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General Information

Character Name: Theodosius Hostilius Herennius
-Known as "Theo" by his friends.

Age: 24
Race: Human
Alignment: Lawful Good

Current Mood(s): Uneasy, confused, ashamed, bitter
Mental State: Normal, if a bit exhausted
Relationship Status: Taken
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Ideal Partner:

Religious Beliefs: He is liberal about others' belief systems, so long as they contribute to society and do not cause trouble, then he is happy to have them. While not devout, he has found himself praying more and more often to the Gods.

Regular Theme:
. (No he's not at all like King Robert. I just like the theme.)

Combat Theme:
Kingly Theme (Entrance):


Eye color: Dark Blue

Hair color: Blackish-brown
Hair style: Slight parting of the bangs, a bit silky

Height: 5 feet 8 inches

Weight: 170 pounds, mostly made up of muscle

Intelligence: Theodosius has a higher than average intelligence, but his mind tends to wander and go faster than his mouth- so he ends up making silly ideas. Like any human being, Theodosius can learn a skill when given the chance and the trust. If he were to be given a modern IQ test, he would be somewhere around the "Bright" and "Gifted" areas. However, he is often overshadowed by his intellectual, political and educational prodigy of a cousin, Ambrosius.

Scars: Scar on right cheek, near eye, where he was hit by an arrow. He rubs at it during times of stress, and it is now painfully raw and sensitive. It is not bleeding or vulnerable to infection, however. There are also a few scars from where he was stabbed in the sternum, hip, back and in the right thigh- during the same battle in which he was hit by the arrow. Multiple, lengthy scars from his flogging. Black and blue bruises from being hit with branches and accidentally banging himself on rocks while going on his penitent hike.

Voice: Aragorn but Italian
Skills and Talents

Military Combat Skills- 10/10- Theodosius is a soldier through and through. When surrounded by fellow legionaries, he fights with lethal efficiency.

Single Combat Skills- 5/10- This is Theodosius's weakness. While confident when attacking in formation, he suffers when alone. His biggest fear is that he may come across a foe wearing plate armor- and be caught without his morningstar. However, the Civil War has kept him on his toes, as there has been an increased amount of ambushes. These ambushes have forced him to fight one on one with relatively easy opponents- honing his skills somewhat.

Command and Authority- 7/10- This man shows signs of greatness when commanding armies in the field. He is stern and strict- and tries to emulate the leadership his forefathers once showed. Theo definitely gets things done, but his temper often gets in the way of his better judgement.

Leatherworking- 6/10- As he has worked with all manner of animal hides, Theodosius is able to create good sandals, boots, and somewhat sturdy leather armor. Emphasis on somewhat sturdy.

Rhetoric/Oratory Skills- 10/10- Theo has quickly mastered the art of word-smithing and is able to create a speech for any occasion.

Farming/Herding- 10/10- Theodosius's first job when overseeing Astrakhan was working in the fields and in the stables. From flax to flocks of sheep, he knows all there is about agriculture and cattleherding.

Building and Architecture- 5/10- While decent at creating blueprints for forts, houses, and other structures, he himself is unable to build. He much prefers people to do it for him- and understands that he should leave this kind of thing up to Alijol.

Medicine and First Aid- 5/10- Theodosius can bandage and clean wounds, create splints and set bones. He has observed the actions of Eastoft and other medical professionals and can use guesswork to treat an illness. Sounding like you know what you’re doing is helpful too.

Cooking- 2/10- Why is everything on fire?

Bonus Facts
1. Theodosius is deathly afraid of eels after he was served a cup of wine with their still snapping heads inside.

2. Theodosius can't stand beer or vodka- like most of his people.

3. Theo's dad once accidentally lit Theo's schoolwork on fire while testing the lanterns. When Theodosius (who was ten at the time) returned to his school with no work, his teacher flogged him- even after he had explained the incident. Theo's father found out and explained it to the teacher- but to no avail. So, Theo's dad had the teacher- at sword point- redo Theo's homework.
4. Theodosius served in the Ayrithienese army as a part of the Asrakosian contingent. He courted Queen Alijol for a bit, but the relationship fell flat. Once Ayrithien was usurped by a neighboring faction of barbarians, it was Theo who led a brash rebellion against the Chieftain- which ended in him getting an arrow just below the eye and having his entire family under the belief he had died in battle. While Alijol was adopted into the Herenii as the materfamilias, Theo still wonders if the relationship could have gone farther- though he holds no romantic feelings for her anymore.

5. Theodosius is prone to making puns to the point where everyone else in the room wants to hit him.

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Overall Personality: Theodosius is a commanding figure who adheres to his people's doctrine almost to the letter. While he is by no means a bully, he can come across as somewhat strict and frank with people, to the point where it may be damaging. Once, he was the swashbuckling, care-free black-sheep of the family. After his ordeal in finding his family, however, he has changed greatly- becoming a rigid man.

