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Upcoming [Violent] +Expedient Expedition+


Lord of Altera

"Those that wish to venture alongside the Kingdom of Sangria into a peculiar cavern, presumed dangerous and set in a freezing tundra, seek out Fenric Varkious."

When: TBD
Where: North-West Tundras. Fenric has a map IC
Classification: Presumably Violent

Fenric Varkious has sent Sangrian regiments to set up camp outside the cavern, and watch the entrance for peculiar activity.
-Fenric Varkious Colonelgames
-King Cymic Seymour Cymic_
-Kam Hakiaz Kamaoe
-Ventare Seymour ShaolinPunk
-Julianus Sir_Arc
-Star ToastySpam
-Egil Kala EatYurCookie
-Jhaeros Rang3r0wns94
-Asero Crow Electric
-Vorar Baron
-Tourmaline Azerwind Ruu
-Ronn Holztorc SirLuamTehDoge
-Arianne Bobert
-Joe Wandering Ranger
(Gonna cap the party here!)
If you wanna schedule RP with Fenric, just shoot me a convo on the forums and we'll figure out a good time to get together.​
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