Whitelist Application [Accepted- Solus]


Loyal Servant of Altera
1. What is your Minecraft username?


2. How old are you?


3. What country are you from?

United States

4. Have you read the King's Law, Code of Conducts, Official Lore, and the Player Guides yet?


5. In your own words, how would you define metagaming and powergaming?

Metagaming is the act of using out of character information he/she gained and using it in character.

Powergaming is forcing a player into a situation without giving them an attempt to counter you.

6. Do we allow X-Raying mods or X-Ray texture packs on the server?


7. Name one of our current Mentors.


8. Tell us about yourself!

My name is Oli, and I'm usually quiet and self-reserved along with having my nose in a book. I play the violin and competitive volleyball, along with being a self-taught artist. History is mainly my go-to for chatting and reading about, as I find it extremely interesting to learn about new things that happened in the past, piecing it together.

9. Do you have any examples of your work?

None, sadly.

10. Did anyone refer you? If not, how did you find our server?

Online while browsing.

About Your Character!

This section is about the character you intend to use once you join the server.We ask that new players follow these guidelines during this portion of the application:

Character Name:


Character Age:


Character Race:

Moor elf


At a glance, the woman stands at a mere height of 5’7’’, holding a frail and slim like figure. Eranii has a weight of 115 pounds, being mainly malnourished showing through her slim facial features, her cheekbones standing out along with the striking pale greyish purple eyes making up her darkened body. Making up the rest of her look would be her skin and hair, each holding a dark grey and black hue. Era’s hair is often styled in a simple messy braid, or let down reaching her lower back. She's seen in fairly tribal clothing that makes the life of her dark figure, with deep yet eye-catching hues of blues, purples, even whites. The clothing itself is just robes, draping over her body.

(Optional) Picture of the Skin:

(Skin is still in work)

Written Test!
Lively laughter and drunken smiles seen along each glossy wood table of the filled, yet worn and beautifully crafted tavern. Cloth drapes along the opening and ceiling on long and perplexed beams, showing a sense of pride and joy to be their own settlement in the quiet town.

Eranii stands in a twisted manner outside the tavern, unsure of the different men and women who sit inside with uttered conversations and mugs clanking together as they speak. Looks of confusion etched across some faces of the lively tavern, beginning to notice the lone moor standing outside an area only known to humans and some elves, while Eranii stays insignificance being noticed more by others.

A puff of air falls from her darkened grey lips, nervousness standing hauntingly over her figure. Signs begin to show from her twiddling fingers and her striking purple eyes grazing slowly around the large room littered with people of all races and types.

A step is taken, then another. Eranii's eyes shift to a table filled with men and another to the muffled creaking sound under the red entrance carpet. Then another follows as a pace is gained towards the bar on the right side, only holding a few people.

"Big deal" Eranii mutters under her breath in annoyance while keeping a steady pace throughout while glancing at others in curiosity and their culture, having a sense of mind to capture the surroundings around her. She'd ignore the keen stares of hatred and takes a seat on a bar stool with a curious, nice and formal smile in greeting towards the barmaid.

"New here? You seem nervous but well put in your place." A sharpened voice comes from behind the bar with a sense of sly curiosity and bitterness, toughened up from being an experienced barmaid. She'd hold dark black curls and dull eyes, only to have a cold glare add to her overall bland traits.

"I am, I am..Not necessarily nervous in this case, just stuck about leading myself around the town." The moor's digits tap against the wood gently watching the woman clean a tarnished mug with a darkened cloth of sorts, the colors dimmed and worn from its orginal state.

"Ah.." A short nod is followed, seeming to understand Eranii. The crooked smile of the woman's lips slowly fades, setting the tarnished mug down gently onto the glossed wood.

"Welcome to a whole new adventure ahead of you, moor. It'll be fun." The bland woman's lips curl into a smile once more, showing a sense of hope and pride for the one elf that stands lone.

Eranii takes in her words slowly, nodding in agreement with a confused and simple smile. "I'm ready."


Staff member
Server Owner
Hello- Our Mentors have been busy, but I'll go ahead and take care of this!


I'm pleased to announce your application has been approved. I hope you enjoy your stay in Altera. Before logging on make sure you read the Survival Guide. It will help you on your way to get established in our World. If you need to know any additional information, everything can be found in our King's Law. Make sure you consult either of these two before asking a question ingame.

If you're stuck unable to interact with anything or chat, try using /warp whitelist, if this doesn't work then please message a staff member with the problem.

+You are probably eager to jump into the game, so there is no need to read all the links. Just use these as a reference for later.+

Survival Guide - Read this to help when you login!
The King's Law
How to Create a Character
The Official Lore
Town Census
Plugins Command Guide
Donate to the Server!

Lastly, please make sure you understand the following points.

+Do not Powergame, Metagame or use X-Rays on the server! Our moderation team makes sure to deal with severe reports.
+ Anyone found to be griefing our server and subsequently blaming their sibling, friend, dog or any other person other than themselves will be banned irrespective of their innocence.