Theodosius is not unkind, and often gives more than he should to those he meets- especially the poor. He also believes that family comes first, and will not only give a relative the shirt off his back- but strangle their enemies with it.

Due to long-term trauma, Theodosius is a cynic and believes that whenever life looks up, something worse will always happen. As such, he celebrates little until he has secured his assets and made sure his loved ones are safe. He also understands his flaws very well- too well- to the point of being harshly overcritical of himself.

Theodosius also is incredibly protective of his friends and family. Violence or treachery against him or them will usually result in violent consequences.

He is now under the strong belief that he is not fit to be a ruler in the eyes of everyone else. There have been thoughts of giving up, but he knows that there would be no one to take his place. He has taken to solitude and long, sleepless nights.

Strengths (No order)

1. Intelligent
2. Keen/Diplomatic
3. Excellent orator and strong figure of leadership.
4. Kind and Generous

5. Cares deeply for most people. He has always demanded that the enemy's soldiers and henchmen are buried- though he will usually not be as merciful if they've personally crossed him, or acted as the ringleader.

Weaknesses (No Order)

1. Honest
2. Strict and stern.
Insecurities about his worth as a person, mostly due to his flaws and his scars. He believes he is not a good person, and is secretly regretting that he was born.

Short Term Goals (In Order)

1. Help Astrakhan through the plague
2. Kill the Snake Cultists
3. Marry Lucila

Long Term Goals (In No Order)

1. Strengthen the Dominion.

2. Help his family along

3. Find allies
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Relations and Background


Lucila Luciliax Lucilina II 1/2: I promised that would I survive, then live to marry you. Now I must fulfill the second part of my pledge, and I will do so with joy. I love you, I shan’t mince words or make some long-winded proclamation of my love to you; just know that I care for you beyond words, and that I will always be yours. You will not be the one who gets away.

Family and Close Friends
Queen Alijol Inkalla-Herennia (Familial Love)- "You are a true Queen- your mercy and wisdom far outmatches most people's. You are my friend and someone who can counsel me. Even though you're adopted, you're a full-blooded Herennia now. Gods, get better soon! I can't take seeing you like this! " BrownEyedGirl7

Dimitrius Hostilius Herennius (Familial Love)- “Gods, I couldn’t be prouder as a father; what an intelligent, upstanding young man I’ll be raising. Yet...I fear that I am setting up your future to throne correctly, and at the same time, I hope we can still play together as we once did; as father and son.” MrMine

Tacita Herennia (Familial Love)- "Oh cousin, you make me smile. Always the calmest of the bunch- stopping us from disaster- but always ready to crack some skulls if need be. You're probably the sanest out of all of us. Everything you've done is done with the utmost love and fairness. Use that spatha well, cousin! " AmparoCastaway

Antonides Hostilius Herennius (Familial Love)- "Dunno where you went. Sure could use you’d hate me for saying that..." Old-Seadog

Julianus Hostilius Herennius (Familial Love)- “Returned but not seen, where did you pop off to?”Sir_Arc

Queen Diamond G. Azerwind (Close Friend)- "Always a comforting- presence. Thank you for letting my people into the fold. I owe you everything." mokwar

Nonus Hostilius Herennius (Familial Love)- "I'm so happy you're back! I've always been so proud of your tenacity and willingness to help others, keep it up!" Maestroart

Vibiana Herennia (Familial Love)- “I failed you. I’m sorry I could not avenge you.” Joseph12Q

Leontius Hostilius Herennius (Familial Love): “Where have you gone, dear brother? I could use a hug right about now, as silly as it sounds.” AmparoCastaway

Violet Rittor (Familial Love)- "My halfling sister-in-law, how happy I am to see that you and Leo are alright. Please, rest. Let me handle the clean up." MelodyComplex

Carling Herennia (Familial Love)- “I’m happy to have you back in Astrakhan- things are brighter with you around, sister..” MelodyComplex

Arthur Ashenfall Herennius (Familial Love)- You have much to learn, but I believe I have an enterprise you may find to be of great interest..” Morbid

Markos H. Herennius (Familial Love)- "The horse-boy himself, huh? I should get started on a race track for you then..." MelodyComplex

Garrett L. Herennius (Familial Love)- “You have a keen mind for structure and engineering. I am gladdened that I have the privelige to help grow your interests. Just...please stop digging holes.” Galaxy

Cassia Herennia (Familial Love)- "My, how you’ve grown! You’ll be as beautiful and strong as your father and mother one day!”

