Legend of Altera

"Gods, the pain ... it burns ... it BURNS!"

Carried by an elven lady, a whimpering patient finds his way to a small quaint medical facility in Storm's Landing seeking the most dire of help. The man has a severe burn the size of a Fuvurian Scale on his cheek, and is in much pain.

As the clinic seemed to be open yet empty at the time, a message was sent out to any healers or doctors who could be found to fulfil a single request:

Save him.

Not sure if mairinbaihn (the owner of the clinic) is active so ---
Mikhail is seeking medical attention for a couple of the wounds he sustained. Anyone up for some medical rp?

Send me a pm or put something down below if you are interested.

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I.. don't mean to be that guy, but pufferfish poison is a neurotoxin, not a Necrosis inducing poison, afaik.