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Lord of Altera

General Information:

Name: Ventare Seymour
Other Names: Ven, Darky, White hair, Priest.
Titles: Prinsinn of Sangria, Apostle of The Grey Lady.

Age: Appears to be in his early 20's.
Race: Moor Elf
Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single
Marital Status: Not
Height: 6'1
Weight: 175lbs

Current Residence: Halbed, owns properties in Linlea, Linistel and Mockingbay.
Homeland: Who knows?
Social Status: Royal (Prince)
Profession: Master Smith, Priest of the Grey Lady and a Prince.

Date of Birth: Unsure.
Date of Death: Still alive. Though technically died once but was revived via CPR.

Physical Appearance:

Build of Body: He has a strong and lean build, though he his heavier than the average elf due to his lifestyle and genetics.
Hair: Light grey nearly white, kept at a medium length with the right side shaved due to scars, kept nicely, it is often plaited up when going into a fight.
Eyes: Purple
Complexion: Riddled with scars from many an adventure
Distinguishing features: The deep scars running across the right side of his head.

Appearance: Looks well kept and relaxed almost all the time, seems to be observing most everything around him.
Hygiene: He keeps himself clean, bathes often even when working the graveyards in the Lady's service.
Posture: Stands straight-backed and tall with good posture.
Voice: Low and a little gritty, he speaks common like a moor pirate, not caring about the language enough to perfect it. His Mok'yra is well refined.

+Small one on left eyebrow.
+A long thin one up his left forearm.
+A long thin one running up his right jaw line along his cheek.
+Many scars from bear claws up both forearms (defensive)
+Bear bite on left arm.
+Scars from a bear claws on his chest.
+Deep set of scars from wendigo claws being raked across the right side of his head, causing loss of hair in the area (usually shaves that side now).

+A White Kraken going down the back of his right shoulder [X] (original from internet) [X] (Inverted one to give a sense of colour) by Arianne (Bobert)

+None currently


Personality: He seems to be rather friendly and is often flirtatious. Though if you observe him long enough you'll see that he is taking in everything around him and is rather perceptive. Since his worship of the Grey Lady progressed to a much deeper level, becoming one of her blessed he can be much colder now and if you get close enough his intimacy problems are evident.
Religious Inclination: He is a blessed of the Grey Lady and is an Apostle in her Ministry.
Alignment: N/CN

Likes: Watching people, talking to people, drinking, fighting, sweet pastries.
Dislikes: Tea, idiots, small children.
Strengths: Perceptive, lean, ambidextrous, can see well in low light, can hear well. Has been perfecting the ability to see past his emotions and judge events as the Lady would.
Weaknesses: Eyes are sensitive to changes in light, ears are sensitive to loud noises, you can figure the rest out yourself.

Phobias: Isolation.
Addictions: Alcohol (he has vastly recovered from this)
Allergies: None found yet.
Sleeping Pattern: Sleeps well nowadays.
Temper: Calm near neutral
Sociability: Very.

Intelligence: Quite indeed.
Writing: Can write well.
+Mok'yra (native)
+Common (fluent)
+Eark'zian (some)
+Elven (knows very little)
+Fae (can read a little)

Short Term Goals:
+ Perfect a neutral view upon situations, disregarding emotions when it is called for.
+ Finish his religious text on the Grey Lady.
+ Teach all he can about the Lady.
+ Finish Halbed.
+ Gather more smithing orders.
+ Redacted

Long Term Goals:
+ Find out IC




Temperment: Does not engage unless necessary and is cautious about taking life unless it is needed.
Weaponry: Favours a longsword or poleaxe, can use most weapons effectively.
Training: Extensive with various knights within Sangria.


+ Smithing (Master)
+ Combat (Proficient)
+ Medicine (Knows enough)
+ Alchemy (Healing related ones)
+ (more when i can be bothered)


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Lord of Altera
You know, I was strongly considering having Veriswen pretend to be interested in Tav instead of Ven for a bit just to mess with him. But then she decided she doesn't want to risk getting her face punched :heart:


Lord of Altera
You know, I was strongly considering having Veriswen pretend to be interested in Tav instead of Ven for a bit just to mess with him. But then she decided she doesn't want to risk getting her face punched :heart:
Tavia is too chill. A 17 year old girl got her bodyguard to ask tav if she would bed her. Tavia was just like "I'm flattered..?"