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Settling in Altera

Name: Wilhelm Schmidt.

Other Names: ‘Schmidt', 'Wil', 'Willy'.

Titles: Freeman, Squire.

Birthday: The 27th day in the Month of Snowdown.

Age: Seventeen.

Race: Human.

Gender: Male.

Sexuality: Heterosexual.

Current Residence: Gothewald.

Relationship Status: Single/Unmarried.

Social Status: Squire.

Physical Appearance

Height: 5’10.

Weight: 162 lbs.

Eye Color: Cobalt blue.

Skin Color: Warm ivory; he has spent a portion of time in the south, now.

Shape of Face: Angular, high cheekbones.

Distinguishing Features: N/A.

Build of Body: Ectomorph, lean, low body fat.

Hair Color: Sandy blonde.

Hair Style: Scissor cut, shorter and well trimmed on the sides with some tidy-looking bangs on the front.

Complexion: Medium, but seems to have adjusted from burning and now hints at a tan.

Posture: Firm, official-looking.

Is Seen By Others As: Choleric.

Scars: One beside his left knee, long and horizontal. The other is situated left of his navel, about two inches or so wide. Otherwise, there are indistinctly patterned disfigurements of chemical origin along his arms and shoulders.

Voice: Baritone. [X]

Accent: When speaking Rede, rapid and unyielding with common phrasing which denotes a 'country' accent. His dialect is most prevalent to Varyn lands. In reference to commonspeak, his accent is a mash of the Talon Isles and South-Eastern Altera.


Likes: Nature, good banter, powerful individuals, loud people, wine.

Dislikes: Hawklight, heretics, Southern culture, Moors.

Strengths: Showmanship, honor, comradery.

Weaknesses: Temperament, pride, nonconformity, close-minded.

Fears: Disgrace, abandonment, God, death.

Values: Brotherhood, virtue, strength, piety.

Education: Simple, basic maths and other provisional teachings to stay him until they can be expanded on.

Languages: Common, Rede.

General Attitude: Aggressive, optimistic, agog.

Religious Inclination: Religious, The Church of Artois.

General Intelligence: Elevated. Still lacks some common-sense.

General Sociability: Outgoing, cocksure.

Alignment: Neutral Good.

Short Term Goals:

+ Find a source of income.

+ Discover where to go after Linlea.

+ Find a mentor for a trade or otherwise.

+ Assist Sir Florian in his endeavors.

+ Grow confident in abilities with the sword.

+ Find a focus.

+ Begin to understand the basics of Eviscism.

+ Learn the basics of Eviscim.

+ Find Gael's killers.

+ Learn to hunt.

Long Term Goals:

+ Return to Anhald.

+ Pay his dues to the Black Company.

+ Own land.

+ Become Knighted.

+ Make a pilgrimage to a holy place.

+ Keep a secret.

+ Grow powerful as a mage.

+ Avenge Gael's death.


Wardrobe: Schmidt has purchased better fitting clothes; one cuir bouilli that rests overtop his black doublet, dark trousers, and worn infantry boots. Oftentimes he fashions a red tippet which drapes from his nape.

Jewelry: None.

Pets/Animals: None.

Owned Homes: A town home in Alderwood Cove.

Carried Inventory: One blade and parrying weapon, coin purse, and a few others miscellaneous items.

General Inventory: (See above.)

General Wealth: A heavy coin purse but not limitless, most necessities are covered by Sir Florian.


Illnesses: None to date.

Allergies: None to date.

Injuries: None currently.

Sleeping Habits: Wilhelm sleeps when his chores are complete, and is awake shortly after sunrise.

Energy Levels: Elevated, he has begun to focus more on his learning and less on his drinking.

Eating Habits: Hearty and albeit bland meals. Wilhelm is tasked with making his own food, which normally consists of lean meat or porridge.

Exercise Habits: A strict regiment of training; when not caring for Florian's horses or doing other housework, Schmidt is enhancing his magical, physical, and combat abilities.

Memory: Good, he seems to be able to recall his past experiences with ease.

Unhealthy Habits: Smoking.

Drinking Habits: In moderation.


Birthplace: A cliffside village, in the County of Oren.

Childhood: Unattended, the boy had a tendency to roam free when not tasked with household duties or assisting his father in the local smithy.

Teen Years: Current.

Adulthood: N/A.

Family History: Lowborn.

Past Places of Residences: Linlea, Alderwood Cove.

Places Traveled: Linlea, Alderwood Cove, Queensport, Gottsturmer's Bau, Storm's Landing, Gothewald.

Combat: Currently being mentored by Sir Florian and other cohorts.

Peaceful or violent: Violent.

Weaponry: A steel main-gauche with a cruciform guard, and a Lavoyard style longsword.

Combat Training: Standard combat training in-progress.

Training & Skills

+ Smithing. [Apprentice]

+ Swordplay. [Journeyman]

+ Eviscism. [Journeyman]

+ Physical Fitness. [Journeyman]

+ Hunting. [Apprentice]


Occupation: Squire to Sir Florian von Piers, Mercenary.

Favorite Types of Food: Hasenpfeffer stew.

Favorite Types of Drink: Bayard wine.

Hobbies/Pastimes: Prayer, magic, people-watching, bird-watching, traveling, banter.

