Theodra's Little One || Hadley Bentlee


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Age: 18.
Gender: Female.
Race: Halfling.
Social Status: Freemen.
Sexuality: Bisexual.
Height: Much like a six year old girl, 3'8".
Weight: Nearly as heavy as a border collie, 43 lbs.
Known Languages: Common.
Homeland: Unknown, but Hadley calls it The Shire.
Current Home: The Rangers of Queensport.


Eye Color: Light, cerulean blue.
Skin Color: Porcelain white.
Shape of Face: Oval.
Distinguishing Features: Scattered, brown freckles along her high cheekbones and buttoned nose, dainty, small hands, and long, straight hair that goes to her hips.
Build of Body: Ectomorph and fragile.
Hair Color: Raven black.
Hair Style: Messy bob with split bangs, that clings to her face.
Posture: Board-straight.
Scars: Small whip marks on back, she is very insecure of.


Habits: Drinking tea, sitting by the fire, poking Reivos, and following Jaden around.
Pet Peeves: People ignoring her.
Trademark: Her "nod".
Demeanor: Hadley is closed-off, but she let's her quirky side show once she warms up.
Public Opinion: Hadley's a deer in headlights but is very sweet. People generally take sympathy on her.


* Loyal - Hadley swears herself to anyone whom she is willing to gain trust of, become friends with, or be under of.
* Determined - Hadley aspires to be the best Halfling that there ever was; this comes from the inferiority that her race faces.
* Obedient - Hadley is easy on orders; she does this out of respect for those whom she wants to impress.

* Polite - Hadley goes out of her way to be well-mannered and sometimes behaves too proper.
* Quirky - Hadley behaves rather silly out of personal amusement and the entertainment of others.

* Unpoised - Hadley struggles to maintain a straight-face; she is an open book.
* Oversensitive - Hadley tends to misunderstand a lot and just about anything can rub her the wrong way.
* Immature - Hadley regardless of how much she believes that she is self-disciplined or even grown up, appears childish in front of others.
Uneducated - Hadley does not have any prior schooling of any kind; this makes her prone to being incredibly curious and self-taught.
Anxious - Hadley is a bit jumpy and overreacts a lot to the unknown.


Occupation: Recruit for Queensport's Rangers


*Jaden Seeker: Deeply inspired and motivated to become a Ranger, Hadley has sought out for a mentor to prepare her. Hadley initially first met Jaden at the beginning of her journey for a better life. In her opinion, Jaden has a kind and wise heart, but he is definitely not to be messed with. Past events have proven this as Jaden lectured her. Due to Hadley's sensitivity, Hadley often tears up in front of Jaden, and it has been discovered that he has a soft spot for her as he tries to calm her down.



* Jocasta "Jo" Vita: Losing her older brother at 11 has left a wound that cannot be healed in Hadley's eyes. But one day in the Rangers's manor, a place that she calls home, a brilliant yet caring female crossed Hadley's path. From the very beginning, Hadley held onto Jo with a tight grip. She formed great trust in her rather quickly, and shortly thereafter, she came to acknowledge Jo as her best friend. Hadley because of this is well-affected by what happens to Jo, so she tends to be well-involved in her life. Even so, when Hadley sees Jo, her day lights up drastically. Jo tends to bring the best out of Hadley. As the two get to know each other more, they come to discover their mutual feelings.

Currently, Hadley and Jo are experiences the beginning effects of a relationship, being overly affectionate and touchy.


* Sir Reynard: Never has Hadley encountered such a caring, compassionate male besides her older brother. She cannot help herself but admire Reynard as a role model of Theodra. When they first met in the manor, she admittedly frightened by his usage of magic, but regardless, she found it entertaining. Not long after, her entertainment transitioned into curiosity; she followed Reynard one day where he shown her the ropes of prayer and archery. During this, she inherited the name, Little Hadley, which she specifically reserves for Theodra, but Reynard seems to have stolen a piece of her heart so she allows him to call her the nickname.


* Reivos: Upon meeting Reivos, Hadley was immediately drawn to him. Anyone who stands amongst a group of people is a potential friend of Hadley. In the early days, Hadley used to be quite a nuisance to the makani, always sneaking up on him and hugging him. Some people suspect this is why Reivos is so tolerant of touch, perhaps so. As far as their relationship goes now, Hadley views Reivos as her superior amongst the recruits of the Rangers and respects him.

