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◄Compendium: The City of Enlightenment ►




"May you find the answers you seek here, Traveler."
{This region is classified as Moderate.}

The Compendium was founded by Edric Stone and Athryl Mithtanil for the purpose of preserving the history of mortalkind. It has since blossomed into a tranquil city of culture, a hub for the refinement of knowledge and discourse. It is, above all else, a city of enlightenment. Its current caretaker is committed to safeguarding that legacy.

Compendium exists as neutral and unaffiliated entity. Political ties are irrelevant within the Inner Vale, as far as the caretakers are concerned. It is open for any, and all, to make pilgrimages regardless of House or profession. Only those who disrespect the city, seek to exploit its resources, or threaten its citizens risk being turned away.

{ DynMap Link }

Far west of Mockingbay, over the rivers and through the tedious swamp rests a singular mountain range that claws its way up towards the sky. Sheer cliffs stand high above the surrounding trees, and any who are able to find a break in the dense forest can see the crags at a distance. The bulk of Compendium lies within the Inner Vale and is protected by a ring of these jagged rocks.

The mountain is enveloped by a dense jungle to the north and even farther west the trees thin out to the continent's vast desert. To the east is the murky swamp and yet farther south is the expansive plains. It is well within reach of a variety of flora and fauna, meaning that it is a perfect refuge for traveling adventurers and researchers.

Travel from Storm's Landing to Compendium can be arranged at the Compendium Extension office, located on the docks.

(Note: The city and surrounding land within the border is based off of Romania. There is a high number of wolves, bears, lynxes, and various other dangerous game.)

Caring for Compendium is too much for one man alone. There is much needed and much to be done in order to see it run smoothly. Compendium seeks out the greatest scholars, philosophers, astronomers, alchemists, healers, curators, and mages. There are also needs for innkeepers, leatherworkers, bookbinders, artists, farmers, and many more.

If you're interested in living in Compendium, there are a few steps.

First, fill out this form:

Character Name:
Link to Profile:
Reason for Wanting to Join Compendium:

Second, find me and RP. Using the application does not guarantee a spot in the city, as the application just lets me know there's some people interested and I can set up RP with you.

Third, there are houses/apartments for sale. If I am agreeable to your continued presence, there are housing options available.

Note: If you would like to build something of your own here, it will require showing Antilogy an example of something you've built in creative. There is an aesthetic theme and any builds are required to follow this theme. Building materials used here are:

Primary Wall Material: Stone brick, stone brick stairs, stone brick slabs, chiseled stone bricks
Secondary Wall Materials: Polished diorite, polished andesite
Tertiary Wall Materials: Prismarine bricks, light blue stained glass, dark oak fence
Roof Materials: Dark oak, stone brick, prismarine, stone slab
Floors: Dark oak, andesite, diorite.

OOC Rules
  1. Griefing will not be tolerated in any form. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:
    • Theft of Items
      • No removing books, artifacts, or decorations without knowledge and consent of region owners and the owners of the specific property in question.
      • No removing contents from chests without consent from the region owners
    • Altering/Adding Builds
      • If someone is given property within Compendium, they may not alter the exterior of that build without consent of region owners.
      • No basements or additional rooms may be added without knowledge/consent.
      • No adding buildings without knowledge/consent.
  2. After a month of inactivity, the region owners have permission to empty abandoned residences and offer the houses to others. Possessions left within the chests become part of the town storage.
  3. The region is considered Moderate. This means that you need to ask consent from the people you're RPing with BEFORE engaging in violent RP. If your RP involves damage to the town/buildings/collection, ask consent of the region owners. Moderate means upfront communication, friends.
  4. Residence/work is granted solely through RP. It is not guaranteed that it will be given. Visitors, however, are always welcome.
IC Rules
The Protections of The Compendium

This city is the stronghold for enlightenment. Within this vale, the mortal legacy is protected at all costs and artifacts dutifully preserved for future generations. The Caretakers of the Compendium keep the remnants of our history safe, and as such, their decisions are the protections of Compendium.

Those that are deemed unfit at the discretion of the Caretakers will be handled accordingly. Any that threaten, steal, or act with great suspicion, will be handled accordingly. No artifact, tome, or secret shall be removed. No resident or visitor shall be harmed. These are ways in which the Caretakers strive to protect The Compendium.

