Timothy Lydel


Lord of Altera
Age: Timothy has recently reached the comfortable age of forty-three.
Gender: Certainly male.
Race: A Halfling of less than impressive stature, he could most easily be confused for a child at a distance.
Social Status: He is largely unknown, a gardener of his own home.
Sexuality: Heterosexual.
Height: As a member of the illustrious Lydel clan, Timothy has inherited the short height, even for one of the people, of 3’ even.
Weight: Roughly 55lb.
Current Home: A small abode just west of Storm’s Landing.

Build: Timothy, as with most Lydel Halflings, is on the smaller scale of the race's folk. He stands lithe and short with strong hands and rougher feet. He seems like an outdoorsy elf has been shrunk down and stuffed into a child's body.
Hair: Timothy has a full head of copperish curling hair that reaches just shy of his eyebrows. He is often wont to brush the hair aside when it bugs him. A beard lines his jaw and a mustache his upper lip, it is unkempt and bushy.
Eyes: A deep green.
Skin: Timothy's skin may be clear of scarring and other markings, but the years in the sun toiling out in his garden have most certainly paid their toll upon him, wrinkles have begun to show his age.
Identifying Marks: His most impressive stature.
Appearance: A well to-do halfling of short stature and nonchalant dress sense. Timothy is most often seen wearing various earthy colours such as greens, browns and yellows. All in all he would often look like a well dressed, barefooted child with a strong air of self assuredance and confidence.
Weaponry: Timothy is tiny and does not particularly believe in violence anymore. He has no weaponry.
Prized Possessions: Nothing as of yet.
Hygiene: This halfling is one who wishes to be clean when they wake up, before and after every meal and just before they go to bed. He likes to be clean.

+ Honest + Hardworking + Optimistic +
+ Content + Food + Fickle +
Fears: Most things.
Intelligence: He knows what he knows and that is enough for him.
Languages: + Common +
Profession: Gardener.

Personality: Timothy is a rather typical Lydel Halfling, he has been raised to the folklore of his people and wishes nothing more than to live comfortably in a place that he may see things grow around him.
Religion or Cults: Shalherana.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.
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