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General Information:
Underwood is a village hidden away in the forest. This village is mainly a Caparii village, as it houses the new Caparii Alliance, though anyone is free to join. The culture of Underwood thrives on the knowledge of nature. They are best known for their large variety of game, amazing fruits and vegetables, and their large exports of lumber and herbs. If any of you wish to join, please contact me in a PM or on this thread.

Current Members:

Sycamore - Alliance leader

Occupations and openings:
The members of Underwood have a few main day-to-day tasks. Hunting, farming, leading, and medicine. Each Caparii/member is sorted into the job that fits them best. They are taken on by a master of the trade to train them in their chosen work as an apprentice.
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Screen shots:
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Affiliations and alliances:

Caparii Alliance - Residing in Underwood

Possible alliance with Valerius? - Electric



Everyday lifestyle:
The midori have a few main day-to-day tasks. Hunting, farming, leading, and medicine. Each Caparii/member is sorted into the job that fits them best. They are taken on by a master of the trade to train them in their chosen work as an apprentice.

The life of a hunter is most commonly chosen. The Midori thrive on hunting in their home forest, catching all kinds of game. Deer, elk, rabbits, you name it! Their smaller, more lithe frame allows for stealthy attacks on their prey. As a hunter’s apprentice, the trainees learn the arts of sneak attacks, weapon creation, skinning, buturing, and how to fight, as the hunters also defend the village from invaders. Accomplished hunters gain honor and fame throughout their home camp. Hunters are revered as brave and worthy members of the camp.

Those who choose the life of a farmer, also choose the life of the trade. As a farmer's apprentice, the trainees are taught how to till the land, plant the crops, keep them up, and harvest them as well as how to sell the goods they grew themselves.After the long months of growing the food is done, the farmers gather the goods and take them to nearby towns and villages to sell the fruits and vegetables to the highest bidder. Around the camp, members hold them in high regard, as they feed the whole village. But outsiders find the Midori traders suspicious, as some try to cheat their customers into buying bad fruit.

Leaders are revered as the most important members of the camp. Only a select few are chosen to be a leader of the camp. As a leaders apprentice, the trainee learns how to make choices for the camp, deal with political parties from outside territories, and negotiate deals when needed. Only five members are elected to lead the entire camp, as a difference in opinion could be of use. The leaders have meetings every few months to discuss the well-being of the town, their outside business, and anything else that might apply to them or affect the camp in any way.

If one chooses to learn the art of medicine, they are brought to the main physician of the camp to begin training. The apprentice learns how to create specific medicines, learn how to access a condition, how to help that condition, and how to apply their knowledge to help the situation. Physicians also hold an important stance in the camp, as they keep everyone healthy. Like the farmers, they also know about herbs and nature around them. They usually hold their own main hut where they store all of herbs, rubs, liquid medications, and tools. Another unique thing about the physicians is they live in the physician hut. They have their own little back room where they study and write.
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The people of Underwood call themselves they Midori. They hold a few different beliefs about the world around them. First off, they try to keep the nature around them preserved while still using it as they need. They export plenty of lumber, but for every tree they cut down, they plant a new one in its place. Only a certain number of trees are allowed to be chopped in a specific time slot, so as not to loose to many trees at once.

Second, they also believe that certain trees are sacred and shouldn't be touched. Willow trees, also known as Yanagi, are never to be touched. The Midori believe that the Yanagi are alive and on one day every year, they walk around the forest, and if are found, the finder is allowed a single powerful wish. If any are cut down, the chopper will be punished.

Thirdly, they believe in the strong bonds between family and friends. Loyalty is the most sought after trait in any member. Extreme loyalty is looked on with pride. Family and friends are put before almost anything else.

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They import wood?

Seems an odd thing to do if you live in a forest.

Dig the overall Druid feel of this place.


Hi there! I have a wandering Caparii character that comes from a small community somewhere I haven't yet specified. Is it alright if I use Underwood as a sort of reverence point (ex. The community was nearby, but not necessarily a part of, Underwood)?
Also, would my character be welcome to visit and maybe work in the area?


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If i'm not mistaken, Underwood was a Caparii village in the Northern Kingdoms. The Northern Kingdoms are now mostly under the sea..
There is most likely a small Caparii village floating around somewhere though. Perhaps Gilligan knows of one.