been the best event I've ever attended. It was very well done.


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Desc. Of event? I couldn't attend.
Basically Sisterhood of Shalherana temple was attacked by monsters. We went there and met a cross between a bear and a moose, which people proceeded to kill.

A group went up to the Sisterhood temple (Me, Sankea, and some Prince) and met with a pilgrim who said there was monsters. It was two mimics, when they appeared and attacked the group. The area around the Sisterhood temple was cloaked in thick black veil.

When the group finished the moose/bear monsters, they ran to help the people who where attacked. Saneka almost died (again) and after the two mimics where killed, the wards around the Basiton Stones where shattered. Oliver and Gael attemtped to take two of the Basiton Stones, discovering that two where missing.

However, a Sister of Shalherana showed up, and asked for them back, where they placed on the beacon. Then we all left.


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Summary: A man came to Storm's Landing which was seeing a particularly large crowd. He went on about an attack of some kind and everyone there followed him. Gael took point and lead people to where there were two large beasts just hanging out. Most of the group engaged the two beasts, one was killed and the other disappeared. In the meantime, the rest of the group went to the Sisterhood temple where smoke was billowing out of. Once the big bear deer was killed, the rest of the group went to join the other group that went on ahead to the temple. Inside the temple were Wendigos and some other type of spooky scary monster. Fighting ensues. Once all that's done, people notice that the vault's been broken into and two of the stones being stolen. Oliver and Gael pick up the the two remaining bastion stones with the intent of keeping them safe. Pretty much the rest of the group is against them in this, Thordil being the spearhead of: "That's not a good idea, stop." The two remaining sisters clean up and reseal the vault once Gael and Oliver put the two remaining stones back. Several leaders of different factions came forward to help defend the stones including Wise, Sangria, and Azerwind. There was also a thing with a guy with no eyes but I was a bit preoccupied at the time. This is all I can recall off the top of my head.

Tl;dr: Sisterhood temple got busted up and two of the bastion stones are missing. The two that remain are under guard in the temple.

Got sniped.


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I can't believe nobody else posted this. We can't stop now, Lannis cut the brakes.


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*Everyone forgets about how Cedlas started the fight with the beasts*
*Everyone also forgets how Cedlas saved a priest*
*Everyone won't forget that Cedlas was about to kill Gael*
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