Upcoming To remember the fallen 1/11/19 time to be determined


Lord of Altera
Those that perished under the plauge,those that fought against it you shall not have fallen nor have perished. To leave your names and souls to time but forever be remembered in her embrace.

Those that died from the plague the fallen masses who do not have names none can remember from the small child to the elderly man your rest shall not be troubled sleep with ease now in her embrace. Your body shall be lifted and placed under her protection so that none may disturb your slumber nor will you be forgotten by those that survive in the ages to come. Know now you rest upon the scales of the lady all to be judged equally upon your time in this world,moving on in death in accordance to what you have done in life, and that your resting place lies sanctified from intrusion.

Andre Ursae

Seeking preist or preistess of the grey lady to come and bless the new graveyard to protect the souls in it,and to visit the shrine held within it to she who judges and always, Let not your Judgement be clouded by materials or conflict in this life.​
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