1. HollowWorld

    [Complete] Help Us Run Hollowworld: Community Donations Edition

    Help Us Run Hollowworld: Community Donations Edition Hello! You might have wondered here from the main page. Currently, we have reached our Community Donation Goals to get passed the August and September monthly costs to run this server. The following is the thread's introduction with details...
  2. Solus

    On Current Campaigns of HW

    Hello Alterans, The aftermath of the meteorites that fell from the sky, will soon be part of the history books of Altera. The growing Earth Elemental is now no longer a threat to the continent. Its remnants still effect a part of the world, albeit thwarted by the efforts of players. The...
  3. Solus

    Moving Warp Creative!

    Greetings players, We're going to be officially moving to one warp creative map as of the end of this month. We've had two warps for far too long and the intention was always to move to the new one. If you have builds in the old creative, please post below: Coordinates of old build...
  4. Solus

    Semi-Annual Update & January Newsletter

    & 'Semi'-Annual Update III Server News | 7th Day of Snowdown, Season of Frost Hello Alterans! This month marks another year and another milestone here in Hollowworld. We have made it passed two years under moi as your head with it, and we're proud to say many changes have come and gone. We...
  5. Solus

    Semi-Annual Update II

    Greetings Alterans! This is our 2nd Semi-Annual Update. If you recall- our last one was posted {here}. As with the last one, this came about due to the survey I sent out in november. There were many responses, each varied. Most were critiques, a few memes, and some praise for different staff...