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"Welcome, Traveler. There is a place for you within the Vale."


Region Owner: Elz NIAH
Current Known Caretaker: Melarue Lydril

The history of the city is a long and complex one, with many caretakers having come and gone over the years. In the beginning, it was a home for the artifacts and books salvaged from Thiil's library after the exodus from the old continent. The lifework of Athryl Mithtanil was housed in a city designed by the architect Edric Stone and given a new place to flourish. The Compendium, as it was called, set out to be the safeguard of Altera's remaining knowledge, swearing to preserve and protect the secrets and treasures of the past. Within the vale of a stark mountain range, deep in the heart of a dense forest, the city's collection grew. Patrons came from all corners to add their works to the library halls, and to offer mementos of eras long passed so that it may be saved forevermore.

Sadly, Edric Stone passed away not long after a demonic beast invaded the lands and Athryl Mithtanil grew distant from the endeavor. Compendium fell under the protection of caretaker after caretaker, but few stayed the term. Today, the city memorializes its founders and contributors with a hall of stone busts for each of their contributions. The most recent addition is the face of Melarue Lydril, who has been giving reign of the city by a distant benefactor. A resident and physician in the Rose Ward originally, Melarue was gifted a sum of money to see that the city was maintained after the last caretaker grew quiet.

Despite the differences in vision over the years, Compendium has remained as a font of knowledge for any that would seek its secrets. It has solidified its claim as a scholar's respite, as well as a beacon for physicians, alchemists, and mages alike.


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To journey to The Compendium, seek travel at Storm's Landing docks. One of the stalls will take you along the road safely.
Far west of Mockingbay, over the rivers and through the tedious swamp rests a singular mountain range that claws its way up towards the sky. Sheer cliffs stand high above the surrounding trees, and any who are able to find a break in the dense forest can see the crags at a distance. The bulk of Compendium lies within the Inner Vale and is protected by a ring of these jagged rocks.

The mountain is enveloped by a dense jungle to the north and even farther west the trees thin out to the continent's vast desert. To the east is the murky swamp and yet farther south is the expansive plains. It is well within reach of a variety of flora and fauna, meaning that it is a perfect refuge for traveling adventurers and researchers.


  1. Griefing will not be tolerated in any form. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:
    • Theft of Items
      • No removing books, artifacts, or decorations without knowledge and consent of region owners AND the owners of the specific property in question.
      • No removing contents from chests without consent from the region owners
    • Altering/Adding Builds
      • If someone is given property within Compendium, they may not alter the exterior of that build without consent of region owners.
      • No basements or additional rooms may be added without knowledge and/or consent.
      • No adding buildings without knowledge and/or consent.
  2. After a month of inactivity, the region owners have permission to empty abandoned residences and offer the houses to others. Possessions left within the chests become part of the town storage.
  3. The region is considered Moderate.
  4. Residence/employement is granted solely through RP. It is not guaranteed that it will be given. Visitors, however, are always welcome.
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Caring for Compendium is too much for one person alone. There is much needed and much to be done in order to see it run smoothly. Melarue Lydril seeks out the greatest scholars, philosophers, astronomers, alchemists, healers, curators, and mages to fill the city with. There are also needs for innkeepers, leatherworkers, bookbinders, artists, farmers, and many more.

If you're interested in living in Compendium, there are a few steps.

First, fill out this form:

Character Name:
Link to Profile:
Reason for Wanting to Join Compendium:

Second, find Melarue Lydril (or Elizabeth Kane if she's in the area) and RP. Using the application does not guarantee a spot in the city, as the application just lets us know there are some people interested and we can set up RP with you.

census (1).png
Forum Name - Character Name - Profession

Elz - Melarue Lydril - Caretaker
blargtheawesome -
Aleksei Ivanov - Protector
Elizabeth Kane - Benefactor
JoeJoe -
Joseph - Ranger
Scardrac -
Sir Gael Dugald - Evicist

map (1).png

  1. Barn & Stable
  2. Manor (Occupied - Elizabeth Kane)
  3. Home (Unoccupied)
  4. Home (Unoccupied)
  5. Home (Unoccupied)
  6. Briar Rose Ward Hospital
  7. Council Gardens
  8. Manor (Unoccupied)
  9. Home (Occupied - Melarue Lydril & Aleksei Ivanov)
  10. Rookery & Postal Service
  11. Home & Guild Hall (Occupied - Joseph & The Rangers)
  12. Winery (Under Construction)
  13. Home (Unoccupied)
  14. Livery Stable
  15. Farmhand Apartment (Unoccupied)
  16. Farmhand Apartment (Unoccupied)
  17. Farmhand Apartment (Unoccupied)
  18. Farmhand Apartment (Unoccupied)
  19. Market
  20. Gatehouse
  21. Black Vial Alchemy & Parchment Supply
  22. The Alabaster Inn & Tavern
  23. Inner Vale Markets
  24. Apartment (Unoccupied)
  25. Restricted Access
  26. The Athenaeum (Library, Archives, and Classrooms)
  27. Scholar's Apartment (Unoccupied)
  28. Scholar's Apartment (Unoccupied)
  29. Scholar's Apartment (Unoccupied)
  30. Scholar's Apartment (Unoccupied)
  31. Home (Occupied - Gael Dugald)
  32. Home (Unoccupied)
  33. Caretaker's Hall
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Some basic information is up now. Its my next project to catalogue and inventory the books so that the library can be oepened back up.

The sheer volume of books makes that.... daunting. But hopefully I can manage that soon. :)

My hope is that we can start moving forward soon, as there are a couple events and chains I'd like to introduce.


