100 Heads Art Challenge


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I'll start with saying I feel kinda lame that I didn't ever manage to finish the 6 fanarts one, and that I don't think I've really completed much in the ways of challenges, but I like doing portraits and would like to get better at them. So I'll try to do this, but without the 10 day limit explained on this site (I know I'd give up on that), and see if I can see improvement by the end. Sketches, mostly, or loose things, and no pressure to make them any specific image or quality. 100 drawings of heads. You may prompt if you like but this isn't a commission thread so if I skip you don't feel bad, your characters are fine but sometimes if I don't know them myself I don't have an image in mind, so. New thread because I feel it'll get spammy.

I am Wake

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You call it spam, I call it an art gallery I would pay £13 to enter (£8 for kids)!
If there was a chart on the forums of the person with the most player hearts, lets make it Elz!