War Review


Legend of Altera
Seeing as i am dead as dead can be, i got a different more neutral perspective on the event. And here's some of the things;


The staff did an extremely good job on keeping things organized and kept everything to the point and i did enjoy watching it from the top floor. Everything went smoothly and nothing went wrong. (The port looks amazing!)

The fight itself;

I found it. . .a bit strange because of the fact that the god of war was stupid enough to simply charge into the place where the corrupted are stronger than anywhere else without any set plans or goals as to what they are going to do except for the "LEEEEEROOOOOOOY JEEEEEENKINS" plan. Which i found was. . . slightly disappointing. Although the fight was interesting, the outcome was predictable, a rabble which had no co-ordination or any idea of what to do other than try to win glory!

But in general, the setting was amazing and the fact that everything went so smoothly



Lord of Altera
I really liked how the event went. The disorganized crowd was because, well it was disorganized and it was a good representation of how we were.

I hope this will be a wake up call to take the corruption seriously. And as much as i loved the event, i would have liked if it was a bit more clear what was going to happen, as i would have brought actual combat gear instead of looking cool gear.

The effects were nice, and i really like how PS and the surrounding area actually changed.

Overall, 8/10