[Video] I've Been Everywhere

I am Wake

It took a lot to get here
I've never known a person as talented, experienced and amazing as Piratep00f . The fact he traveled to England to meet me-- the fact he allowed me to cross the sea and shared company with him- it still makes me dizzy to think about to this day.

This is absolutely fantastic- a song to listen to while Roleplaying for certain :D

I love you, P00f, man.


Nominate Me For A Nobel Prize
Retired Staff
Very well done. And thanks for featuring Veraci, even though we're not open for RP yet ;)


The Talking Pizza
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That was so incredibly fantastic that I expected it to be Tide Ad.

Great job POOF, absolutely great.


Legend of Altera
Wow... just wow. The amount of work (and walking) this must have taken astounds me. Massive thumbs up from me mate!


The Artisan
I am positively /amazed/ at all of your kind words. My heart started beating faster and faster after each next comment being as friendly as the one before. Thank you for your support !! I can't believe it :)