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  1. Jase

    Upcoming Low Gusts

    /-----------------------\ LOW GUSTS \-----------------------/ A Summoning When: Soon, TBA Where: Bok'ra's Cave Time: 4pm EST
  2. Jase

    Poster Jishrim Charity Bin

    JISHRIM CHARITY BIN From the maw of the angels of Jishrim comes a hand of generosity for the most wretched and poor in the land. Nice, warm clothing for the destitute souls, to replace ragged and threadbare cloth as winter approaches. For like Chaos, Life can be just as kind as it is cruel...
  3. Jase

    Finished [GOI] Consecration - 20/01/2021 - 4pm EST

    CONSECRATION 19/01/2020 - 4pm EST Nid Arach Retro Hagrid sneff24
  4. Jase

    Finished [DOC] Chasing Life 4-6pm

    [ Artist - Christinzakh ] CHASING LIFE 8th January 2021 4 pm - 6 pm ET Retro Hagrid sneff24 @jishrimites Elz is the DM.
  5. Jase

    [ Jishrim ] Iqya'mut - T2

    \___________________________________/ Man, Demon and God have come together to defile my virgin garden. (I don’t know why the Overman has not gotten there.) They are right in front of me like three perverse allegories. God tells me: “ I am the unattainable good to which you should aspire...
  6. Jase

    Finished [ STEP ] Predator or Prey II

    [Cool Image] [ Cool quote or phrase ] What: Hunting Where:??? When: 19.11.2020 5:00PM EST Rating: Violent Privacy: Private Lannis is DM Retro Hagrid
  7. Jase

    Finished [ STEP ] New Blood 9/9/2020 4pm EST

    NEW BLOOD "The tiny seed knew that in order to grow, it needed to ... be dropped in dirt, covered in darkness, and struggle to meet the light." -Sandra King Who: Stairway and (invited) Affiliates. What: Planning. When: 9/9/2020 4pm EST Where: Nid Arach bb. PRIVATE. Also for safety, wear masks...
  8. Jase

    Finished [ S T E P ] Brain of the Scarecrow

    From Wizard of Oz, 1939 BRAIN OF THE SCARECROW "I have come for my brains," remarked the Scarecrow, a little uneasily. "Oh, yes; sit down in that chair, please," replied Oz. "You must excuse me for taking your head off, but I shall have to do it in order to put your brains in their proper...
  9. Jase

    Finished [Stairway to Eternal Peace] Anastasis

    Art by Krzysztof Bieniawski ANASTASIS "Oh brave bunny, look how they have wronged you ..." A gathering. A question. An answer? Private Location: Old-Ralidor Invitees: Will be asked directly. Religious Leader: Set'iki da Bwabo (Primary), Junse'ke (Secondary) Date/Time: 11/8/2020, 5pm EST...
  10. Jase

    Finished [PUBLIC][Violent] Jishrim Sermon [TODAY - 5PM EST]

    [Art found ~ ] JISHRIM SERMON Date: 18/07/2020 5PM EST Religious Leader: Set'iki da Bwabo Rating: VIOLENT Location: Storm's Landing Cathedral Public Knowledge? Yes. + A sermon where Set will speak about many things, preaching...
  11. Jase

    Active Now [Event Chain] [STEP] Echoes of the Damned

    - Franz Kafka ECHOES OF THE DAMNED Within the foul pits of darkness, a rumor is born. It flickers, jumping and leaping to the tune of a forgotten song. A tale of a pair of eyes as blue as the ocean. A story of a face scarred by a hundred battles. An echo of a being that once lived. This is...
  12. Jase

    [ Jishrim Blessed ] Set'iki da Bwabo

    Minecraft name: Whitespoor Character name: Set'iki da Bwabo Grimhare Link to normal character profile: [Link] Patron: Jishrim Overall Tier: Tier 1? Spell Points: [ ] [ ] [ ] Prepared spells per day: Vision x 1 Madness x 2 Available spells (# of times cast): Additional granted boons (#...
  13. Jase

    Finished [Stairway to Eternal Peace] Sermon for the Uninformed

    SERMON FOR THE UNINFORMED [PRIVATE] What- Sermon Date- 13th of April, 2020, 5pm EST! Where- Sisterhood Temple Lead by- 2 members in particular, but the Stairway is also invited Peaceful- though violent for divine shenanigans blargtheawesome Elz Rygan [Check out the artist here!]
  14. Jase

    Upcoming [Stairway to Eternal Peace] [Private ] Big Game Hunting

    BIG GAME HUNTING Curiosity killed the cat But satisfaction brought it back ... ~Unknown OOC: This is only here for recording purposes. Date: /Date/ Time: /Time/
  15. Jase

    [STEP] Disappearances

    DISAPPEARANCES Kyri has not been seen for some time. He was last seen on the road heading to Veraci. Where he is now? It is unknown. Even stranger- Eimar has also vanished into thin air. He was last seen in Storm's Landing. Two disappearances ...? Coincidence ...? The Cartoon Witch Rawkiller
  16. Jase

    Finished [Stairway of Eternal Peace] Picnic in Nid Arach (13th January, 3pm EST)

    PICNIC IN NID ARACH [ Imagine a dark forboding picture here.] If you go down in the woods today You're sure of a big surprise If you go down in the woods today You'd better go in disguise! For every bear that ever there was Will gather there for certain Because today's the day the Teddy Bears...
  17. Jase

    [Stairway to Eternal Peace] Divine Lies

    DIVINE LIES Archon Lies. The Grey Lady Lies. Shalherana Lies. The only truth can be found within yourself. Trust not your masters, for they shall betray you. Trust not your friends, for they shall abandon you. Trust not your family, for they shall discard you. And remember- Men Lie. Gods Lie...
  18. Jase

    [Stairway to Eternal Peace] Queensport Burns

    A swathe of Queensport burns. Why? It isn't clear. All that is left behind are corpses and burned shells of buildings ... Many are burned beyond recognition, trapped in a state of perpetual pain and suffering. Some appear to have been stabbed, murdered and robbed in the chaos. Thankfully- as of...
  19. Jase

    [Stairway to Eternal Peace] Peace Eternal

    PEACE ETERNAL Let it be known to all that I, Whitespoor, Blessed of Jishrim, have heard the plea of Theodosius, Basileos of Astrakhan. In his letter to me, he has begged me to come to meet with him and the leaders of the great factions in the matter of Archon. War is coming, and it is...
  20. Jase

    Finished [Stairway to Eternal Peace] Consecration II

    Art by Korwynze! Check her out! [Page] I couldn't do any of this. CONSECRATION II yesterday when I woke up the sun fell to the ground and rolled away flowers beheaded themselves all that's left alive here is me and i barely feel like living depression is a shadow living inside of me ~...