[Voting] Constellation Contest

Which is your favorite? The winner will be added to the official lore section!

  • Umbrella

    Votes: 27 40.9%
  • Scooter

    Votes: 20 30.3%
  • Racecar

    Votes: 7 10.6%
  • Table

    Votes: 12 18.2%

  • Total voters


Secretly Elz
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Now is the time!! The entries are in! We have four amazing entries and I am excited to see which one wins! To refresh your memory, these were the Constellation names to choose from and the qualifications:

  • Choose 6 - 8 Constellations
    • Korog's Hammer
    • The North Chalice
    • The Crone
    • The Dancers
    • The Sisters' Tree
    • Sxoki the Farmer
    • Eye of Silas
    • The Silver Crown
    • The Great Bear
    • Grief
    • The Spider
    • King's Cross
    • Draco
    • Jingles
    • Pilgrim's Path
    • The Portal
    • Gryphon's Wing
  • Using your artistic ability and creative minds, create individual representations of each of the constellations that you have chosen
    • The Constellations need to look like they are part of a matching set. So backgrounds and style must be similar for each.
    • They must be separate images and not one large image with eight constellations on it
    • The name of the constellation must be written somewhere on the image
    • Make 'em stylish ;)
  • Submit your entries to NIAH and Solus via forum convo
  • Once the deadline is up, we will post a public voting thread to choose the winner!
    • The winner will be decided by a poll on the thread.
    • The artists names will not be revealed, to protect anonymity.
  • The winner's constellation artwork will be added to the official Astronomy page and a radiant reward given to partcipants.
    • 1st Place - 30,000r and artwork added to the lore page
    • 2nd Place - 10,000r
    • 3rd Place - 5,000r
    • Every artist who enters, even if they do not win, will receive 1,000r for participation.
  • Deadline for entering is February 14th.
  • Voting will take place and winner chosen on February 18th.

Look through the following posts and decide. I have given each contestant a codename, to protect the artist's identity. I don't want this to be a favoritism or popularity contest, so when you vote, match the codename with the art you're voting for.

Voting ends February 18th
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Secretly Elz
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Please do not leave any comments on this thread. I cannot lock it and the poll remain open, so please no spamming replies.


Secretly Elz
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Voting ends tomorrow at 10:pm EST. Could be a toss-up between Umbrella and Scooter with some last minute voting!


Secretly Elz
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Hour and 15 minutes left. Looks like there's a big lead, but maybe another can close the gap before time is called?


Secretly Elz
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Congratulations to our winner!

Sailing_Elf has scored 1st place in our contest!
Solus coming in right at 2nd!
Piratep00f snagging 3rd!

A great thanks to BrianAT16 as well!

Radiants will be awared and screenshots dropped into each of your convos. Over the next week, the Astronomy post will be updated with the beautiful art!

Thanks to everyone for participating !