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Theodosia Engem


Lord of Altera
(Heads up this profile is a big WIP)
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Theodosia Engem

Name: Theodosia Engem (Also goes by Theo)

Age: 18

Race: Caparii (Lighthoof and Greathorn mix)

Hometown: ???

Current Residence: Storm’s Landing

Occupation: Shopkeeper and the Consultant for Avurkora

Income: Depends

Talents/Skills: Theo has a knack for singing, but she rarely lets anyone listen to her. She also is good at forming bonds with animals quickly. She has some skill in wrestling too.

Relationship skills: Is friendly unless you act like a complete ass, she tries her best to form connections to everyone she meets.

Weapons: Other that the antlers on her head, Theo tends to carry around a Cusped falchion with a point that curves more than most. It was passed down to Nera from an important person and the day Theo left home, Nera passed it down to her. On her belt she also carries a few hunting daggers and knives. After finding more about the current events in the world, she now has commissioned a few more hunting daggers and a larger blade.

Height: Five foot, two inches. Her antlers add about another foot or so.

Weight: 108lbs

Eye Color: Hazel with golden flecks

Hair Color: Brown

Skin color: Pale

Shape of Face: Heart shaped (More info on face shape)

Distinguishing features: Engem Tattoos and piercings decorate her skin while on top of her head stands a large pair of antlers. These antlers are much like deer antlers and can be cut off in the spring or falls off during the winter.

Mannerisms: Theo does a few things normally, one of those things are adjust her footing and stomping her hooves here and there. Another things she does when she is happy or drunk is wiggle her tail.

Habits: She tends to sort of just run off to places and going on her own little adventures. Normally she will always come back scraped up and bruised.

Health: Peak health and normal. She does have a few joint issues from doing stupid things when she was younger.

Hobbies: Theodosia enjoys adventuring and exploring but, when she isn’t doing that you can find her sitting back with a drink at a nearby tavern or Inn. When stressed she likes to wrestle and practice with her skills.

Speech patterns: She always tries to start a conversation formally but tends to throw that out the window somewhere throughout the conversation.

Disabilities: N/A

Educational Background: Theodosia is fairly educated. She knows Fae, Common and a tad bit Elven from what her mother taught her. ALong with this her mother has taught her Engem. She know other basics along with having a good grasp on the natural world and how things work.

Any Mental Illnesses? N/A

Character's short-term goals in life: Theo wishes to get Avurkora set up so that she may finally settle in and bring her mother to the mainland to live.

Character's long-term goals in life: She wants to see all the sights of the world and figure out where exactly she belongs in the world.

Does the character seem ruled by emotion or logic or some combination thereof? Theo goes off of a combination of both but she always tries to think with her head then her heart.

Spirituality: Theodosia was raised to avoid the gods and never to go around them due to Nera’s experiences with them but she threw that out the window. She isn’t sure how to feel about the gods but after a journey with a two other people to the temple dedicated Salherana, she is questioning this more and only wishes to understand them.

Drew Swift- She remembers their first brief run in down towards the docks in Storm’s Landing. When she ran into him a second time, they had settled down in the tavern for a few drinks and got to know each other better. His charm and personality won her over fairly fast.

Clyde Remming- a white haired silver elf who hired Theodosia to help him build Avurkora. She feels neutral about him and they only talk about work.
Valtae- A resident of Astrum, she is a really nice girl.
Laisa- Theo is teaching her how to speak Fae and finds her interesting and nice. She sort of scares her at times cause of her cold stare.

Theodosius- A man she met while out on work, he seems chill.
Lady Sophia- A woman she had went with to the temple of Salherana. Theo respects her.
Dravos- They had some drinks and played some card games.
Cyrus- Another Caparii who she had stood up for against a drunkard. She wishes to speak with him more about the old world.
Damon- Her mother's old friend. They had drinks once and wants to learn more about her mother from him.
Count Lune- Never got to speak with him mush but he did invite Theo to visit Astrum.

Laner Engem- Brother, ran off with his boyfriend somewhere
Nera Engem- Mother, adopted her and raised her as her own


Rook- a small baby owl that she had taken in after finding it in the Sorrows half dead. The owl is very nervous and shy, normally preferring to stay at home or curled up against Theo. Rook looks to be a dark owl and is very attached to Theo, normally snapping at others who get too close to her. Rook is still being trained to be handled but due to being a baby- a glove isn't needed to handle them.


