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[Violent] The Rogue's Hearth, Gambling Hall


Lord of Altera
Lots of updates.

-Palaceades up,
-one of the 4 roads built. southward
- Outer buildings started
- Sewer and cesspool built

Easy to see from DYN map here
This is soooo cool :D
Now all you need is a river terraformed there.
And call it the Hudson.
Ya can't have shady business without the Hudson River involved...


Ring-a dingding
Retired Staff
Ocasonaly Im going to post in this thread with information about happenings within the town, Examples might be bouts of sickness, IC trade needs, Weather events. Anything that might effect the RP of players in the town. I'll post one here in the comments and the most recent will be under the name in the OP.

After weeks of lumbering, pulling all it's
resources and importing the palisade walls are up and Rogue's Hearth is hungry for both wood and coin.


The Shadow Admín
Staff member
Im leaving the server for a good wile. RH has been left in the care of BoredBrit

Its up to his fancy what to do with it. Love you guys. Thanks for a solid 3 years
Really sorry to hear this Bal. You were tons of fun to RP with and DMed all of what I would consider my most enjoyable events I participated in. From Azerport reclamation to fighting pirates n sharks it was fun man.