* Lord Asero Crow: Some may view Asero as not an important person in Hadley's everyday life, but as of recent, events say otherwise. Hadley has a customer relationship with Asero. She is a frequent visitor of his elixir and tattoo shop. Her newest purchase is a flower tattoo that branches out on her back; each flower resembles a significant event, person, accomplishment, etc.


* General: From time to time, Hadley's competitive streak shows, but this is rare because it is hard to find people who match her.

"Weary of":

* General: Currently, Hadley is weary of those who oppose her journey into becoming a Ranger. These people are primarily those who possess authority.


* General: An easy way to become Hadley's enemy is to disrespect Theodra. Hadley holds her goddess in the highest regards, that anyone who dares to denounce Theodra has an "X" on his/her back.



* Branched Flower: This is inspired by growth. Each flower represents significant events, people, and accomplishments.

Weaponry: Bow and Dagger.
Wardrobe: Cloak.
Elixir: Healing Potion I.


The Death of Thomas Bentlee

Daily trips to the forest crosses Hadley's mind frequently. Her older brother, Thomas Bentlee, would take her when she was yay-tall and yay-big, so to speak. It was quite the special place to them, one full of memories. He used this as a source of education for his little sister; though, undeniably, it was time with her that was priceless. The relationship between the two was closely knitted. Though, there came a time where these trips came to an end. Thomas was now older and forced into work in order to support the family.
One day when Hadley was about eleven years of age, Thomas returned home shortly. He was dressed well and spotless from his job at the coal mines. In fact, Hadley thought her brother looked amazing and in good health. Being so young, Hadley never once thought about his mental condition; it was even a possible consideration. Taking her to the forest, Hadley thought that she was about to relive memories of the past times. She was thrilled and full of giddiness; she loved this. Distracted by euphoria, she did not notice her brother's sudden absence.
As her emotions died down, she looked up to meet her brother's eyes, but she did not see them. Turning around, she tried to locate him, but she could not. Cupping her hands around her mouth, she hollered playfully, "Thomas...! Now don't play games with me. You know I don't like when you do this." Expecting any moment for him to pop out of the bushes, she faced them, but he never came. He never scared. He never did.
Starting to now panic, she carried her legs as she ran into the forest, trying to find him. After what felt like hours, her muscles fatigued, so she slumped against a tree. She closed her eyes as she rested. Inhaling and exhaling, her nostrils flared as she smelt a musky scent. Unfamiliar of this scent, her eyes looked about, and that is when she found the source. It was her brother.
Her eyes widen a fraction as she was met by a state of shock. As it registered, tears brimmed her eyelids, threatening to spill. Just like that, she wailed. Her heart broke that day, torn down the middle. A permanent image of the hanging corpse would be forever imprinted in her brain.


Departing the Shire

Adolescent-hood, no one said it was easy, and Hadley was no exception to this. Devastated by the loss of their prized, favorited child, Hadley's parents fell into deep depression. It gradually turned into neglect of their now only child. Hadley grew up quickly as she took on responsibilities of the house and the family business at 13. Her family were butchers and tailors. She spent countless of hours at the farmhouse and the woods as she slaughtered and hunted the desired product. Then just before bed every night, she work with her parents on tailoring clothes for the locals.
After years of working night and day, Hadley finally at the age of 17 decided to leave. Her patience was dwindling, and her parents were not doing any justice for it. She no longer desired to put up with them. Family or not, she could not tolerate the abuse any longer. Her father's treatment towards her only worsen with time. First it was a slap to a wrist. Then it was a smack. Later it turned into a push. Finally it was a ... To make things better, her mental mother permitted it. Blinded by sadness and rage, her parents blamed her for their son's death because she was the last to see him. Unreasonable? Yes. But emotion is a strong, incredibly human sense.
Packing her bags, she took her leathered armor framework along with several sets of clothes, food, and essentials. She then slipped a dagger into her right boot and equipped herself with a bow. Hopping onto a horse, she rode off with already-gathered knowledge of the area where she navigated herself to Storm's Landing.


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Hadley Bentlee is now 17 to meet maturity. Though, she is still far immature; this is because of poor parenting.


Loyal Servant of Altera

* Hadley has grown in maturity, so she is now 18. As far as growth goes, she now acts less childish and is generally more calm. Yet, she is still emotional.

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