1. TheDeester

    Rare Desert Spirits

    Physiology: Colossal (~11ft.) plated creatures, only departing the earth once they've exited their yet unseen pupae stage. Plates vary from a burnt maroon to a drab brown. It's 6 legs are spindly and thin things, with the beast only able to retain balance when standing on all of them at once...
  2. Charybdis

    Guinevere Dugald - Adept

    Guinevere Dugald Link to character profile: {x} Minecraft name: Charybdis Character name: Guinevere Dugald Spell Points: 115/per day (-10 total for sustained spell) -=- Apprentice level DC: -- Journeyman level DC: 2 Adept level DC: 5 Master level DC: 15 -=- Cogimency Illusionist Active...