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"She believed she could, so she did."

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|| Theodra's Little One ||

In the morning sky a rectangular, gray, sun-scorched blanket hovers over her, warding off her assailants.

Within her walls, she hides; midnight black locks drape her pale face and sunken eyes.

Unwanted light batters away at her pupils.

Grieving her lost security, she cloaks her emaciated body with the thickest, impenetrable, ebony

coats she finds.

Unwanted voices.

Unwanted experiences.

Unwanted thoughts.

Soft waves of a small tide breech her walls, gently like the press of a baby’s searching fingers.

The sun sets, the blanket stretches and thins, leaving the girl with an unfelt smile.

As the clock ticks away the night, she wrestles with shouting, menacing voices that haunt her.

Sometimes her inner thoughts are too much.

The veins in her eyes surface, not just red, but a deep, deep black.

As if demons torment her with the words, “It’s your fault that you’re like this.”

Streams of tears course along her cheekbones.

Assaulted by this truth, muffled sobs escape her throat.

She feels all her unwanted-ness closing in on her.

As a rooster crows, she tightens her coats around herself, hiding from the unwanted rays of light.

With the sunrise, waves of music skim her walls, slowly washing away her pain.

But her pain is her comfort, all she’s known for so long; she grasps it desperately.

But the musician continues to play; scales serge from high to low as if to tear her walls down. She tries to keep her walls from crumbling…

Delicately pressing his finger on the key, his music recalls her to life.





Age: 19.
Gender: Female.
Race: Halfling.
Social Status: Freemen.
Sexuality: Bisexual, mainly attracted to compassionate, patient individuals.
Relationship Status: Happily coupled with Gerard "Gerrbear" McIvy. (Jeroxia)
Religious Inclination: Theodra
Height: Much like a six year old girl, 3'8".
Weight: Nearly as heavy as a border collie, 43 lbs.
Homeland: Unknown, but Hadley calls it The Shire.
Current Home: Stoltfar "The North"
Known Languages:
Common (Fluent)


ENFJ Personality Type


! Loyal
: Hadley swears herself to anyone whom she is willing to gain trust of, become friends with, or be under of.
Tolerant: Hadley respects that people have opinions and is open to hearing others because she knows that she does not possess all the answers.
! Determined: Hadley aspires to earn Theodra's favor and will do whatever it takes.
Reliable: Hadley has a track record of staying true to promises.
! Compassionate: Hadley makes an effort to help people through being kind, caring, and willing to lend an ear.
! Confidential: Hadley respects anyone's secret and will carry it to the grave, unless it involves death or ill-intent.
Quirky: Hadley behaves rather silly out of personal amusement and the entertainment of others.
Altruistic: Hadley possesses an unyielding desire to do good and bring justice.
! Religious: Hadley devotes herself and life to Theodra and actively worships her.


: Hadley gets antsy when people or objects takes more time than expected to process.
*Idealistic: Hadley tries to see the best in every situation, and because of this, she believes that everything will work out in the way that she intended.
Blunt: Hadley bears the truth harshly, which can ironically make her appear insensitive; though, she is indeed very sensitive herself.
Oversensitive: Hadley tends to misunderstand a lot and just about anything can rub her the wrong way.
Un-poised: Hadley struggles to maintain a straight-face; she is an open book.
Un-educated: Hadley does not have any prior schooling of any kind; this makes her prone to being incredibly curious and self-taught.
*Poor self-esteem: Hadley's worst enemy is herself as she views herself in a harsh light.

* = Actively working to improve.
! = Actively portraying.

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The amazing... (Samiwashere)


Eye Color: Light, cerulean blue.
Skin Color: Porcelain white.
Shape of Face: Oval.
Distinguishing Features: Scattered, brown freckles along her high cheekbones and buttoned nose, dainty, small hands, and long, straight hair that goes to her hips.
Build of Body: Ectomorph and fragile.
Hair Color: Raven black.
Hair Style: Messy breast length hair left unbounded to tumble, sometimes put into a braid.
Posture: Board-straight.
Scars: Small whip marks on back, she is very insecure of.
Tattoos: Black cherry blossom with symbolic flowers, representing Sir Reynard (TheDeester), Jaden Seeker (CloakedReaper), Gerard McIvy (Jeroxia), and Theodra.

Habits: Drinking mead, worshipping Theodra, clinging to Gerry McIvy (Jeroxia), socializing with Segar Strand (French Roast), and hunting.
Pet Peeves: Being belittled.
Trademark: Her determination to please Theodra.
Demeanor: Quick to brighten the room.
Public Opinion: Hadley's a very strong willed Halfling, but she's far too soft to do any real damage.

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Mental Attitude: 6 out of 10, Hadley is fairly determined and strong-willed, but over time, she can suffer from dissuasion and insecurity.
Strength: 3 out of 10, Hadley is merely defenseless, and she'd be lucky to get a solid hit. (Relies heavily off of adrenaline)
Intelligence: 6 out of 10, Hadley is a swift learner and tends to pick up on things easily, she but lacks a great deal of knowledge.
Wisdom: 4 out of 10, Hadley is not the wisest soul out there, as she has yet to experience much.
Charisma: 8 out of 10, Hadley brightens the room and captures attention almost instantly.
Dexterity: 5 out of 10, Hadley can comfortably wield a bow and arrow as well as anything adequate to her size due to once being a Ranger's recruit.

Bow and Arrow
Hunting Dagger


Elixir of Healing
Elixir of Strength
Roll of Linen Bandages


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(Depiction of Gerry's (Jeroxia) Planar Projected Shadow and Hadley)


When it comes to love, Hadley spreads herself broadly, holds people close, and loves them for whom they are. Because of that, there are six different categories that define Hadley's love for individuals.

(Natural love for family)

Jaden Seeker (CloakedReaper) -
Lisbet Alden (Elz) -
Sigmar (Archbishop) -
Podric Flanders (Luam) -
Reivos (Niko)

(Friendly love for comrades and deep acquaintances)

Jack 'Tavernkeeper' -
Sir Reynard (TheDeester) -
Jocasta 'Jo' Vita (Blorbis83) -
Asero Crow (Electric) -
Jackdaw 'Daw' (ToastySpam) -
Segar Strand (French Roast) -
Ayda Ulamyar (Ayda) -
Lavendula Hydrangea Hal'Shink'maho (Cukie1) -
Salazar Dunn (Azur) -

(Casual love for children, friends, or even ... potential mates)

Garrett L. Herennius (Galaxy) -

(Selfless love for family and dear friends)

Jaden Seeker (CloakedReaper) -

(Longstanding love for mate)

Gerard McIvy
(Jeroxia) -
(Self-love for self-esteem)




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  • Added Acquaintance: Segar Strand
  • Moved Gerry from Acquaintance to Friend
  • Moved from Queensport to Stoltfar
  • Mentor: Jaden Seeker (Current Events)
  • Friend: Reynard (Death)
  • Added Acquaintances: Theo and Garrett
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