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"If only we knew more..."

New Census
Forum Name -- Character Name -- Profession
Antilogy -- ?? -- Caretaker
Hai_Paladin -- Dwarf -- Builder
CatalystGaming - Aristos Damascus- Student/Alchemist
Firegirl -- Alanis -- Librarian
ptiber -- Galim -- Purveyor of Artifacts
PurpleSweetTart - Milren Wexridge -- Scribe
Shadowtech11 - Hadric Bombastus -- Scholar

(NOTE: This list consists of the current known residents. If I find others who were previously residents live there still, I will add them.

Old Census
Forum Name -- Character Name -- Profession (current status if known)

Niah -- Edric Stone -- Former Caretaker
IceandFire -- Athryl Mithtanil -- Former Caretaker (On Sabbatical)
Omikuji -- Kopi Grey -- Student, Researcher, Scribe
Mitch & Company -- Brennard & Company -- Already a pain in Edric's side
(Snerus Mitch 223hero7 ImmeraelGlados )
Piratep00f - Rahm the Caparii - Scribe
Cukie1 - Lillium Shinkmaho - Physician
Ced - Ced J'sera - Mage Scholar
Smurf - Ciri - Ced's roommate
Baron - Rosmund Oswell - Adventuring Scientist
Michcat - Tzemik Kevasn - Physician
Charybdis - Elwyn Seeker - Physician's Apprentice
Magiik - Ater Impes - Physician
Niah - Veijashil Kevasn - Child
Sizzix - Edeline Baker - Servant/Student
TheDeester - Dicson - Squire/Student
Elz - Sylvi Lonmar Varyn - Tanner/Hunter

(NOTE: This list consists of the census from the previous thread. I do not know the status of many tagged. If those tagged would kindly reaffirm status with the city I would be grateful)

--= The Athenaeum =--

Contains the Archive, an alchemy lab, a scriptorium, dormitories, public meeting and reading rooms, book repair rooms, and much more. The central hub of Compendium.


--= The Vale Inn & Tavern =--

The inn is home to weary travelers that come to seek answers within Compendium. It is also a social hub of the city and a place for residents to gather and eat. Edric has not allowed any fire or cooking implements in The Athaneum's dormitories, so many residents come here for daily meals.

--= The Council's Garden =--

As a politically neutral entity located near the center of the continent, Compendium serves as an unaffiliated meeting place. The Council's Garden is open to anyone wishing to organize gatherings. Heads of state, guild leaders, or common folk can use the large table to hold any manner of events.


--= The Briar-Rose Ward =--

The local hospital sits underneath the Council Gardens and is run by Lillium Shinkmaho with additional assistance from Ater Impess, and Tzemik Kevasn.


--= The Alchemy Guild =--

While not fully active as guild, the space does serve as a resource for Compendium's residents. Fully stocked herb gardens, brewing stations, and work benches for those that pursue alchemical and herbal research.


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"Knowledge that remains secret does nothing for the betterment of our people."

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I have a fair amount more work to do on this thread, so consider it a WIP. For example, I need to add a credits. Original thread by Niah .

First post looks a little odd because forums said my copy of Niah's thread had too many pictures. :(
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Id still like to open a new branch of quill gotten goods here.

Compodium needs a bookstore


It took a lot to get here
IGN: apple_fiend
Character Name: Diago Variclav
Link to Profile:
Profession/Skills: Research, Writing, and Handicraft
Reason for Wanting to Join Compendium: He's looking for an answer to remedy what he suspects is something akin to depression. Maybe it'll be worth recording just in case other people have the same issue. Who knows? He is sure that it will require him to stay in Compendium for a long time, however, so he might as well live in a house instead of the inn all the time.


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Glados Sizzix IceandFire

Are the current owners/operators as Antilogy sold the region. Didn't want them to miss this.

You guys might want to look into archiving this thread and reopening one by you guys for easy management.


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I'm not an owner I just do event stuff for it!!!

But I can assure everyone wondering that fresh updated threads will be posted soon.


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@Staff Is it possible to have this & Niah's original Compendium thread archived? I think having three different compendium threads might confuse folks.

Also! I'd you'd like to live in Compendium just find me or icefire IG and we'll get you set up IC. No need to make any applications.
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