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You take what you get, you get what you please, better to die on your feet than live on your knees.”

A tall, thin and gangly human girl, not quite yet a woman. She has a square jaw and unkempt brows that are too thick for her face, and equally thick hair on her forearms. Her nose is large and seems to have been broken in times past--and yet--her gap toothed smile is charming enough to outweigh it. She has appalling posture and her nails are almost as dirty as her feet, the latter being clad in comically overlarge boots that she is known to trip in.

Currently: On Linlea, preparing for the expedition.

Full Name: ish-Vashti Kirmani
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Faith: She believes in the gods but does not hold faith in them in any sense.
Demeanor: She has a variety of conflicting outward behaviours (though they are in some sense generally childish in nature), ranging from playful and mischievous to a nasty spitfire. Not much seems to shake her optimistic attitude, angry outbursts aside.
Quirks: The girl has a knack for woodworking and seems to like getting into brawls. She possesses a great disdain for authority and will actively resist it, even simply for the sake of doing such. Talented in shooting off jettisons of inane questions. There is a small wooden container secured fast 'round her neck with twine, and she guards it closely.

Likes: Dyes, free stuff, mysteries
Dislikes: Magic, greylings, lawfulness

Harming or death of family members | The Entity | The Ashen Blight | Commitment | Responsibility | Growing old

{ - Not started } { + In Progress } { o Completed } { x Failed } { ~ Abandoned } { ! Passive hope } | by niah
[-] Return her dead relatives' ashes to the homeland
[o] Ensure her family is safe, healthy, and fed
[-] Discover her friend's secret
[!] Leave Linlea, permanently
[+] Learn to swim
[-] Learn to read
[o] Punch that Adam fellow

Notable Possessions
+ A wooden container-like necklace, made from a mangrove tree
+ An eclectic collection of woodworking tools
+ A set of leather bracers, pauldrons, and a chestpiece from Raalvara
+ One very nice quality blue coat, from Gilligan

Allergic to Routine
The Alcoholic
Lovable Rogue
Rebellious Spirit

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Hex Girl


Marital Status: Unmarried
Sexuality: Flexitarian

NPC family. She doesn't talk about them much. {x}

Vashti considers very few 'close' in any sense as she struggles to trust and fears emotional intimacy, platonic or otherwise. To be close is to be open and feel truly safe.
Virnaak: She is jealous and feels very, very hurt for a multitude of reasons. But, Vashti knows her feelings are unfair, and is keeping a careful lid on it: at least, for as long as she is able to. Still, she is undeniably crushed. | Vincentius {x} {x}
Raalvara: A maternal figure and companion that Vashti looks up to. Trusted. | Raal {x}
Growing fond or otherwise attached to other people is a difficult and confusing experience for Vashti, and as a result, she sometimes treats her friends strangely. Nonetheless, there is little she wouldn't do for them.
Gilligan: Gilligan reminds Vashti very much of her younger sister. Perhaps because she failed to protect her sibling, she feels the need to do more for Gill. She admires the traits he has, that Vashti herself lacks. | Samwych {x}
These people are thought to be funny, sociable, or otherwise likable. Good people to kill time with at the tavern, and/or are fun to annoy.

Leofaren: The man, as it turns out, is overwhelmingly kind. A very supportive figure, now, and Vashti's teasings will surely continue, though be more affectionate in nature. | Shankster
Ater: A partner in crime, certainly. | Magiik
Rian: Vashti regrets yelling at him, as she now feels quite negatively towards Idri. Maybe family isn't always worth standing up for. Too late now. | FrostGuardian
James: He's kind. | TheDeester

Folk who exist somewhere in Vashti's periphery, often as a friend of a friend, or are talked about frequently in her circles. Perhaps they frequent the same places.
Korchek: Vashti isn't quite sure that she trusts the man yet, but his ideas and attitude are appealing. She thinks he's hiding something. | Squidziod
Karn: Absolute gremlin, but a funny one. Still, he will be punted if he comes too close. | ironassassin
People are often unpredictable and Vashti doesn't like that. Mages, especially, are a bit more difficult for her to see as anything but potential danger just waiting to happen.
Niko: Meditation is still very strange to Vashti, but she thinks Niko is quite interesting and he has helped to somewhat lessen her fear of magic of the mind. Except now she is under the impression he can casually see into a mind without effort. | Niko
Kitrana: Vashti strongly believes that woman will bite her head off one day, in both a figurative and perhaps literal sense. She tries to avoid the Mistwatcher. | French Roast

Kopii: A mage with major issues. | Omikuji
Arianne: Fun mage. Pregnant people make Vashti uncomfortable. | Rossu
Andre: Broody mage. | UmbraSicarius

Some types rub her the wrong way, or she has had bad experiences with. Others, Vashti projects her insecurities onto and blames them unfairly.
Tania: Vashti doesn't really like the girl and finds her annoying. This is in part due to her issues with jealousy, and fear of being replaced or compared in Raalvara's eyes. | StarWillow2000

Joseph: He is associated with the Black Company and talks in a very pretentious manner. Also a mage. | JoeJoe
Jaden: Funny mage. Vashti is much more way of him now after hearing from more than one person of his past actions. She is especially upset about what she has been told about Jaden's past interactions with Raalvara. | CloakedReaper
Oskar: Stupid and soon to be dead mage. | Chados
Idri: She almost stabbed her friend for him, causing Rian to leave, and Idri then bedded with her other friend, and another friend: Vashti's object of affections, no less. Ow. | Lannis
Sadbh: The woman goes off about being excluded, and then does this. | Magiik

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