Favorite Colors: Silver, purple, black.




Florian von Piers: As a teacher and father figure, Wilhelm looks up to Florian with the highest admiration and respect. Though they did not properly meet or know one another very well upon Schmidt's hiring to the Black Company, they grew closer as the activity of their compatriots dwindled and the group all but died out. After the events of the Blight were put to rest, at least for now, Florian offered the young Anhalder quarter and opportunity to work as a squire. Wilhelm hopes one day to garner the same amount of prowess and acclaim as his mentor.

Caerwyn Hawklight: Upon their first meeting, Wilhelm saw the boy from the Talon Isles as pure competition. After their initial duel, he grew fond of his comrade, who he now owes his very life to. Though the gap in their ages is small, Schmidt sees him akin to an older brother.

Catherine: The southern-born girl was of little interest during first encounters, though she came readily into his good graces and he now views Caerwyn's woman fondly. They have shared a few good laughs and drinks in their time.


Johanna Fischer: In Linlea, Schmidt found that the girl would often take route to avoid the obnoxiously proud presence that he oftentimes brings. In a petty attempt at bullying his countrywoman, he would give her discomfort by outright claiming her to be his love in public, berating Johanna for her shy nature. As time went on their back and forth came to a peak, wherein Wilhelm let his anger get the best of him and struck Johanna. After this event, she revealed unto him a life-changing secret, but even this did not stay his anger. He struck her once again, and only after did he seethe with enough regret to try and change his outright nasty and abusive attitude. The girl is now a romantic interest of his, though current and past events prevent him from making any significant advances on her. He is beginning to trust the girl and hopes they will spend more time together.


'Yosef' Seeker: Another Anhalder that the boy happened upon in his time residing on Linlea, a barely older Ranger who spends his time with the Kanes. Wilhelm thinks him to have a sharp wit but has absolutely no trust for his countryman due to his circle of associates.

Virnaak: A Moor that Schmidt learned to tolerate. Though they were certainly not friends, Schmidt found that their similarly crude humor could sway the pair to stand each other for a time. He has not seen the pearly-white toothed vagrant in some time.

Reynard of the Storm: The teenager knighted by the famed Brennard Westmay is seen as a loose-cannon and humorous fellow, one to whom Schmidt would make use of a blade alongside any day. Schmidt saved the boy from potential imprisonment and execution in Linistel, leaving the two on good terms.

Sigmund von Hallon: Though Schmidt is but a small fish compared to the Kronprinz, the boy is loyal to his country and its heirs.

Richard Buschell: A quieter type, but one who shares similar sentiments about the world with the younger compatriot.

Lothaire von Dugald: Son to Gael, Schmidt has not spoken to the boy, but feels he owes a debt to any Dugald. It is safe to say Wilhelm has the young Lord's back.

Reyne von Alderwood: They've had no personal interactions, but Schmidt knows that any man on the hunt for Gael's killers is worth fighting alongside.


Guinevere: Sister to Lord Gael, the boy owes her a degree of courtesy, though she does not hold him in such neighborly regard.

Jocasta Vita: A strange girl who seems to be pugnacious toward Schmidt. For now, the young Anhalder will not be party. He sees no need to escalate the situation.

Otto von Gottfried: Another adolescent from his home region, Oren, Wilhelm only wishes he wouldn't waste his potential under such distasteful banners.

Kitrana Dawnriver: A Dame who he's to one day see in single combat, as he does not have respect for her ability as a warrior. Otherwise, he does not mind her barside company but has no special interest in her.

Sigmar: Easily misguided, the small Lavoyische boy will certainly grow up to be a pawn of an unkindly people. For now, however, Schmidt hopes he will end up steering clear of those who currently look after him.

Fronslin Caldwell: There is nothing wrong with the Elf, and Schmidt is unbothered by their casual conversations. He thinks it nice to have such an impersonal yet friendly relationship.


Aleksei: From different sources, Schmidt has learned this man to be of a faction he has no love for, and offers the wasteman good riddance in his graves. Wilhelm wishes he could have delivered the finishing blow, but duly notes him as a worthy opponent.

The Kanes: Distrust and dismay. He sees the family as a collective of disloyal and self-serving people and pities those around them.

The Varyns: From what he has learned in speaking with his confidants, he does not wish ill for or feel alienated by Raalvara nor James, but does not think them to be in the most stable state of mind.





Oskar: An older boy who tried his best to keep Schmidt's head on straight, but was a victim of hubris himself. Oskar assisted the younger brother-in-arms in learning commonspeak, wielding blades, and general life lessons. He hoped they would face many-a-battle in the same column. Now he only has a vague and fond memory of their short-cut time.

Gael von Dugald: The reason he is more than a poor street urchin in the first place, Gael gave Wilhelm a chance to prove his worth and join up with the Black Company. There was little the Anhalder wouldn't do on the Silver Elf's behalf, fondly recalling the phrase of 'Ah, Schmidt my friend!' upon every encounter. No one word describes the sort of vengeance Schmidt would seek if he came across those petty thieves that murdered the late Lord, a man who played as both a secondary mentor and comrade to the more or less impressionable adolescent. It goes without saying Gael will be terribly missed.

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Settling in Altera

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