Medieval & Fantasy Minecraft Roleplaying

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  1. Ruu Darling

    { Language } Aori

    This has been lore approved. < } Aori { > Due to its origins in Fae, it is not the easiest language to learn, as it does require practice and exposure. The use of rolling R’s and importance on syllable emphasis means that those that speak exclusively common would struggle to follow its...
  2. Ruu Darling

    <{ Politics }> Kingdom of Aor - Map Claims

    < } In Unity, We Rise { > House Silveira took it upon themselves to take hold of the neglected and abandoned South-Western deserts and surroundings. Under this new rule, these lands will once again be nurtured into a blooming civilization. Presently, what once was a small settlement has...
  3. Ruu Darling

    The Aorian

    < } The Aorian { > { Ay - or - ree - in } Introduction/Origin The Aorian comes from a unique cultural background, a combination of other races, including the Soolera. The original race consists of the Aorian Caparii and Soolera, integrated and developed from their original backgrounds into the...
  4. Ruu Darling

    <{ Introduction to Silveira }>

    < } "In Unity, We Rise" { > Silveira comes not from a long line of historical figures, unlike some Houses and branches thereof throughout the lands. The beginning of its heritage started with a common Caparii woman with little to no riches to support her family. With a fiercely independent...
  5. Ruu Darling

    [ City Port ]{ Moderate } Linistel

    + M O D E R A T E + ~ Region Status: Open ~ Region Owners [ IC and OOC ]: Queen Sugar Silveira ( Ruu Darling ) OOC Co-Owner Jazzper RagingLunacy IGN: Ruu Darling | Syphei, RuuDarling -=-=-=-=-=- Index: Census and Application { x } Trade, Imports, and Exports { x } Flora and Fauna { x }...