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Given Full Name:
Birth name : Apple Albero [ Her first name is usual used within her friend and family circle. ]
Adopted name : Tourmaline G. Azerwind Marr [ Used for outside groups and formality ]
Tour | Ma | Leen

[ Little Red ( Ventare, Jerr'co ) | Tour ( A few ) | Goat ( humans mainly ) ]
Princess of Azerwind
Just turned 20 years of age.
Caparii - Lighthoof & Greathorn decent.
She knows.
Current Residence:
Though Mockingbay will always be her home, she lives by the road and the wilderness.
Sexuality | Marital Status:
Demisexual | Courting
Social Status:
Caparii Princess, High Noble
Current Status | Thoughts:
Learning. | Hunt down the bastard that shot Citrine.

158 lbs
Eye Colour:
A deep emerald sheen.
Skin Colour:
She's earned a light tan for herself, has a contrast of light pink mixed in due to her general fur.
Face Shape:
Round oblong shaped.
She is still thicker than her siblings and has grown muscle in her arms and legs. The girl bares a shape of a pear.
Hair-Fur colour | Style:
A natural red head, her hair and fur is the one thing that stands out the most about her and it generally quite wavy. The color is a slightly deeper and vibrant contrast of natural red hair color, recently received a haircut to which the length now sits just above shoulder line.
She stands almost to idle casually.
+ A scar on her left cheek bone and right side of her jawline
+ A massive scar running across her upper chest region
+ Several bite marks torn up her right arm and shoulder
+ Small cuts dotted about her torso, forearms and hands
+ A chip in her left horn
+ A cut of her right thigh
+ Lance stab on her right shoulder
+ Spear wound to her stomach.
Identifying Marks:
◈ Her blood red hair.
◈ The fact she's a Caparii in the Royal Family of Azerwind.
It's deepened as she grew, a hard stern tone lingers in her tone. The dialect can be identified as Spanish like.
Reference: Cristina from Assassin's Creed [ x ]

Tourmaline has a sassy quirk entitled to her personality. Having mellowed out in her aging, she has adopted a laid back attitude and learned how to control her anger.
+ - Done
/- In-progress
x - Failed
~ - Abandoned
Short term goals:
Train more. [/]
Learn more. [/]
Long term goals:
Regain and earn relations. [/]

She acknowledges Shalherana simply for the fact that her sister is her chosen. Yet she has always taken a favor towards Jax, as what was taught to her by Diamond.
Has grown dreadfully curious of Theodra [ Thanks, Lizzy Sophe ]

.:| TRIVIA |:.
Color : Taken a liking to forest green and light yellow.
Flower/s : Yellow tulips.
Pastime : Knitting, a hobby her mother taught her.
Food : None
Drink : Ale, still likes her coffee.
Place : The old mansion in Mockingbay. Primarily, it's garden.
Animal/Insect : The Praying Mantis
Least Favorite...
Color : Doesn't settle to dislike a particular one.
Flower/s : Doesn't settle to dislike a particular one.
Pastime : Doesn't settle to dislike a particular one.
Food : Sweets
Drink : Black coffee, ironically
Place : Doesn't settle to dislike a particular one.
Animal/Insect : None


◈ Obligate
◈ Insightful
◈ Protective.
◈ Efficient in Archery
◈ Daring.
◈ Heights. This is being worked at.
◈ Hotheaded.
◈ Ridiculously stubborn.
◈ Egotistical.
◈ Jealousy
◈ Fae [ Mother Tongue ] - Fluent
◈ Common - Fluent.
◈ Marrian - Fluent.
◈ Discurvien [ Azerwind Dialect ] - Fluent.
◈ Elven - Fluent
◈ Princess
◈ Apprentice
◈ Noble-in-Training

Peaceful or Violent:
Crossbow engraved with a mockingbird on it, a little-jeweled dragonfly charm hangs off of the handle.
125 Draw Weight Crossbow

Another Crossbow
See above

A recurve bow with simple decorative carvings [ x | carvings ]
60 lbs

Simple Knife [ x ]
6 inch long blade, resin soaked jute twine handle.

Two steel dagger [ x ]
[ Will add depth later ]

Arming Sword [ x ]
Total Length: 36.5 Inches
Blade Length: 30 Inches
Blade Width (at Base): 2.25 Inches
Blade Thickness: 1.8 mm
Point of Balance: 3.5 Inches below the Guard
Weight: 2 lbs. 4 oz.

