Medieval & Fantasy Minecraft Roleplaying

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  1. I am Wake

    Project Zomboid: Maid Katrina Vs. The City

    Welcome to my second attempt at Raven Creek, using the same save as Lana Vs. The City. Unfortunately, Lana lost against the city-- but not before taking out a good portion of it. Her sacrifice was not in vain, for her body, loot, Midnight Freedom can all be found in this character. Here is the...
  2. I am Wake

    Project Zomboid: Lana Vs. The City

    Welcome to a little series: Lana vs. The City. What city in particular? Raven Creek. A mod for Project Zomboid that changes the game entirely by removing the expansive forests of Knox County and adds a massive city to it. The city has a stupidly high zombie population in comparison to even West...