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Woolsey_Is' Application. (Archived-Lannis)

Discussion in 'Declined Archive' started by Bungles, Jul 2, 2014.

  1. Bungles

    Bungles Loyal Servant of Altera

    About you
    1) What is your MINECRAFT username?


    2) How old are you?


    3) Where are you?

    Currently in Canada, ON. It's not cold here ;)

    4) Have you read our guides yet?


    5) Introduce yourself!

    Names Woolsey, I enjoy playing RP games as it keeps me occupied being in a forest all day. I love boating, and outdoor fun. I enjoy talking, playing lots of other games and I enjoy playing with friends. Go computer life.

    6) Got any examples of your work?

    I work at a Grocery store called Sobeys where I stock shelves. Mostly in Delly.

    7) Did you explore our world prior to your application?

    I have inside Intel. I learned a lot.

    8) Referrer: (Optional)

    Bungle666! (He basically showed me this. Learned a lot from him)

    About your character






    Ylva is a short girl at 5'8 with dark black hair hanging low past her shoulders. Her eyes grassy green and her skin slightly tanned. She is around 146lb, and wears her hair in a pony tail at the back. Her nose small, and her cheek bones high up. She's got small dimples. Ylva wears a blue jacket with grey fur around the neck line of the jacket and inside coating. She wears a short, leather skirt is some metal decoration on small string laces, dangling from the waist. She wears wool gloves, in-plated leather knuckles. She wears leather, furred boots with buckles. (Further information for body:) Her chest is small, and body is skinny.


    *Ylva wakes up in a straw bed, the sun is shinning through her bedroom window, painted red letting of the reddish shine. She'd yawn, running a hand over her mouth as she rolls to her side, curling up further. She isn't yet feeling like getting up. She'd listen for a moment, hearing the birds sing outside her window. The creaking of the door as someone nears. The door opens, a voice calls softly inside*

    "Sweet heart, are you up?" Her father says.

    *Ylva exhales a deep breath, and makes a noise stretching out her legs and arms* "Yes daddy~" *She'd moan out happily in her stretch. The warmth of the shine from her window touches her face, inhaling a soft breath through her nose*

    "Breakfast is waiting for you on the dinning room table." He'd say, as he leaves the door hung open, moving back into the house further.*

    *Yvla would open her eyes, staring at the ceiling as she thinks* {I slept good, I slept real good. Time for breakfast. Then later, I go out again.} *She'd slowly get up off her bed, swinging her legs off the bed and onto the ground where her feet plant against the old dry wooden floor. She'd stand, giving her skirt a pat. She wore clothing to bed, feeling more warm inside them as she exits her room into the living room. She'd give a wiff of the air, smelling bacon.* Mmmm.... *She'd rub her tummy, heading towards the table where she's greeted with her brothers and sisters. She'd put on a plastic smile, never really liking to show them moody Yvla* Morning guys~ *She'd sit down, where a plate of bacon and eggs are placed in front of her*

    -Everyone- "Morning Yvla!" *as everyone eats their breakfast*

    *Yvla smiles, taking up a fork and digging into her egg's and bacon. She'd sigh happily, closing her eyes slightly to enjoy the after taste of her food. This only happens once a week, where father gets paid well. She'd finish after everyone, taking up her empty plate and walking it to the sink where she downs it with water and a cloth. Cleaning the plate to it's white, shiny self*

    Backstory: (Something for the reader)

    Yvla, born in a small home of four siblings and two cats. Yvla always loved cats. Her parents, a happy-joyful couple. Always willing to keep their kids happy, especially Yvla who is the oldest and very first baby. She was treated better, because will sooner leave the home and go live her life. Through out Yvla's life in her home, she was treated with care and love. But Yvla always had these thoughts, kept them from others even family. She loved the feeling of pain, she doesn't know why, maybe because of the color of red- or the pain of it all. She really likes pain. Sometimes she would grab a knife from the kitchen, cutting the tip of her finger and licking the blood from it. It was orgasmic to her senses. She'd keep this secret well hidden and hoped for the better that no one finds out.

    Yvla was taught in many skills for outdoors, like most kids. Her father took her out to do fun things, like fishing and cutting wood. She didn't much like the wood cutting- yet did it anyway because her father said so. Yvla's mother taught her to harvest food and to plant them. She was also taught to even go hunting with her father, use a bow and dagger. She- liked this a lot. Killing. She enjoyed the patients, the wait. The wait of knowing the animal will die from her hands. She'd even learned to skin the deer, or rabbit, and even chickens. She then started to teach herself to do other things- when alone.

    Yvla enjoys being with family and friends- yet never had friends for some reason. Maybe because of her insane laughter or ways of being nice. Her family understood her quite well. Never judging the way she expressed herself. She always took care of her siblings, feeding them and playing games like hide-and-go-seek or tag. She was always up for something, unless she was tired and they didn't disturb her.
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  2. Lannis

    Lannis Thing Two Staff Member

    Character Name:
    Alt Name:
    You're looking pretty good so far, but there are a few points I'd like to make. First of all, would you mind expanding a bit on your "Introduce yourself" section? We ask for a minimum of five sentences, to get a good picture of who we're playing with. :)
    Secondly, a friendly reminder that we discourage overly-violent characters. Yvla seems fine, but sadism is usually a warning flag for those so inclined. Your test is fine, this is merely a request to not go about stabbin' folk without reason.~
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  3. Bungles

    Bungles Loyal Servant of Altera

    Alright! -Woolsey (Have to use Bungle666's account) I'll repost it!
  4. Somnastra

    Somnastra Puppycat Herder Retired Staff

    Character Name:
    Somnastra Elenthalion
    Alt Name:
    Kelta Brinn

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