Loyal Servant of Altera
IGN: SirShanksalot
Character Name: Leofaren Venna
Link to Profile: https://hollowworld.co.uk/threads/leofaren-venna.42089/
Profession/Skills: Scholar, Enchanter, Alchemist, Chronicler for the Silver Library in Arget
Reason for Wanting to Join Compendium: He spent a lot of time there before the archives were sealed. He would love to own a residence where he can stay while on extended study trips there. He would also be happy to help out in any way he can, to give back for all the knowledge he has gained there. OOC I've always really liked this area, and would be very interested in rping more there.


IGN: JoJoeJoe
Character Name: Joseph Vaylen
Link to Profile: [X]
Profession/Skills: Tracker, Hunter, Mage, Scholar-ish, Swordsman, Bowman,
Reason for Wanting to Join Compendium: Joseph has lived there once before and would like to live there again. The place is quite lovely and reclusive, outside of that it'd be a nice place to continue studying rather than Storm's Landing.


Lord of Altera
IGN: ironassassin
Character Name: Karn
Link to Profile: https://hollowworld.co.uk/threads/karn-clawheart.38217/
Profession/Skills: Hunter, can do little alchemy. On the lines of a profession Karn does free-lance work, and sells apples from his orchard in Aurum.
Reason for Wanting to Join Compendium: Karn has visited this place many times before, and found it's source of knowledge and a resource to study quite valuable. Now he wants to expand his knowledge and become adept in useful skills. For this he is willing to do anything on the line of work to study and gain knowledge here.


Retired Staff
IGN: Scardrac
Character Name: Sir Gael von Dugald
Link to Profile: n/a
Profession/Skills: Knight, Eviscist, Drunk.
Reason for Wanting to Join Compendium: Compendium has always been a hotspot for bizarre going-ons and Gael wants a front row seat whenever they happen.


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All sick and infected are to report to Compendium. The hospital will take the overflow of patients.

Researchers, scholars, and helpful bodies are invited to the city. Housing will be provided for any that aid in the research efforts. Guards are encouraged to seek employment within the city to handle the increased threat and aggression.

Elizabeth Kane is calling for the consolidation of research, and announcing it as the hub for the cure efforts.

Elz Smurf


Lord of Altera
IGN: Rossu_
Character Name: Arianne
Link to Profile:
Profession/Skills: Formist and healer.
Reason for Wanting to Join Compendium: She is seeking a permanent residence as well as needing a place to stay during the current outbreak of illness.


Lord of Altera
IGN: SirXenon
Character Name: Reivos
Link to Profile: https://www.hollowworld.co.uk/threads/reivos-the-wandering-cynic.40975/ <---- This is outdated
Profession/Skills: Scavenging, scouting, carpentry, basket weaving, tool-smithing, hunting, basically a handyman with a set of wings what more can you ask for
Reason for Wanting to Join Compendium: The plague is upon us and Reivos does not feel safe in the wilds anymore so Compendium seems like a dandy option


Secretly Elz
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The Compendium is enacting curfew effective immediately. Residents and visitors are to remain indoors once the sun goes down, and to seek shelter when the rains come.

All doors are to remain locked at all times, and none are to be opened without confirming those who knock. Windows are to remain boarded and covered.

If any mice or birds are captured alive, they are to be brought to Elizabeth Kane immediately.


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An eerie wind careened through the Vale, which bore the sickening stench of decay from the open grave dug at the city's entrance where dozens of wolves had been haphazardly dumped inside. Whoever had dug it had not wanted to venture too far near the trees to do so, and the corpses had been left to rot in a shallow hole at the fork of the paths. Inside the city, cloth banners fluttered as the wind shifted through the trees, and purple blossoms fell from the lone Cerulean Crown and onto the stilled water of the stone fountain. Aside from the breezes, the city had withered to stillness and silence. The gatehouse stood in ruins, with stone and debris crashed out onto the road around it. Signs of caution hung on solitary chunks of stone and the remnants of what was the proud entrance to the Vale. In hurried letters, they read, "City Evacuated. Do not linger in the forests." The lonely signs banged idly and echoed against the mountainside with every brush of the wind, then quieted.

No longer did the hill shift and rumble with the machinations of Elizabeth Kane's redstone. No more did the bard play his song at the stage of the Alabaster, and the scent of Jania's of beef stew was a mere memory in the air. The archives still bore the heavy metal chains and dust collected within as the caretakers fled for shelter elsewhere. Some of the buildings had boards covering the windows that hung off kilter and swayed in the wind, but most were shells whose occupants had gone. The Briar Rose Ward Hospital, once a jewel and a symbol of hope, was now a tomb of rubble and a lingering scent of char. The front door had been obscured with stone and the doors barred from opening at the front, with rock climbing upwards to the ceiling within to block of the ornate glass window. The side wall crumbled to reveal a gaping hole into the building. Wood and rock littered the grass outside, and within was emptied of its supplies and patients. The room once belonging to Sophia and Gael Dugald an uncomfortable square of blackened and burned wood. And just outside, a small shallow grave mounded over with a simple wooden sign. "Sophia," carved simply into the wood. The only allusion to life within the city were the black shapes circling slowly, as if the ravens had become carrion vultures. Dots on the skyline watched their trophy below...

What had once been the hub for research was now a desecrated ruin. It was the center of research against the disease that many had begun calling the Ashen Blight. Lady Elizabeth Kane had called the kingdoms together to try and find cure and reprieve from the onslaught, but in doing so had invited the ire of the intelligence that drove it. It's people have now fled, looking for refuge on an island leagues away. Perhaps there, the kingdoms will be able to find respite from the Entity's effort to drag them into the murk and the mire of the blight.

But for now....

The City of Enlightenment remains in a deathly hush and still as the grave.

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