Finished To undo the damage done [3:30pm EST 23rd of December]


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To slowly repair the damage inflicted by The Deep One, Korog's Sacred calls forth the best smiths to wield their hammers wisely, work with dignity and undo the damage done by The Deep One to tools, arms and armour.
The remaining smiths are called to produce nails for the repairs to be done.
Tailors and leatherworkers are called upon to produce clothes for the refugees whose own clothing has been reduced to rags. All stonemasons, carpenters, glassblowers, workers of clay and ceramics are called upon to wield their tools wisely as well, produce all required to repair the damages done by The Deep One's minions to buildings.


Priest: Thôrdil Bárúmur

Location and shrine: Sul Feir

Time: Saturday the 23rd of December at 3:30pm EST

What: Repairing damage done to tools, arms and armour, and the production of both clothes and building resources required to repair the damage done.

Rating: Peaceful and semi-private (let me know below if your char'd like to attend, so I can sort through it)

Kamaoe ShaolinPunk Edouard2000 Bartooliinii Lady Alec (I think MelodyComplex) etc.

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I might be able to make it. I have a fundraiser going on that day but as long as everyone shows up I should be fine

Also yes you're right. I do have a tailor xD


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Same time as Luam 's burial event. Otherwise I'd bring Mikhail. He is a carpenter, with some experience in stonework and masonry and whatnot with his involvement helping to rebuild Thorne.


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Ayda knows enough that she could help make nails. Not that she can do much else! But she can make nails.


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Ayda knows enough that she could help make nails. Not that she can do much else! But she can make nails.
I read that last part first, and misread it as "But she can make snails." so I was thoroughly confused for like a second c:


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1. Epic picture once again
2. I'd love to do some carpentry in RP again. Make sure there's wood available there and that I got perms and I can saw and hammer and do stuff for ya, turning logs into chairs or boards, piling them up, giving piles of RP items on the spot :)
Looking forward to this!
3, Mind adding this to the calendar?


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And I said that before a family member was placed back in the hospital. Due to going to visit them I will be unable to make the event. Sorry ;-;