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| G E N E R A L I N F O R M A T I O N
Name: Veijashil Kevasn
Pronunciation: VEE-jaysh-ihl keh-VAH-sin
Name Meaning: “Sunshine” in Verba
Alias: Tiny Sproutling, Vei
Species: Nakam
Gender: Fehr (Female)
Sexual Preference: That is.. complicated. The last of her kind..
Age: Dakibek. Sixteen years.
Birthdate: 06/06/2016
Birthplace: She cannot remember it. Somewhere on in the Northern Kingdoms.
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Affiliation: None currently
Occupation: "Rebellious art student." Making a name for herself as a painter.

| P H Y S I C A L D E S C R I P T I O N
Figure: Veijashil is no stranger to food, and snacks when she is bored. It shows in her slight chub. By no means obese, but she has a visible paunch and isn't bothered by it.
Height: 5'2
Weight: Chubby
Fur: Dark black with highlights of brown. Striped and with grey underbelly. On the short haired side of fur length.
Eyes: Bright amber-orange
Distinguishing Features: Her race is startlingly standout. Many pieces of jewelry in her ears and on her body.
Scars, Injuries, & Illness: None currently

| P E R S O N A L I T Y
| Personality Traits:
+ Inquisitive
+ Stubborn
+ Constantly tests boundaries
+ Thrives on attention
+ Overly optimistic
+ Enthusiastic
+ Clever
+ Impish and mischievous.
| Strengths:

+ Artistic vision
+ Collector of hobbies, trinkets, items, stories, and people.
+ Sociability
+ Shrewd negotiator.
+ Fiercely protective of her chosen friends.
+ Knowledgeable.
+ A bleeding heart. Kind, although mischievous.
| Weaknesses:

+ Sheltered. Little concept of conventional fear, pain, or danger as a result.
+ Physically weak and unathletic.
+ Abandonment issues, and thus, overly attached to those that will pay attention to her.
+ Food
+ Foul mouthed when she shouldn't be.
+ Selfish and self-centered.
+ Selectively dishonest.
| Interests:

+ Everything. Literally everything. She's curious about anything.
+ Music
+ Apothecaries
+ Plants
+ Swords
+ Demons
+ Emberlarks
+ Art
+ Dancing
+ Stories
+ Jewelry
+ Festivals
+ Money
+ Cultures
+ Everything. Literally everything.
| Fears:

+ She fears constantly for her mother. Fears people will hate her. Fears people will put Tzemik away. Fears what her mother can do to people. Fears that she'll be the reason Tze loses it.
+ Fears being responsible for someone's death.
+ Never finding anyone that will love her, outside of her mother. Vei does not want to be alone, and does not like being alone.
| Religion:

+ The Naklefam
+ Loose awareness of others, but not a devout regard for any of them.


| I N T E L L I G E N C E
| Languages:
+ Verba (Fluent)
+ Ludkava (Learnined to read and write in Ludkava before any other language)
+ Tra'deh/Common (Leanred from living in the world)
+ Marjarsh (Picked up from Ater)
+ Elven (Learned from Elwyn)
| Education: Her mother is the headmaster of the Hydra Accord, so its fair to assume this little one is highly educated. Tzemik spent a great deal of time and effort teaching Vei as they traveled and as they stayed in Skyreach and Compendium.

| P O S S E S S I O N S
| Special items:
+ A leaf she likes to keep with her. It is old and surprising has never decayed.
+ A glass jar that contains a feather
+ Paints, dyes, brushes, and other tools she needs for painting.
+ Travel bags, with supplies and rations.
| Clothing:

+ Tzemik's old poncho
+ Various dresses { Example } { Example }

+ Sarong style skirt with shorts underneath. A decorative cloth she ties and wraps around her chest, with a long flowing vest. Heavily influenced by her Sooleran friend, Ater.
| Jewelry:
+ Many, many earrings.
+ Decorative arm bands. Various styles, metals, and embellishments.
+ Various necklaces, beads, and strings of gems.
| Pets:


| S K I L L S & T R A I N I N G
+ "Her days have probably been filled with arithmetic, music, literature, farming, cooking, and hand to hand fighting." - Michcat, on the way Veijashil's childhood was spent.
+ Painting. How to make canvases, paints, dyes, brushes, and how to use them. She has a good eye for painting and is decently talented at her craft.
+ Sculpting. She can make some passable clay sculptures, but she is not yet at the stage where she would be comfortable trying to sell them.
+ Haggling. She started at a young age and has only gotten more fierce. It's a game for her. She could likely get as much money as she needed from her Mother, but likes to see how much she can swindle on her own.
+ Cooking. Oh, Veijashil can cook. She can cook a feast if she needs to. She learned from Ater, and enjoyed getting the compliments on her cooking from Tzemik.

+ Education. She is immensely educated. Sometimes with the way she jokes and carries on, you couldn't tell. But there is quite a bit of knowledge behind those orange eyes.


| R E L A T I O N S H I P S

(Using the idea from Tzemik's profile to use 5 words to associate or describe)

Tzemik Kevasn - "You are my sunshine and I am yours."
Naelwyn Talreyn - "I appreciate all the time that we spent together when I was young."
Ater - I miss you, Ater... I miss your food, especially.
Elwyn Seeker - Where have you gone, I wonder?

Idri - "This is Idri, my profoundly disappointing friend."

Gilligan: "A friend to Ater is a friend of mine. Hello."


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