Lord of Altera

By Order of the King Axex Hawklight and the Crown Prince Drake Ferreum Hawklight, on
behalf of the Kingdom of Hierax, the following is now demanded of the individual known as the "Blanket Thief".

For crimes against the citizens of the Crown, it is demanded they stand trial
within Blackstone under the authority of the King's Justice.

On the eve of Blessday, 12th of Springrise, 2293, an unknown individual stole a purple wool blanket from Leroy McAldoy, leading to his untimely demise amidst a snow storm.

The trial will be held in accordance with the laws of the Kingdom.

Failure to submit themselves to the King's authority within reasonable time-frame will result
in a bounty upon their heads, forfeiture of their right to fair trial and the stripping of their
rights regarding personal security.

We Remain, We Remember.



The Artisan
this sounds like when you haven't learnt for your exam. So at the exam, you say someone nicked your pen and instead of asking the teacher for a new pen you just go: "I can't make my exam cause I don't have a pen so I want a re-exam."
Dunno if this makes any sense but the story about the blanket just came across like that in my head ha