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Active Valtae Dur


Loyal Servant of Altera

Other Names: Tae, Tay, Val
Titles: None

Age: 27
Race: Forest Elf
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Linear
Current Residence: Astrum Isles
Relationship Status: Single
Social Status: She has no idea

Physical Appearance:

Height: 5'9"
Weight: She's not telling
Eye Color: Moonlight Gray (appears silver in weak firelight)
Skin Color: Lightly sun kissed
Shape of Face: Heart
Distinguishing Features: Wide birthing hips
Build of Body: Slender
Hair Color: Blond
Hair Style: Long and loose with occasional braids and always a flower of some sort
Complexion: Clear
Posture: Proper
Is Seen By Others As: Naive, innocent and maybe a bit uncultured
Scars: None yet!

Voice: lemmie get back to you on that


Likes: Animals, flowers, people, and natural places
Dislikes: Spiders, demons, alcohol, and Skraag
Strengths: Undaunted by blood, broken bone, and torn flesh
Weaknesses: Way too trusting and Naive
Fears: The death of her goddess after hearing what happened to Silas
Values: Life, trust, love, and Community
Education: Home schooled
Languages: Common, Elven
General Attitude: Kind, trusting, Eager to please
Religious Inclination: Shalherana

General Intelligence: I'd say above average? She's literate.
General Sociability: Wallflower to start but she does open up
Alignment: Neutral Good

Short Term Goals: Learn the language of the isles and get advanced healers training

Long Term Goals: Learn magic!


Wardrobe: Many dresses and jewelry, and one outfit with pants that she feels very hot in
Jewelry: Earrings at all times. Braided leather bracelet and a carved bone necklace

Pets/Animals: None :(

Owned Homes: One in Astrum at the end of a road

Carried Inventory: Food, journal, pressed flower, a smoothed stone with a depression in the middle and fish bones
General Inventory: Stuff for healing on the go, nail care kit, a handkerchief, a small sum of radiants

General Wealth: Who wants to know?


Illnesses: Anemia but eating red meat helps with that
Allergies: None that she's aware of
Injuries: None yet
Sleeping Habits: Shes a light sleeper
Energy Levels: High energy
Eating Habits: She likes meat! And seafood, and everything really!
Exercise Habits: She stays lean and as strong as that can afford her.
Memory: Could be better
Unhealthy Habits: She does chew on her nails when anxious
Drinking Habits: Wheatbeer if she must and only with people she trusts not to take advantage of her


Birthplace: A lovely little collective in a forest, as the firstborn her parents figured out what was needed though she definitely had her dad's eyes.

Childhood: Tae grew up active as all forest elf children do, Both her parents praised the great Hunt which she would have likely done as well if she hadn't' felt more attuned to the All Mother. With little more than a feeling that this was her calling; Tae perused any adult for information and was fortunate that her home had many learned in the way of Life and Healing. People would remark on her eyes, being an unusual grey color that bordered on silver when the light was right. It was speculated she'd be a stunning beauty as she grew much as her mother was.

Teen Years: When her little sister was Born Tae was already tending the livestock her clan raised to them healthy and was tutoring under the old doctor to begin her path towards being a proper healer. Ellothil was a squealing pale lump that scarred the rabbits but Tae doted upon her sister. Just starting to bud the hopes of the young men of her village for her being like her mother grew. It was at this time she heard of the Sisterhood, what they did, and the miracles they still practiced. While she didn't aspire to join the Sisters she held them in high regard and hoped to be worthy of her goddess as she grew.

Adulthood: Approaching this time of her life it was clear Tae was doomed to be a plain woman unlike her sister who was a far prettier child than her older sister had been. Following certain events she set off to get more training than she could at home and vowed she'd return a proper doctor and mage to help her people through the hard times.

Family History:

Past Places of Residences: None

Places Traveled: Various large cities in the Southern part of the continent.


Peaceful or violent: Peaceful as a follower of Shalherana

Weaponry: Steel Kris and Elven Longbow

Combat Training: Has some basic archery training. Knows which end of a dagger is the business end, which bones can be broken without causing fatal harm and where to hit to cripple attackers with pain.

Training & Skills:

[Insert listed of skills/talents/things they’re trained in here]

Other Trivia:

Occupation: Healer
Favorite Types of Food: Clam Chowder, all things spicy!
Favorite Types of Drink: Red Tea
Hobbies/Pastimes: Gardening, Stargazing and cooking
Guilty Pleasure: Spending a few minutes on a swing
Favorite Colors: Lavender, turquoise and moss green


Relevant Family Members:
She misses her mother and the comforts of home but Tae wants to make her proud when she returns
Father: While the healer will never know the joys of Theodoras great hunt she respects her fathers prowess greatly
Little Sister: She adores her little sister and looks for baubles to send home to her every chance she can get

( I Guess if any player really wanted to play the above they could?)

Romantic Interests:

Trusted Friends:
She likes Fronslin, more than most and feels safe confiding in him on the few occasions she has worries about the wider world.
Sugar: Something about goatmom and her Fluffy bab just relaxes her and Tae feels she cna go to the Caprii about her personal troubles.

Friendly With:
: Looks forward to seeing this Moor every day
Rai: A fellow islander and Lunes betrothed, nothing is dull when shes around!
Kopii: She identifies well with this tattooed elf!
Dravos Slynt: OH boy where to start with this one....
Kam Hakiaz: A nice Earthspawn with a litter. Tae does not believe she could handle such rambunctious and active babs but Kam seems to know what to do with the bundles of unnamed joy!
Kenna: One of the first people she met, She'll buy the woman's book when she finishes writing it
Leofaren Venna: A nice silver elf who looks great in purple, He reminds her of someone.
Joan: A Sun Worshiper who speaks Lav, Tae doesn't quite see why so many peopel take issue with her. She is highly tempted to speak the little bitof Astrom's language about the lass t show her what it's like to be confronted with a language that isnt your own

Loose Acquaintances:
An adorable human cook in Linlea
Lord Ichien Tekton: The Elder Lord Tekton, she does her best not to waste this man time.
Tania: A lass training to be a swordsman from Slyeanne
Andre: Strangest Councilman she'd ever met, not that she's met many
Veriswen: Their first meeting was unnerving but she's warming up to this well dressed and eloquent Moor
Voreel: Silent, always with Veriswen
Lord Lune Tekton:
The Younger Lord Tekton and more approachable fo the two. She hopes his nightmares get better.
Maelina: A new forest elf maiden! I hope you manage lustful men better than I.

Disfavored Individuals:
The Lords of Blackstone: Seeing a pair of grown men kill another in cold blood and then threaten one of her trusted friends tends to leave a lingering impression and never a good one


Wary Of:
You aren't who I remember... Everyone was right, you're awful.
Jhericho: Hella strong and bloodthirsty at times, Nice butt tho
Raven: Murderer....
Visage: Just no plz
Jaden: I'm not doing anything! *nervous sweat*

If' you've met Tae lemmie know. I know I'm forgetting a lot of people!
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