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  1. I am Wake

    Wake's Bookwriting Guide

    How to Write Books: Pick up a book and quill and start writing! You should not run into any issues. In fact, if you use Conquest, you can fit more words into a book than vanilla! Same with signs! If you begin writing, do plan ahead! A title page, index, source page or even differing chapters...
  2. HogoShi_Kitsune

    MPM Player Sizing Guide

    Here's a table for quick reference. Do note, for accuracy, 100% is mapped instead to Steve's height of 180cm, rounded to 70.87 inches. I'll provide an error of two decimal places with the percentage so you may determine how you wish to round. Feel free to mess with the numbers as you like -...
  3. HollowWorld

    Houses Template

    Houses House Subforum Requirements: +You must have a Prestige House in-game The following are suggestions for players in how to format their Subforums. A guide made for players by players. Proposed Stickied and Locked Threads House Introduction - This thread should include the crest, the...
  4. HollowWorld

    Economy Basics & You

    Economy Basics & You Contents Economy How to make a Shop! Trade Chat Channel Auction House and Shops +Money /money - check your balance /money [name] - check someone elses /money send [name] [amount] - pay someone else /money [top] - check top balances +Voting Make sure to use /vtr claim...
  5. HollowWorld

    New Player's Roleplay Guide

    New Player's Roleplay Guide Content Getting Started Basics of Chat Basics of Roleplay +Do not bring past characters with character development from other servers. We prefer you start a fresh character to begin your development. Roleplay Conduct: A series of threads listing how players...