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I got permission to do another thread from Vincentius - If his picks up again then that's simply two weekly challenges instead of one. Each Friday I'll put up another prompt, with possible 'bonus rounds' in the week if there's interest. : )
It can be as sketchy or refined as you like, there's no limit aside from doing art to the theme at hand - Some of this may simply be set colour palettes, one word themes, or style challenges! I'll be taking a bit of inspiration from various art challenges I've seen dotted around.

Week 9 Challenge:
Art based on the prompt ;

Challenge List:
1 Friday 29th September - "A character based on a type of food."
Bonus Round: 'Design a character based around specifically a pumpkin.'
2 Friday 6th October - An art piece based on the theme of one of the four base elements. Wind, Earth, Fire, Water.
3 Friday 13th October - iforgothahaha
4 Friday 20th October - iforgothahaha
5 Friday 27th October - "Hollow"
6 Friday 3rd November - "A character but as a new race from what it is currently"
7 Friday 10th November - "Draw a character belonging to you or someone else but as a Demon."
8 Friday 17th November - "Royal"

I'll be absent a lot of December so here's the prompts all ready for the next few weeks. : )

9. 28th November - "Cold" or "Ice"
10. 5th December - "Festive Outfit for your main"
11. 12th - "Design a godamn snowman"
12. 19th - "Sketch anything you desire"
???. It's christmas no one does challenges on that day.

haha everyone
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Does.. does it have to be like a 'playable' character like one would have in game? Or just 'humanoid-food amalgamation'? I mean I have this great idea, and then suddenly Lady Lasagna threw me off my groove. Just curious!
edit: or even like a beast or creature. Maybe like one we'd submit (a bit comedic) to the Beastiary sections.


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Doesn't have to be anything you'd play or use if you don't like! It's not necessarily HW related, just whatever you find most fun :)


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I dunno man, I just drew one of my characters who likes cake too much for his own good. You are what you eat, after all!
Props to my mother, who had to ponder why her son was putting his fingers in his mouth as a pose whilst she took a picture.