1. Blorbis83

    Upcoming {Public, Moderate} Mockingbay Potluck [TBA, 3 PM CST]

    Certain individuals would receive the following invitation... (Check your PMs) THEME Dear [Character Name Here], We hope this letter finds you in good health and in good spirits. This month, we are currently staying in our Mockingbay Palace for the summer and have decided to kick it off...
  2. Blorbis83

    The Chrysanthemum Dance RECITAL {Astrakhan, Peaceful} 4/7/2019 3 PM CST

    Theme Posters like these are spread up in Queensport, Astrakhan, Storm's Landing, Halbed, and Mockingbay. The Month of the Chrysanthemum-Warriors Has Come! Do you like masquerade dances? Mischief? Battles? Then come down to Astrakhan to help us re-enact the myth of Acessamenus, Albatia and...
  3. Blorbis83

    Finished [Moderate] A Springtime Hunt (Astrakhan, 2/24/2019, 3 PM CST)

    Posters such as these are put up in Storm's Landing, Mockingbay, Astrakhan, Queensport, and anywhere else that it is allowed.. [THEME] GOOD TIDINGS! At long last, the Arboribus Custodes have declared that the Forests of Astrakhan have fully recovered from the Destruction of the Blight! As...
  4. Blorbis83

    Poster Puerta Victoria Naval Base

    Posters are put up in Storm’s Landing, Linistel, Halbed, Puerta Victoria and anywhere else that it is allowed. To Whomever Owns Puerta Victoria Please be aware that The Asrakosian Dominion has a Naval Base and a Brig called “The Nemesis” in the area currently known as Puerta Victoria. It...
  5. French Roast

    Upcoming [Temps Needed] Serpent Coils [Dec. 30]

    The garrison of Fort Sungrad is expecting the arrival of an Asrakosian scout force within a few days. But the people they will greet at the gate will not be the guests they were expecting. The Acolytes of the Many-Headed Serpent are on the move...
  6. Blorbis83

    Finished [Moderate- Public] The Hiems Gaudium Festival- Dec 21st, 3 PM CST

    Posters are put up all across Altera with the following message, complete with musicians and dancers: Music The Frost is Upon Us! The Blight Has Passed! Come Join Us in Celebration! This year, Astrakhan shall be hosting it's very first celebration of Hiems Gaudium- an ancient holiday...