Thorne: The Open City.


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I've had a number of folks approach me about the current situation in Thorne, and I thought I'd both clear the air, and offer some... tempting tid-bits to interested parties. So, without further ado:

1.) With the death of Henri and most of his guard, combined with the fact that there was no line-of-succession or heir, Thorne is now leaderless.

2.) The city is heavily damaged. But primarily focused on the fields and the citadel. Most of the homes are untouched or only slightly damaged from debris from the damage to the citadel.

3.) The Blight, such that it is, has retreated from the fields, but most of the fields lie fallow.

Now, with the situation understood, Thorne is, essentially, an 'open city'. There is no law, and being a violent-rated region, consent is implied.

However, there are a number of interested parties in gaining control of the city, its vast agricultural wealth and potential, and its populace. As of this time there are around 3 pretenders to the Thornish title:


(Notice, these are OOC interest at this time, but no IC action has been taken at this time).

I'd also like to open up the city to any interesting parties, (both those listed above, and any others not listed) under a number of conditions:

1.) Anyone with any kind of IC claim, or with a reasonable excuse to claim (note, neighbors, ex-Anhald Empire lords, etc), or anyone with enough power (rulers of factions), may claim Thorne. Basically if you would have a casus-belli against Thorne, or could realistically fabricate and carry out a war against Thorne, this is for you.

2.) Taking control of Thorne involves simply marching into the town and setting yourself or someone else up on the throne.
a.) Individuals cannot simply climb the steps to the citadel and sit on the Throne, it must be a force and it must be public.

3.) Whosoever takes control of the city, ICly, shall have my full financial (read: rads), resource (read:quad-pocket), and moral support to rule. They may build and expand the city in whatever way they want, and I will attempt to provide them with assistance.

4.) I will still maintain OOC ownership of the city, but will not touch anything IC, up to and including: treaties, factions, wars, etc.

5.) The city's rating shall be up for debate, but I'd rather not change it based on my personal beliefs about consent.

Side-note: Those people without support, or without the appropriate power/claims to take the city won't really be considered. It wouldn't make sense for a farmer to climb the steps, sit on the throne, and claim it, much less for the idea to even appear in his head.


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Btw, interesting ideas for anyone crafty enough to pull them off:

  • You and a gang of thieves take up in the Citadel. You turn the city into a thieves den full of scum and villainy. The city slowly falls into disrepair.
  • A noble takes control of the city, joins an existing faction (likely de facto option)
  • A group of commoners take control of the city. They either set up a republic or elect a king from among their ranks
  • A master of one of the schools of magic sets up shop in the Citadel, the rest of the town lies dark and abandoned.
  • A religious cult takes control of the city. The city starts attracting people of an 'interesting' sort that worship the leader of the cult.
Dunno, spitballing here for anyone else interested.


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Just a note, I will be helping rebuild the city OOC. This does not mean that Art has laid claim to the city IC, it simply means that I already had perms anyhow, and wanted to help clean up.