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Active Warren

Discussion in 'Character Profiles / Journals' started by Elt, Jun 12, 2017.

  1. Elt

    Elt Legend of Altera

    Character Name:
    Eltsir Alcantra
    In-game Town/City:
    (Credits to vielmond.)
    Current Thoughts: "... Oh dear God."
    Name: Warren
    Full Titles: None
    Nickname/Alias: None
    Reason for Name: N/A

    Age: 16 years.
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Social Status: Peasant
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Height: 5'8” | 172 cm
    Weight: 135 lb, 61.2 kg
    Date of Birth: 7th Day of Sunbright
    Date of Death: N/A
    Current Home: Queensport
    Homeland: The Northern Kingdom
    Profession: Gate guard, sort of.

    Build: Lean, with a solid bit of muscle built from training and fighting. His arms are long, shoulders broad.
    Hair: A muddy sort of brown.
    Eye: A mild tone of blue.
    Skin: Fair.
    Identifying Features: Nothing in particular.
    Appearance: He comes across as either of the things he is: a young guard, or a foolish boy.
    Usual Attire: He can’t afford much clothing, and tends to wear his ragged tunic and trousers with a thick burlap cloak; that is, if he’s not wearing his armour.
    Accessories: The scabbard for his longsword is strapped to his left hip, a new dirk at his right. He keeps a coin pouch on him, along with a satchel with some rudimentary medical supplies.
    Hygiene: He's more often clean than before, and has begun to make bathing a more regular practice.
    + A series of pale cuts on his right forearm, from frenzied clawing.
    Voice: Somewhat smooth, with a faint rasp. He sounds around his own age.

    Personality: Find out in RP.

    + Helplessness
    = Disapproval
    + Reminders of his place.
    + Etc.

    Sense of Humor: Snarky, if a touch juvenile.
    Religious Inclination: A Crusade worshiper, though not a zealous one. He respects Rahas greatly.
    Alignment: True Neutral

    Short-Term/Immediate Goals:
    [-] Determine whether he’s still employed.
    [V] Help retake Queensport.

    Long-Term/Life-Long Goals:
    [] None, yet.

    | Ongoing/Progressing: - |
    | Failed: x |
    | Successful/Completed: V |
    | Possibly Completed: ~ |
    (Wonderful format stolen from CloakedReaper)

    Hobbies: Sparring, taking walks.
    Spending Habits: Armour repairs, having his clothes stitched together, simple medical supplies, necessities.
    Nervous Tics: Averting his eyes, flushing red, stammering.
    Posture: He walks with an idle sort of caution about him, as though always half-expecting a fight.

    Place: The fields outside Renatus.
    Pastime: Sparring
    Food: Hearty stews of the meaty variety.
    Drink: Clean water.
    Colour: The blue of the clear summer sky.
    Animal: Gryphons

    Least Favourite...
    Place: Tight, dark spaces.
    Pastime: Waiting
    Food: Sour foods.
    Drink: Dirty water.
    Colour: Orange
    Animal: Wendigos

    + [Carried] Longsword: 4 lbs. heavy and roughly 53 in. in length, the blade is scratched but well-maintained.
    + [Carried] Dirk: Simple in design and of versatile purpose.

    + [Stored] Haubergeon: Maille, worn often as Warren rarely has anywhere to put it.

    Items Carried:
    + [Carried] Satchel:
    + Small roll of gauze.
    + Thick glass vials of alcohol.
    + A pouch of thin metal needles.
    + [Carried] Coin Pouch

    General Wealth: Rather poor, but he’s gotten by on his bi-weekly pay.
    Prized Possessions: Nothing in particular.

    + Swordplay: Better than most, but he’s young still.
    + Marksmanship: He's used bows with lighter draw weights before, with some effectiveness, but it’s not his preference.
    + Literacy: He’s illiterate, but can roughly write a sparse few words, including his name.
    + Horse-riding: Rather skilled, but he’s no jouster.
    + Analysis: He doesn’t know much, but he’s learning things he hadn’t expected to. Warren often lacks some of the context necessary to make informed decisions.
    + Tactics: Intuitively, Warren’s got a decent head for quick tactical decisions, but lacks any education on the topic.


    In-Game Name: Eltsir
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2017
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  2. Elt

    Elt Legend of Altera

    Character Name:
    Eltsir Alcantra
    In-game Town/City:
    Devoted To:


    Close Friends:

    Gael Dugald: "I doubt him, sometimes, but he seems like a decent leader for his bunch."
    Jaime Malgrave:"Can get a bit carried away, but I can hardly blame him. He's honest, and practical."
    James Falvaryn: "He's shown kindness and patience where others haven't; I worry for the position
    Oliver Northstead:
    "A good fighter, and useful to have around."
    Syr Varyn: "He's been... gracious, to me, and greatly so. I want to work to deserve it."


    Distant Acquaintances:


    Anybody unmentioned.




    Last edited: Oct 23, 2017
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  3. Charybdis

    Charybdis Trash Whirlpool

    Character Name:
  4. Elt

    Elt Legend of Altera

    Character Name:
    Eltsir Alcantra
    In-game Town/City:
    oh yeah i updated relations a bit and added a prayer log except i suck at writing now
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  5. Centurion

    Centurion Dark Council Elite

  6. Elt

    Elt Legend of Altera

    Character Name:
    Eltsir Alcantra
    In-game Town/City:
    new primary reference picture added.
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  7. Charybdis

    Charybdis Trash Whirlpool

    Character Name:
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  8. FrostGuardian

    FrostGuardian Lord of Altera

    Nice job.
  9. Old-Seadog

    Old-Seadog It took a lot to get here

    Character Name:
    Alt Name:
    In-game Town/City:
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