Medieval & Fantasy Minecraft Roleplaying

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  1. I am Wake

    Project Zomboid: Lana Vs. The City

    Welcome to a little series: Lana vs. The City. What city in particular? Raven Creek. A mod for Project Zomboid that changes the game entirely by removing the expansive forests of Knox County and adds a massive city to it. The city has a stupidly high zombie population in comparison to even West...
  2. I am Wake

    [Magic] Lana

    "Que los astros guien tu camino" Translated from Aori: "Stars guide your path," Lana's farewell. IG NAME: I_am_Wake CHARACTER: Lana "Luck" Wake PROFILE: { Link } MAGE PROFILE: { Link } PATRON: Figment of Magic TIER: Mage ARCANE SPELL POINTS: 25 PASSIVE: Heresy ARCANE RELICS: None...
  3. I am Wake

    Lana Vignette

    Linistel Palace, 2307, Winterfeast What is a person, if not a soul? Is it wrong for one to accept their anima, their feelings, the combination of desire and dread which fill the heart? Heeled boots clicked along the beautiful stone and smooth wood of the Palace hallways. A familiar, known red...
  4. I am Wake

    [Fire] Lana Wake

    Character: Lana Wake Elemental: Fire Rank: Ex-Fireblessed Update Log: 23rd of Sunbright PC 2306 - Day of becoming Spiritblessed • Emotional Changes immediately taken hold- Lana has less patience, has become more confident and more flirty. • "Its having two emotions at once. Its easier to feel...
  5. I am Wake

    Hiring for Fort Vigilance Construction

    Hiring: A price cannot be placed upon the security of the Realm. However, with families to feed, armour to commission and weapons to sharpen- it is understandable that many will not work without pay. As such, I will pay 2500 Radiants to any man and woman which aids with the construction effort...
  6. I am Wake

    Lana's Journey around the Eastern Continent

    Lana's Journey Around the Eastern Continent Please remember that this map is not set in stone and will be prone to change due to In-Character decisions and/or curiosity. It is no secret that Lana has been planning a journey around the Eastern Continent. She has mentioned it to everyone who...
  7. I am Wake

    Lana's Books and Maps

    Lana Wake's Books and Maps Every book Lana publishes will be publicly avaliable to acquire across Altera to public and private book collectors. Sometimes, random books can be found on the Auction House Those wishing to acquire Lana's books will need to send her a letter or seek her out...
  8. I am Wake

    Active Lana - The Rose

    By bettemus99! "Good friends are akin to stars: distant, yet always present" Link to ALL ARTWORK Link to LANA'S DIARY Link to MAGE PROFILE Link to MAGIC WORSHIP LOG Link to LANA'S PUBLISHED BOOKS / MAPS Link to RED ROSE CHARITY Link to RED ROSE SHOP Link to EX-SPIRITBLESSED PAGE...