Star/The White Wolf (Close Friend/Sorrow)- “You are likely now in the Underworld, in the Paradise of Heroes. But I still grieve for you. I shall take care of your stallion and safeguard the ideology you upheld in life.” ToastySpam

Citrine G. Azerwind (Close Friend?/Concern)- “We agree on a great many things, but I am concerned that your pledge to non-violence is becoming a detriment to your ability to fend off evil and help those whose only savior may be the sword. Do not misunderstand me; non-violent methods should always be the first option, but it is another to disavow violence even in the defense of innocents.” Samiwashere


Linden (Friendly)- "Citrine is very lucky to have a trusty friend like you by her side." RagingLunacy

Kam and Jerr'co Hakiaz (Friendly)- "You and your son are very lovable! I know how hard it must be to be among the few Earthspawn left, but you've forged a legacy for your race that I think will carry on for millennia! Thank you for everything. Your family came to my aid when I needed it and you attended my festival. I’m glad to call you a friend.." Kamaoe The Tottot

Thordil (Friendly)- “Your plan worked. I hope you approve of me.” Jazzper

Chieftain Tryg (Friendly)- “You were a good Hand while it lasted. Enjoy yourself and the peace- but do come visit when you have the time.” godfather1

Jhaeros (Friendly)- “You’ll come in handy as our Royal Smith. You seem like a good lad too, I hope we can talk more on a more informal basis.” Rang3r0wns94

Kyros (Friendly)- “Welcome to Astrakhan- you came in the nick of time too! Make yourself at home! We ought to converse more- don’t feel afraid to come and ask me any questions you might have.” shadow211121



Albion Godfrey: (Absolute Hatred): “There can only be one Caesar. Only one Basileos. I may not be perfect but I know that I’m better than you and your band of mangy dogs.” Paint

King Aemilianos and House Gaspar: (Absolute Hatred/Backstory Enemy)- "You have misled the Asrakosian people. Death to you. I will save Asrakos, and I will see your fleet burn- and you with it."

The Iskronian Council: (Absolute Hatred/Backstory Enemy) "You bastards may have been disbanded, but you still fucked my family over! I'm glad I found your little dwarf leader and cut off his damn head. If I ever see one of you louts come here with plans on rebuilding your damned dictatorship, then I'll do my very best to annihilate you!"

Background and Inventory
Homeland: Asrakos
Current Home: Astrakhan, Asrakosian Dominion.
Profession: Regent of The Dominion, Strategos of the Legions.
Inventory: Theo owns two hauberks and leggings of chainmail (one in OK condition, another in great condition, both of good steel), two concentric helmets (again, one in OK condition, another in great condition) with mail veils, two lamellar hauberks- one of leather and one of steel, leather gloves, steel vambraces, pauldrons, gauntlets, and greaves, and leather boots. He also owns an arming sword, kite shield, kontos, morningstar, and a goatsfoot crossbow (with around twelve quarrels). These were given to him by Brutus. He also owns a dagger and a stone-throwing axe. Gave his spatha to Tacita. He was given a ceremonial Kotir dagger and a decorative axe by Thyra and Eisa, respectively. A dagger forged by Thordil, bearing the family sigil, given to him by Tania. A brown, Asrakosian Destrier named Achilles, and Star’s white stallion.

The axe given to Theo by Eisa.

Theo's armor- except the chain reaches down to his sleeves. It's also a little less bulky than depicted.
For tools, he owns a wood-axe, leather tanning equipment, a saw, a hunting knife, and a mallet.
In his messenger bag, he carries a quill, a few ink bottles, a dozen scrolls, and an abacus.
In his rucksack, he carries a skin of water, two small jugs of wine, three loaves of bread, meat and cheese (all wrapped up in parchment paper) and a medical kit. The medical kit contains bandages, clean gauze, honey and vinegar, and a few splints. There are also sterile tweezers and stitching material.
On his person, he constantly wears a standard-issue military tunic, dyed blue. On formal occasions, Theo dons a white toga with a red stripe- signifying his military status as Strategos.

As Basileos, he wears the golden laurel crown.
He has a small purse of money that hangs around his neck, containing a few dozen coins and some radiants.
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A Gallery of Theodosius

Most of these images are things I pulled up from the internet and liked a lot. If someone has art of Theo, PM me and I'll post it here and tag you :heart:

Theo's current image from when he was 19- he has not changed much in appearance- though he has not been able to procure any lorica segmentata. From this guy.

A not very flattering painting of Theo (the painter did not get his image right at all) after the Taking of the Scourge Docks- in which he defeated some two hundred Royalist soldiers. On the left in the background, Antonides can be seen collecting a head, much to Theo's chagrin.

An ambiguous drawing made by Aurelius. It either depicts Arminius or Theodosius.
Credits go to here.

A beautiful boi made by the lovely Samiwashere

A decent likeness of Theo.

Something I found on deviantart. Looks the most like Theo.
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Hey were's Violet in there? xD

And also lowkey would think Theo sounds sorta like Ben Platt. was thinking maybe like- Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (the actor who plays Jaimie Lannister).

But then again, Theo also has an accent akin to Greek and Italian so...I'm stuck again.