Theodra's Little One || Hadley Bentlee


Loyal Servant of Altera


Age: 17.
Gender: Female.
Race: Halfling.
Social Status: Freemen.
Sexuality: Bisexual.
Height: Much like a six year old girl, 3'8".
Weight: Nearly as heavy as a border collie, 43 lbs.
Known Languages: Common.
Homeland: Unknown, but Hadley calls it The Shire.
Current Home: The Rangers of Queensport.


Eye Color: Light, cerulean blue.
Skin Color: Porcelain white.
Shape of Face: Oval.
Distinguishing Features: Scattered, brown freckles along her high cheekbones and buttoned nose, dainty, small hands, and long, straight hair that goes to her hips.
Build of Body: Ectomorph and fragile.
Hair Color: Raven black.
Hair Style: Either single, french braid that hangs over her collarbone or worn down with a side part.
Posture: Board-straight.
Scars: Small whip marks on back, she is very insecure of.


Habits: Drinking tea, sitting by the fire, poking Reivos, and following Jaden around.
Pet Peeves: People ignoring her.
Trademark: Her "nod".
Demeanor: Hadley is closed-off, but she let's her quirky side show once she warms up.
Public Opinion: Hadley's a deer in headlights but is very sweet. People generally take sympathy on her.


* Loyal - Hadley swears herself to anyone whom she is willing to gain trust of, become friends with, or be under of.
* Determined - Hadley aspires to be the best Halfling that there ever was; this comes from the inferiority that her race faces.
* Obedient - Hadley is easy on orders; she does this out of respect for those whom she wants to impress.

* Polite - Hadley goes out of her way to be well-mannered and sometimes behaves too proper.
* Quirky - Hadley behaves rather silly out of personal amusement and the entertainment of others.

* Unpoised - Hadley struggles to maintain a straight-face; she is an open book.
* Oversensitive - Hadley tends to misunderstand a lot and just about anything can rub her the wrong way.
* Immature - Hadley regardless of how much she believes that she is self-disciplined or even grown up, appears childish in front of others.
Uneducated - Hadley does not have any prior schooling of any kind; this makes her prone to being incredibly curious and self-taught.
Anxious - Hadley is a bit jumpy and overreacts a lot to the unknown.


Occupation: Recruit for Queensport's Rangers
Mentors: Jaden Seeker and Reivos.



Lovers: N/A.
Friends: WIP
Acquaintances: WIP

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