Weekly Art Challenge


Lord of Altera

All ready for the ball, my halloween cinderella. Her fairy god-mother decided she looked -so- good in orange, the pumpkin would be her dress.

...So what will the carriage be?


Secretly Niah
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Im gonna be away most of tomorrow probably but it is technically friday now

Week 2 Challenge:
An art piece based on the theme of one of the four base elements.
Wind, Earth, Fire, Water.


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Art piece of Water + Air.
Found an image on pinterest, so it's not quite original- [x]

I call it- 'Head in the clouds'



Trash Whirlpool
realized my problem with daily/weeklies is i work so i cant always do them or have the energy to

solution: shitty pen doodles during work breaks
week 1 catchup is,,,.,,.,, bubble tea



Secretly Niah
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cant even stick to my own weekly prompts christ

Week 6 Challenge:
Draw a character belonging to you or someone else but as a
different race to what they are now. : )