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Lord of Altera
Theodosia struggled with her shield and blade as she set them down, going to adjust her light armor and helmet. With her large antlers, it was hard to find a helmet that would fit her nicely so she wore a skull mask, her hair tied up and the chains on her horns were gone. As the boat docked for the Sorrows, Theo got off with her gear and a large bag on her back.. A sinking feeling settled into her chest as her hooves touched the hardened dirt. Already the sun was setting so she’d need to find the reason she came out here fast for she could only defend off against the dead and whatever lurked out out here for so long.
The Caparii ran as fast as she could to where she was told to be, her eyes picking up the monsters standing by in the tree lines and passing caves. With time, they would slip from the darkness, seeming to converge on where she was running, some falling behind her and not bothering with the girl while others slowly shambled behind her, unable to keep pace. After some time, she’d see her goal. The only thing between her and the desert was a fair bit of water, nothing a swim couldn’t solve. As she started to wade into the waters, a splash behind her caught her attention, a skeleton with rotten flesh trying to grab at her. Quickly she grabbed her dagger, trying to slash at the thing to no avail. As she struggled an arrow flew past, hitting the dirt on the shore. The monster was distracted by it, turning to look as Theodosia took the chance to behead it. She gagged, quickly swimming to a hill in the distance on sandy land. The water the monster had been slain in was brown from it’s neck being cut in two.
When she stepped up onto the sandy beach, she’d quickly run up the hill. A figure stood there, surrounded by the bodies of the undead that had been cut down.
“Hello, my daughter-” Nera had turned around to reveal herself. Nera was old but still looked like she was in her thirties. The old goat stood there, a broken bow with a few arrows off to the side by her hooves as the ornate falchion she had was in hand. “Thought you wouldn’t make it.”
“Well, I am here but, couldn’t we have spoken in a tavern somewhere? Have a drink as we chat.”
“I like meeting here, it lets me see if you have been training and working out.” Nera smiled, trotting over to hug Theodosia briefly. “I do miss you but we can wait to catch up-” She said, clearing her throat. “I told you brother he can no longer pass down the Engem name…”
Theo’s heart sank and her jaw dropped “W-Why would you say that? He is more of an Engem than I am?!”
“He made his choice to be with /that/ elf boy. He chooses to stay with him.”
“So because one chooses to be with other revokes him of his name? His title?”
Nera snapped, looking to Theo. “He has his name, he has his title. Just with Loup around, I do not trust they would continue the Engem people like how they are meant to… Loup says his father was an Engem but Corvus was far from it!” She growled, her face looking more menacing than before. “Corvus had ruined my life, hell he ruined more lives than just mine! He may ruin me but- I will die before his bloodline is allowed back into the Engem.”
Theodosia held her head back, sad for her brother “I understand your choices Mother, but I am not fit to carry it on! Hell, I live in a dock city Mom. I live in a city!”
Nera looked torn at her words, looking away from her. “I still believe you are the only one to carry it on, my little bard.”
“Are you sure about this? After all you cannot take this back.-”
“Yes.” Nera flatly stated, not even waiting on Theo to finish before turning back to her, slowly giving her daughter, the cusped falchion a friend had made for her when she first lived in Lydel. “Theodosia, the day you became an Engem, more than just the name, the day you did your trials and passed, I knew you’d be someone to keep the spirit and lessons of our people alive.” She looked to her daughter, about to cry “Laner was meant to take the blade but he proved to me, he cares too much about a corrupted family than his actual family…”
Theo looked to her hand, grasping the handle of the blade and looking to Nera’s face. “Mother… I will accept this and tell your tales and many others. I’ll keep the Engem name going but, I’m going to make things better for our people and make sure they are better off than any Engem was before.’
Nera nodded. “Remember, we are warriors, we have a fighting spirit most others do not have. Carry it on-” She’d say, going to walk back to the boat, getting to the water’s edge before having her daughter call out to her.
“One last thing- Vermella and Silas are dead.”
“Damn gods, never have been any good to start with…” Nera sighed, stepping into the water.
“What of Vermella? What of that one Caparii you knew of? Please tell me about them again.”
“Sal. I was never a fan of her, Corvus and her were going at it behind my but she was kind to me other than that. She called herself Vermella’s high priestess, had met the god many times.” Nera said, heaving a sigh.
“Tell me about her.”
Nera turned to Theodosia, opening her mouth before turning around and moving through the water “Another day, my daughter, another day.”
Theo sat there, watching her mother go. She blinked, sighing as she saw her mother’s figure disappear before looking to her hand where the cusped falchion was. The blade was shiny, covered in dried blood of the monsters her mother had slain. With the sun coming up, the blood shined despite the blood, the hit was decorated in greens and teals as she tighten her fist around it. The Caparii felt a pressure on her shoulders she had never felt before as the realization of her family- no, who the Engem people were all hers to deal with.