Finished Together we stood, together we rise [3:30pm EST 6th of July]


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Thôrdil Bárúmur calls forth the faithful of Korog, Rahas, Silas and Vermella. They will convene in Aeroch Rimtar so that they may honour Rahas, Silas and Vermella and discuss religious matters if necessary.

Priest: Thôrdil Bárúmur
Location and shrine: Aeroch Rimtar
Time: Friday the 6th of July at 3:30pm EST
What: Prayer, talk, feast in the name of Korog and honouring Rahas, Silas and Vermella
Rating: Peaceful and semi-private (if you feel like you should be invited/allowed to be there, send me a message containing the who and the why)

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The other folk: Edouard2000 CyberChaosV2 Fronslin Heie UmbraSicarius
Staff: Lannis Solus Elz
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