[Village] Kavdu - In Construction


Lord of Altera
"Second Home"
Kavdu will be a reasonably sized settlement in the north-west of Altera, sitting between Korog's Standing and Grafjell. Most if not all of the structures will be located on the biggest, central island at coordinates: x- 545, y- 65, z-3730.

The settlement will act in very much the same way as Kavdam did, hence "second home." It will provide a safe area for any Nakam and friends of the Nakam to live in and will hopefully become a rich zone for roleplay that anyone can participate in!

The region is owned by myself and @VanquishedVyre (Rygan)
How to Get There
There is currently no dockmaster or docks located on the island as of yet (this is being worked on). The quickest way to get there (and it's not very quick) is to sail in a boat from Grafjell and then set a home once at the site.
Want to Help?
If you're a good builder and you have some time on your hands then let me know in the comments below and I'll add you all to a private conversation containing rough construction plans along with other things.

If you have supplies that you'd like to donate then the same thing goes, leave a comment!

Region Members
- @Myself
- @VanquishedVyre
- @Michcat



Do You Not Have Phones, Though?
Retired Staff
I'd love to help, but I'm not sure how feasible that is due to expansion in Tambry and some IRL changes in my life. Perhaps in the future we could donate supplies or a bit of radiants.