tuchii's skin shop (i want money)


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heya i thought i might as well set up shop here.

my name alia and i like to make skins! here are a few examples:

1532840790064.png 1532840802121.png

1532840765296.png 1532840775231.png

1532840827574.png 1532840838988.png

1532840895019.png 1532840904615.png

1532841190590.png 1532841198562.png
(this one's kinda old but i like the dress )
it only lets me attach 10 files

here are my prices

reshading: 3k
base skin (no clothing: a naked (with undergarments) base with a head and shading. ) - 3.5k
new outfit/skin addition ( new sleeves, new dress, new tunic ): 5k
full skin: 5.5k


1. Elz
2. Rossu (again)
3. tottot


999. arei, with his aika skin

ordering template:

in-game name:
written reference:
profile (optional):
picture reference:
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also 300 is extremely cheap for a full skin, especially of that quality. I'd recommend at least bumping it up to 5k per.


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Can I reserve a spot too?

in-game name: Kurzik
written reference: I do not know what this mean much. But basically I'd like a new outfit, her face/head is fine. However I have several references because there's no exact one picture to work with. I've attached one of her current skins, so the head is there etc. :)
profile (optional): https://hollowworld.co.uk/threads/melarue-lydril.40392/

picture reference:
If I could get something like this; [ x ]
But get boots over those like, leg covers, so she's not bare-foot?
Boots like these, and the colour scheme like this in some fashion; [ x ]
Additionally she won't have skin on show on her arms or anything - being a silver elf she tries to stay covered. : )

IF I can have a separate piece done I'd like one, but if no thats totally fine! Effectively I just want a new hairstyle so I can put it on outfits sometimes if she's not keeping it pinned.
Iiiif so (again, fine if nah), could I get something like this? (Her hair doesnt go too much past the shoulder blades down if thats helpful); [ x ]


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Would these open up again? I don't have the rads at the moment but I am interested in a base skin.