Longsword [ x ]
Overall: 47 1/4"
Blade Length: 36"
Handle Length: 9"
Weight: 2lb 13oz
Point of Balance: 5"
Blade Steel: 5160
English longbow ( will get chart later )
Heater Shield
Combat Training:
( I'll get around to this. )
Archery [8/10]
{| x x x x x x x X x x |}
Training [7/10]
{| x x x x x x X x x x |}
Swordplay [ 6/10 ]
{| x x x x x X x x x x |}
Drawing and Painting [10/10]
{| x x x x x x x x x X |}
Cooking [6/10]
{| x x x x x X x x x x |}
Cleaning [7/10]
{| x x x x x x X x x x |}
Study [5/10]
{| x x x x X x x x x x |}
Social Skills [2/10]
{| x X x x x x x x x x |}
[ I need to sort this out more. ]
Sleeping Habits:
Has a tidy sleeping ritual.
She has a tight cleaning ritual.
Energy Levels:
Very high
Eating Habits:
She eats when she has to.
Exercise Habits:
Runs long miles regularly, especially up steep hills, trains.
Excellent. ..To some extent.
Unhealthy Habits:
She is simply angry.
◈ Red parrot - Elmo
◈ Rabbit - Honey
◈ Rottweiler - Hael
Owned Homes:
Carried Inventory:
Her weaponry and useful items. An elven silver locket.
General Wealth:
Carries a decent amount, not too much as to overflow her pack or in case of robbery.
◈ A music box made and gifted by Caramel [ x | song ] [ Spirit ]
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✥ Loved ✥
❧ Diamond G. Azerwind - Mother Gem [ x ] mokwar
Sweet.. Strange Mother, loved and missed.
❧ Idon Marr Azerwind - Father Gem Ddaug
Missed. Questions why he didn't mention his side of the family.
❧ Citrine G. Azerwind Marr [ x ] Samiwashere
She's like a second mother, but with a little more backbone. Loved. Even though she's often on the road, all Citrine needs to do is send word and she'll find her baby sister back home in no time.
❧ Jaspis G. Azerwind Marr [ x ] Kamaoe
She's around here somewhere.
❧ Agate G. Azerwind Marr Catena
He's around here somewhere.
❧ Amethyst G. Azerwind Marr Solar
She's around here somewhere.
✥ Romantic Interest ✥
❧ Joseph JoeJoe [ x ]
In truth, the time they've spent apart has left the Caparii to wonder whether they had both moved on. She has come to realize she hasn't and still wholeheartedly adores Joseph as she did when they were younger. She never truly understood how much she missed him until their unexpected reunion on that one evening. Despite having dramatically different lives, she will love him through it all.
✥ Trusted Companions ✥
❧ Linden RagingLunacy
The male kin is like a father figure to the Princess.. She enjoys his company and what little praise she gets from him boosts her confidence over a million. Has not seen him in some time.
❧ Fronslin Fronslin
..It has been grand to catch up with her adopted grandfather. A mage now.
❧ Aldren Lavilethorn
..Apparently fatherly, something to which the Caparii has never experienced before. It's nice.
❧ Lizzy Arretez Sophe
An old Ranger, Lizzy is a rare one to find from Altera's earliest days. After being taken on as an Apprentice from Alustrum, Tourmaline has felt their relationship as mentor and apprentice grow rapidly to simple bantering friends. She enjoys her company and practically goes everywhere with her, or her following behind.
✥ Good friends
❧ Ventare Seymour ShaolinPunk
Their friendship is.. interesting, a threatening snarky comment for a merry laugh. He makes for a great drinking buddy.
" Fucker, never change. "
❧ Veriswen godfather1
Has not seen her in some time.
✥ Friendly with ✥
❧ Memnoch Alexander Wise Vincentius
Surprised by his visit, he's young but reminds the girl a lot of herself when she was his age. His presence rare but a cherished one. Has not seen him in some time.
❧ Cymic Seymour Cymic_
Lots of shit talking about him, but to the girl, he is fun. Amusing. And a straight G. Would shoot an arrow on his expeditions again.
❧ Alustrum Godfrey Lavilethorn
She's known him for some time, also aware of his past relationship with Joseph. He's fun to tease especially if Lizzy is helping make fun of him.
❧ Ayda Ayda
She's only spoken to her occasionally, but the conversations often last and what great fun those turn out to be. She's friendly.
❧ Cloud Riverborn Jeroxia
Her cousin by adoption, fun to banter with, however a fool he might come across to her. But a good one.
❧ Tyre Jahin Tempy_
Tourmaline finds him incredibly annoying, and somewhat strange. She knows he means well, but the man manages to get on her nerves without even trying.
✥ Acquainted ✥
❧ Millin Baron2537
Citrine's fiance. He seems friendly, and one for good banter. She's glad her sister has found someone again.
❧ Jocasta Blorbis83
..This woman confuses her, how one can put themselves down so much yet have the tolerance of a spoiled five-year-old. Tourmaline hopes that one day, she will snap out of that, and quickly.
✥ Unsure of/Wary of ✥
❧ Arianne Bobert
..Saved her life.
✥ Loathed ✥
❧ Undead
Almost killed her.

✥ Feared ✥
✥ Forgotten ✥

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And I'll add you~

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