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  1. Blorbis83

    Poster Workers! Vote for Your Future!

    [Theme] Posters like these are put up all around the Landing, and boxes of small WPSL flags are set out for anyone to take. Comrades-in-labor! The time to choose our destiny is near! Comrades Miya Bellamy-Bluet & Amund Khrarstein need YOUR help to achieve: - A Council that Listens...
  2. Blorbis83

    Poster [WPSL] Community Labor Project

    [THEME] Pinned to a corkboard outside the WPSL Headquarters (in Storm's Landing) is the following poster.. Anyone passing through the slums is also handed a leaflet by Flavius himself. Fellow Citizens! Are you looking for work but cannot find fair employers? Look no further than the...
  3. Blorbis83

    Poster Letters From the Proletariat

    Posters like this would be placed all over Storm's Landing, particularly on the poster-board, the markets, the slums, and the dockyards. [THEME] TO ALL PEASANTS, LABOURERS, AND TRADESPEOPLE OF STORM'S LANDING: We once more beg for your indulgence and for your time! We write to you from...
  4. Blorbis83

    Finished {Moderate, Semi-Private} The Assembly of the Proletariat [10/16/21 5 PM CST/6 PM EST]

    The following poster (sans the art & quote, obviously) is put up outside the WPSL Headquarters in Storm's Landing. "The Liberation of the Working Class is the Work of the Workers Alone!" - Line from the (Translated) Einheitsfrontlied Comrades! A proper movement cannot begin without a...
  5. Blorbis83

    Finished {Moderate} Workers of the Landing, Unite! [9/25/21, 3 PM CST/4 PM EST]

    Posters bearing the WPSL symbol are put up all across the Landing. Fellow Workers of Storm's Landing! Join the Workers' Party of Storm's Landing & Help Pave the Path to the Future! Join me in an Assembly by the Gates to the Landing Slums! A Speech to the Proletariat will be read, and...
  6. Blorbis83

    Workers' Party of Storm's Landing

    [Tentative Theme] The Workers' Party of Storm's Landing \ Party Motto: (None, pending vote) Party History The Workers' Party of Storm's Landing (WPSL for short) ostensibly owes its founding to the Freedom & Safety Movement headed by local malcontent Arthur Blackby when Storm's Landing...